Easy Coach Bus Online Booking, Routes And Fares 2024/2025

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Are You looking to understand how Easy Coach Bus Online Booking In Kenya is done? This article will tell you everything about Easy Coach Bus operations. We will detail the Online Booking Process and Routes, Fares, and Contacts.

If you are looking to travel in Kenya from one location to another, definitely in one way or another, you will need to find a reliable means of transport. For many people who drive along the Western Part Of Kenya, Easy Coach Bus has been a haven for many. Established in 2003 by Azym Dossa, Easy Coach is one of the leading bus companies in Kenya, covering approximately 900,000-1.8 million kilometres per month.

The bus company has revolutionized Travel in Kenya, offering its travelers an easy-to-use Online booking system. Gone are the days when we used to queue at bus stations. Now, with the latest technologies around us, you can book your next destination with a few clicks on our phones. How is Coach Bus Online booking done in Kenya? 

Easy Coach Online Booking Explained

Online booking has changed how we approach long-distance Travel in Kenya as it offers convenience and efficiency. Suppose You want to travel with Easy Coach, the Bus company offers an Online booking system. Here is a step-by-step guide to booking Your Easy Coach Bust Sit while in the comfort of your own home:

Step 1: Visit the Easy Coach Website

First, visit the official website of Easy Coach or download their mobile app. The homepage directly presents the online booking option, making booking a sit with any available bus straightforward.

Step 2: Selecting your Destination

On the Easy Coach website homepage, locate the Make a Booking section. Here, you will see an interface with several options. Select Your Current Location (FROM) and the location you are traveling to(Destination). In addition, you are also expected to input your Departure date. When done, click on Make a Booking.

Step 3. Choosing Bus To Travel With

Once You finish step 2, you will be directed to the chosen bus. Once again, an interface will appear showing all the buses traveling toward your destination, the number of available seats, and the travel time. Usually, there are two buses, one that travels at night and one during the day. The Fare from where you are to your destination will also be displayed here.

STEP 4: Seat Slection

Here, You will be presented with a use interface as shown above whereby you are expected to select where you will sit on the bus during travel. Usually, there are three markings that you should be aware of this includes:

  • Available: Not Makred
  • Occupied: Mareged Red
  • Selected: Marked Grey

Once You select at the bottom of the interface, you will see a button marked Book Now. Tap on it to continue.

Step 4: Booking submission

At this stage, You are expected to provide Your official government identification documents, which include:

  • Names
  • ID/Passport
  • Residence
  • phone number

If you change your mind and need to cancel or change your ticket, You can Email the Easy Coach Team via  [email protected]

Step 5: Payment Via M-Pesa

After you provide your documents, you can pay for your Jouner via M-Pesa. You will see where to input your Mpesa number using the same interface. Remember, Once You have paid, Tickets are non-refundable. If satisfied, click on the Easy Coach Privacy and Terms box and Pay with M-Pesa.

After You have Paid using M-pesa, You will receive an M-pesa transaction Message on Your Phone. At the same time, you will also receive a message from Easy Coach Bus showing your online booking details, including the date and time of your travel. Please DO not delete this message, as you must present it when traveling.

As you can see, it is as simple as booking with an easy Coach Bus.

List Of All Easy Coach Bus Routes and Destinations In Kenya

Accessible Coach has solidified its reputation as a leading bus service in Kenya through its extensive network, connecting major cities and towns nationwide and extending routes to neighboring Uganda. Below is a list of all the Routes Covered by Easy Coach:

  1. Awendo
  2. Bomet
  3. Bondo
  4. Bumala
  5. Bungoma
  6. Busia
  7. Butere
  8. Eldoret
  9. Homabay
  10. Kaimosi
  11. Kakamega
  12. Kapsabet
  13. Kendubay
  14. Kericho
  15. Keroka
  16. Kimilili
  17. Kisii
  18. Kisumu
  19. Kitale
  20. Malaba
  21. Maseno
  22. Mbale(Kenya)
  23. Mbita
  24. Migori
  25. Moisbridge
  26. Mumias
  27. Nairobi
  28. Nakuru
  29. Narok
  30. Ndhiwa
  31. Ndori
  32. Oyugis
  33. Rodikopany
  34. Rongo
  35. Siaya
  36. Sirare
  37. Sori
  38. Ugunja
  39. Usenge
  40. Webuye

Easy Coach Bus online booking prices and Fares in 2024

Knowing the fee structure for Easy Coach is essential for travelers looking to move from one place to another. Easy Coach Fares vary significantly depending on the route, with longer journeys costing more. For example, traveling from Nairobi to distant cities like Busia or Kampala will be priced higher than shorter trips such as Nairobi to Nakuru​​​​. Also, Prices may increase during peak travel seasons, such as holidays and back-to-school periods, reflecting higher demand​​.

What Is Easy Coach Fares In 2024?

