​List Of All Nairobi ZIP Codes and Postal Codes For All Areas in 2024

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Are you looking to know everything about Nairobi’s ZIP codes and postal codes for every area in Nairobi? Well, You are in Luck because, in this article, I will be taking you through everything about Nairobi’s postal code in the 2024/2025 Financial Year. Nairobi, in General, is a city and County with 11 official sub-counties, 17 constituencies, and 85 electoral wards. Therefore, understanding postal codes in Nairobi can be pretty challenging, and that is where it comes in. Knowing the correct Postal Codes for where you live saves you in various ways. For example, when sending a package from Point A to Point B, having a valid postal code ensures that your package is delivered rightfully.

​List Of All Nairobi ZIP Codes and Postal Codes  For All Areas in 2024

What are the ZIP Codes Of Nairobi?

ZIP codes are postal codes used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver mail efficiently. In Kenya, Nairobi follows a similar route, only that ZIP codes are the postal codes assigned to different areas. You may ask Wenani what Nairobi’s zip codes are. The General Post Office ZIP code in Nairobi is 00100.

What is Nairobi’s official postal code system?

The official postal code system in Nairobi centered around the 00100 ZIP code, is managed by the General Post Office (GPO). This centralized system ensures that mail is accurately directed to the appropriate areas within Nairobi, enhancing the speed and reliability of postal services for residents and businesses. Here are all the Official Nairobi ZIP codes and postal codes for all different regions in Nairobi in 2024/2025:

S/NoRegionPostal Code
2City Square00200
6Enterprise Road00500
7G.P.O. Nairobi00100
9J.K.I.A. Airport00501
15Kenyatta National Hospital00202
16Kenyatta University00609
19Lower Kabete00604
21Mathare Valley00611
23Mchumbi Road00504
26Ngara Road00600
27Ngong Road00505
28Nyayo Stadium00506
30Ronald Ngala Street00300
33Sarit Centre00606
34State Law00102
35Tom Mboya Street00400
36Uhuru Gardens00517
38Village Market00621
41Yaya Towers00508

Importance of Postal Codes In Nairobi

Postal codes are essential for mail services to run well in Nairobi. They assist with sorting and classifying mail according to different geographic locations in addition to helping to direct mail to the appropriate area. The process of sorting and delivering mail would be disorganized and effective with postal codes. Can you imagine delivering mail to a particular without a precise address? We both know the unknown. Understanding the Main Nairobi Zip Code and Postal Code 00100 Will help you Navigate the City Postal services without Much Strain, especially when handling Your Package delivery.

How to Use Nairobi ZIP Codes and Postal Codes In 2024

Here is how to take full advantage of Nairobi ZIP Codes and Postal Codes: 

1. Using Postal Codes for Efficient Mail Delivery

Postal codes are not just numbers but essential tools for ensuring your mail reaches its destination promptly and accurately. In Nairobi, the postal code system includes codes ranging from 00100 for the GPO Nairobi to 00800 for Westlands, which is pivotal in sorting and delivering mail across the city’s varied regions​​. Here’s how you can use these codes to your advantage:

  • For Residents: Include your area’s postal code on all your mail and parcels. This simple step can ensure your post is clearly directed to the right district.
  • For Businesses: Accurate postal codes on correspondence and goods help maintain professionalism and efficiency. It’s also crucial for receiving supplies and sending products to customers within Nairobi and beyond.

2. Postal Codes and Online Navigation

The e-commerce boom has made postal codes more relevant than ever. These codes help e-commerce platforms and delivery services accurately pinpoint delivery addresses, ensuring faster and more reliable service. Here’s the impact of postal codes on online navigation and shopping:

  • E-commerce Deliveries: Online retailers ask for postal codes to estimate shipping costs and delivery times. Entering the correct postal code can lead to more accurate estimates and a smoother shopping experience.
  • Location-Based Services: Many apps and online services use postal codes to offer localized content, from weather forecasts to news updates, enhancing user experience by providing relevant information based on their specific area.


How do I find my postal code in Nairobi?

  • Visit the Kenya Postal Service website or use online postal code directories. Entering your specific location or area name, such as “Karen” or “Westlands,” will provide you with the corresponding postal code​​.

Are postal codes in Nairobi unique to each area?

  • Each area has a distinct postal code to facilitate efficient mail sorting and delivery. For instance, GPO Nairobi is 00100, while Westlands is 00800​​.

Can the same postal code cover multiple neighborhoods?

  • Sometimes, a broader area or adjoining neighborhoods might share a postal code if they fall within the same mail delivery route or district.

How do postal codes affect online shopping in Nairobi?

  • Providing an accurate postal code during online purchases ensures that your items are delivered promptly and to the correct address. It also helps in calculating shipping costs and delivery time estimates more accurately.

What is the area code for Nairobi, Kenya?

  • The area code for Nairobi, Kenya is 20
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