Passport Tracking in Kenya 2024: eCitizen, Posta, SMS Methods Covered

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In Kenya Today, the convenience of accessing Various government services is being shifted online thanks to the digital age that the Kenyan government is embracing. One subject that has been in the mouth of Kenyans is access to passport services in Kenya, especially for those looking to Travel to different Countries. The good news in 2024 is that the landscape of Passport Tracking and Checking Your Status Online has grown significantly as we continue to leverage technology. Shifting from traditional to Digital access thanks to services such as the eCitizen Passport Tracking Portal and Posta Collection portal are very crucial for Kenyans who rely on their passports for international Travel, whether for business, education, leisure, or connecting with loved ones across the globe.

Therefore to help You Know the status of your passport Application in this blog post, I will be taking you through everything that you need to know about passport tracking in Kenya, offering a comprehensive overview of the eCitizen Portal, Posta Kenya Tracking, and SMS Tracking methods. 

Let us get started.

What Is Passport Tracking in Kenya?

For everyone who has applied for their passport in Kenya, knowing the status of your Application is a crucial aspect that matters a lot. Times are changing quite fast, and right now, every house in Kemya has access to an affordable internet connection, which has made it easier to know the status of your passport application in Kenya. So why not track Your Passport Status in Kenya? You might ask. Here are the Reasons:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the exact status of your passport application eliminates the guesswork and anxiety associated with the waiting period, especially for those with imminent travel plans​​.
  • Efficient Planning: Tracking allows applicants to plan their travels confidently, ensuring that all necessary documents are ready before departure.

How to Track Your Passport Using the eCitizen Portal

The eCitizen portal is a centralized platform that allows you to access all government services at once without the need to travel many distances to get help. The process is simple if you want to know your passport status via the ecitizen platform. Here is how to go about it:

STEP 1: eCitizen Account Registration and Login

To access all the government services in Kenya, including passport tracking via the citizen portal, you must create your account. However, if you have already done so, you can log in using your rightful details.

STEP 2: Accessing Passport Application Tracking

Once logged in on your dashboard, look for the  Directorate of Immigration Services section. This section will present you with various services in this ministry, including the ability to Track Your passport Application Status in Kenya.

STEP 3:Checking the Status Of Your Passport 

Now the moment to know the truth: when you click on the Track Your Passport Application Status in Kenya, the dashboard will display the current status of your Application. You can expect to see the following Statuses on Your Dashboard and their respective meanings:

  • Accepted: Your Application is under review.
  • Rejected: There’s an issue with your Application that needs to be addressed.
  • Ready for Collection: Your passport is ready for pickup​​​​.

Advantages of Using the eCitizen Portal

Here is how using the eCitizen Portal is a recommended option in the industry:

  • Cost-Free: Since this is a government service, you are not required to pay money to know your application status. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection to know your Passport Application Status.
  • Saves You Time:  In the Passport, you would be required to Visit Nyayo’s house in Nairobi to know the status of your Application; now imagine if you come from a place like Kitale, a distance of 386 KM from the city. Would that be tiresome? However, the shift to Online services has proven to be a time saver.

Now, besides the Ecitiyen Platform, there are other ways to learn the status of your passport application in Kenya. Let us look at this alternative method in detail.

Posta Kenya Tracking & SMS Tracking Methods

Suppose Tracking Your Passport status via the ecitizen platform has not worked for you. Still, you can use alternative methods, including Posta Kenya and  SMS tracking methods. Here’s a deep dive into how these services operate and how you can utilize them effectively.

Posta Kenya Tracking

To use Posta Kenya Tracking:

  1. Visit the official Posta Kenya booking and collection portal.
  2. Input your 10-digit passport tracking number provided upon Application.
  3. Click on the ‘Track My Passport’ button to view the current status of your Application​​.

SMS Tracking

If you are a person who prefers a more direct or does not have consistent internet access, the SMS tracking feature suits you best. Here is how to use the SMS Tracking Feature:

  1. Open your phone’s messaging app and create a new message.
  2. Enter the tracking number issued upon document submission.
  3. Send this information to 2032.
  4. Await a text response indicating your passport’s status – whether it’s ready for collection or still being processed​​​​.

TAKE NOTE: PASSPORT Tracking Via SMS attracts a charge of Ksh 5 per text sent from Your Airtme. Make Sure to have some credits on your line before sending the SMS message to 2032


How long does it take to receive a passport in Kenya?

At the Department of Immigration offices, processing typically takes ten to fifteen working days after the date of submission. It would be beneficial, though, if you could be assured that it would take ten to fifteen working days; unexpected events do occur, so you’ll need to be a little patient. 

What should I do if my passport application is rejected?

If your Application is rejected, it’s essential to Contact the Department of Immigration offices for proper explanations and to be helped instantly. For Delayed Passport Applications, Contact @ImmigrationDept at +254 110 923 422, +254 110 923 423

Can I track my passport status without internet access?

Yes, If you use a Kabamabe phone, you Can track your passport status by sending a text message to 2032 with your tracking number. However, note that using the SMS method attracts a fee of Ksh 5 per text shipped​​​​.

End of Blog Post, and we wish You all the best in Your Passport Tracking journey in Kenya. Give me a follow on X (formerly Twitter) at Megoptical. Is my username

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