In 2024, here is the updated Easy Coach Fare structure:

  • Nairobi → Awendo: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Bomet: Ksh 1150.00
  • Nairobi → Bondo: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Bungoma: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Bumala: Ksh 1800.00
  • Nairobi → Busia: Ksh 1800.00
  • Nairobi → Butere: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Eldoret: Ksh 1550.00
  • Nairobi → Homabay: Ksh 1400.00
  • Nairobi → Kaimosi: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Kakamega: Ksh 1650.00
  • Nairobi → Kapsabet: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Kendubay: Ksh 1400.00
  • Nairobi → Kericho: Ksh 1500.00
  • Nairobi → Keroka: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Kimilili: Ksh 1650.00
  • Nairobi → Kisii: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Kisumu: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Kitale: Ksh 1700.00
  • Nairobi → Malaba: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Maseno : Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Mbale(kenya):Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Mbita:Ksh 1400.00
  • Nairobi → Migori: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Moisbridge: Ksh 1650.00
  • Nairobi → Mumias: Ksh 1650.00
  • Nairobi → Nakuru: Ksh 1150.00
  • Nairobi → Narok(21:45 PM ): Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Narok(22:00 PM ): Ksh 1050.00
  • Nairobi → Ndhiwa: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Ndori: 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Oyugis: Ksh 1350.00
  • Nairobi → Rodikopany: Ksh 1400.00
  • Nairobi → Rongo: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Siaya: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Sirare: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Sori: Ksh 1450.00
  • Nairobi → Ugunja: Ksh 1800.00
  • Nairobi → Usenge: Ksh 1750.00
  • Nairobi → Webuye: Ksh 1650.00

Easy Coach Bus Courier Tariffs in 2024 

If You are Looking to send parcels to your relatives upcountry or any town in Kenya, You can use accessible coach parcel services. However, when doing so, bear in mind that these attract charges include:

1) Courier Charges

Small Envelopes250.00
Big Envelopes with documents300.00
Kampala Letters400.00


VOLUMEKSH. 200.00 – 500.00
0-7 Kgs300.00
8-10 Kgs350.00
11-15 Kgs450.00
16-19 Kgs500.00
20-25 Kgs600.00


All above prices are inclusive of V.A.T

26kgs and Above -Kshs 20/= @ Kilo plus V.A.T

Easy Coach Bus Ofices In Kenya

For Immediate Assistance Call the Following Numbers

  • Bondo: 0738200316
  • Bumala: 0789366996
  • Bungoma: 0738200310
  • Busia: 0738200315/ 05523098
  • Eldoret: 0532030411 (fax)/ 0738200308
  • Kaimosi: 0738200323
  • Kakamega: 0738200313/ 05630837 (fax)
  • Kampala: +256776727270/ +256757727273
  • Kapsabet: 0738200322/ 05352260
  • Kericho: 052 20417/ 0738200316
  • Kisii: 0736046164
  • Kisumu: 0738200317/ 0738999703/ 0726354307/ 057 2026136 (fax)/ 057 2023983/ 0738200154/ 0733227649/ 0738302750
  • Kitale: 0738200309/ 0726354309/ 054 30066 (fax)
  • Malaba: 0738999705
  • Maseno: 057351216/ 0738200320
  • Mbale: 0738999704/ 05651487 (fax)
  • Migori: 0736046143
  • Moi’s Bridge: 0732538253
  • Mumias: 0738200318/9/ 056641361 (fax)
  • Nairobi: 0738200301/ 0726354301/ 0202210711/ 0202210712 (fax)
  • Nakuru: 0738200312/ 0726354312/ 0726354303/ 0738200303/ 051 2211500 (fax)
  • Narok: 0736141333
  • Rongo: 0738200083
  • Siaya: 0738200304
  • Sirare: 0736046132
  • Ugunja: 0738200324
  • Usenge: 0738200316
  • Webuye: 0738200321

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I book an Easy Coach ticket online?

Easy Coach Kenay offers many ways to book your ticket in Kenya. You can use their Online booking system, available through the website and mobile app.

2. How early should I book my ticket?

There is no perfect time to book with Easy Coach in Kenya. However, booking early enough, especially during peak seasons like holidays, is advised to ensure service availability and even save up costs.

3. What are the most popular Easy Coach routes?

  • Popular routes include Nairobi to Kisumu, Nairobi to Kakamega, and Nairobi to Busia. Accessible Coach also offers routes extending to Kampala, Uganda​​​​.

5. What amenities can I expect on an Easy Coach bus?

  • Passengers can enjoy comfortable seating, onboard entertainment options, and, in some cases, Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, ensuring a pleasant journey​​.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have taken you through every aspect of the Easy Coach Bus Online booking Process. Additionally, we have provided you with all the fares for different destinations. We hope this guide has certified your user expectations, and if so, we ask you to share it with your family and friends so that they can also be updated as you are.

I wish you safe travels on your journey. 

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