M-Pesa Transaction Charges Calculator 2024

New M-Pesa Charges 2024 Calculator

M-Pesa has changed the way we handle money in Kenya today.If you use M-Pesa daily, knowing Transaction charges is very important. The charges that you incur depend on the amount of the transaction and the transaction type, i.e., sending or withdrawing.

Here at Wenani, we have done the work for you. Now we have a New Mpesa. Transaction. Charges Calculator Tool. Try It for Yourself and see the New M-Pesa charges in 2024

Estimated Fees

  • Transfer to M-Pesa Users: 0
  • Transfer to Unregistered Users: 0
  • Withdrawal from Agent: 0
  • Transfer to Other Mobile Money Users: 0
  • ATM Withdrawal: 0


  • Maximum Account Balance: KShs. 500,000
  • Maximum Daily Transaction Value: KShs. 500,000
  • Maximum Amount per Transaction: KShs. 250,000
  • Minimum Withdrawal from Agent: KShs. 50
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