Marie Stopes Services And Prices In Kenya 2024

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In Kenya, women’s health and rights are a very sensitive topic championed by the government and several NGOs. At the forefront of all this is Marie Stopes Kenya, a health provider of crucial sexual and reproductive health services. For many Kenyan women and families, Marie Stopes represents a door to accessible care and the right to appropriate health. So, What is Marie Stopes Kenya? What are the services and Prices? Well, if you have such questions. This blog post will take you through everything you need to know.

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Overview of Marie Stopes Kenya

Founded with a vision to provide life-saving reproductive health services, Marie Stopes Kenya has evolved significantly since its inception. It operates to enable women and men to have children by choice, not chance. Marie Stopes Kenya offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Kenyan population. Below is a breakdown of their primary services:

S/NoService CategoryServices
1Maternity ServicesANC 4th Visit, ANC 2nd Visit, ANC – Half Package, ANC 3rd Visit, ANC 1st Visit, ANC – Full Package, Postnatal care (PNC), Delivery services (Caesarean), Delivery services (Normal), Antenatal care (ANC), Ultrasound, Pregnancy testing
2Obstetrician/Gynaecologist ServicesFertility Counselling and Testing
3PharmacyHPV vaccinations, Fertility Counselling and Testing, Female health checks, Cervical Cancer Screening, Ultrasound, HIV / STI screening, Pregnancy testing
4Pregnancy Crisis ManagementPregnancy crisis management, Ultrasound, Pregnancy testing, Pregnancy crisis counselling
5Contraception and Family PlanningInjectable, Emergency contraceptive pill, Contraceptive pill, Vasectomy, Bilateral Tubal Ligation, IUCD removal, IUD – Avibela, IUCD – Mirena, IUCD – CuT, IUCD – Copper T, Intramuscular Injectable, Implant – Sino, Implant – Jadelle, Implant – Implanon, Emergency contraceptive pill, Condom (Life Guard Pack of 3’s), Contraception and family planning, Tubal ligation, Male sterilisation (vasectomy), Female condom, Contraceptive implant, Injectable, Intrauterine device (IUD), Oral contraceptive pill, Male condom
6STI Screening and TreatmentChild and Adult Circumcision, Fertility Counselling and Testing, Female health checks, Cervical Cancer Screening, Ultrasound, HIV / STI screening
7Services for MenScrotal ultrasound, Male Comprehensive Cancer Screening, Men Comprehensive Medical Check-Up, Child and Adult Circumcision, Male sterilisation (vasectomy), Male condom
8General Health and WellnessThyroid ultrasound, Teens & Adolescent Wellness Package 2, Teens & Adolescent Wellness Package 1, Standard Medical Check-up (Women), Standard Medical Check-up (Men), Pre-Employment Medical check-up, Diabetes Screening and Care Advanced, Diabetes Screening and Care Basic, Basic Health check-up, Pediatrics Consultation, Gynae Consultation, General Consultation, HPV vaccinations, Female health checks, Cervical Cancer Screening, HIV / STI screening, Pregnancy testing, Pregnancy crisis counselling

List Of  Marie Stopes Kenya Services And Their Prices 2024

Marie Stopes Kenya is renowned for its comprehensive services tailored to extensive reproductive health care needs. Their services focus on women’s health and extend to general health services, emergency care, and more, ensuring a holistic approach to health and wellness. Marie Stopes Kenya offers a range of maternity and reproductive health services with varying charges:

S/NoServicePrice (KSh)
1General Consultation1,000
2Gynae Consultation2,000
3Pediatrics Consultation2,000
4Basic Health check-up5,050
5Diabetes Screening and Care Basic4,950
6Diabetes Screening and Care Advanced7,150
7Pre-Employment Medical check-up4,050
8Standard Medical Check-up (Men)11,100
9Standard Medical Check-up (Women)11,400
10Teens & Adolescent Wellness Package 14,050
11Teens & Adolescent Wellness Package 26,900
12Ambulance Services6,000
13Thyroid ultrasound3,800

Marie Stopes Kenya Branch Locations and Contacts

Marie Stopes Kenya’s branches are strategically located in urban and rural areas to maximize accessibility. Here’s an overview of their widespread presence, ensuring you can find a branch near you for your health needs:

  1. Eastleigh Maternity Nursing Home
  2. Eldoret Clinic
  3. Kangemi Clinic
  4. Kenyatta Market Clinic
  5. Kisumu Clinic
  6. Marie Stopes Kilimani Premier Clinic
  7. Meru Clinic
  8. Mombasa Clinic
  9. Nakuru Clinic
  10. Nyeri Clinic
  11. Pangani Clinic
  12. Premier CBD Clinic
  13. Rongai Clinic
  14. Thika Clinic

Contact Information

For those seeking to reach out to Marie Stopes Kenya, here’s a consolidated list of contact information:

  1. WhatsApp: 0709 819001
  2. Facebook Message
  3. Book an Appointment
  4. Call: 0800 720005

How much does it cost to remove IUD in Kenya?

The cost of IUD removal in Kenya varies significantly depending on the hospital. However, on average, the Insertion and removal of IUDs in Kenya cost Sh. 200, while implants go for Sh. 300.

Which is the best family planning method in Kenya?

There are many of the best family planning methods in Kenya. However, despite several methods in use, such as contraceptive injections, contraceptive pills, and male condoms, their use varies based on individual preferences and needs.

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