How to check CRB status online in Kenya 2024: TransUnion, Metropol &CreditInfo

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Are You Looking to Know How to Check Your CRB Status Online in Kenya in 2024? This article will take you through all CRB platforms in Kenya and explain how to use them to learn about your CRB status. Read to the end to know everything.

Understanding your credit Reference Bureau (CRB) status in Kenya is more crucial than ever if you are looking to maintain a good credit Score. Knowing your CRB status is more important than ever if you want to apply for a personal loan, finance a business, or manage your credit health. In Kenya, CRB helps maintain responsible credit behavior. Bureaus like TransUnion Nipashe assign credit scores. This boosts lenders’ trust. But what exactly does being listed by the CRB entail, and why is it such a pivotal aspect of financial health in Kenya?

Understanding CRB in Kenya

In Kenya, Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) roles cannot be underestimated as they bring life to financial health. By Collecting and issuing credit information, CRB helps lenders make Positive decisions when lending out money to various lenders.

What Role does CRB Plays In Kenya?

CRBs in Kenya are vital in ensuring the monitoring and reporting of Kenyan credit history. This ensures that there is transparency and accountability in the financial sectors. Here are the roles of CRBs in Kenya:

  • Loan Assessment: CRBs provide a credit score representing whether a person is eligible for a loan. Most CRBs in Kenya provide various scores, but a good credit score is usually above 700. At the same time, anything below 500 is considered poor.
  • To lower risks of de­faults: lenders examine­ borrowers’ credit records care­fully, qualifying reliable applicants who’ve de­monstrated responsible financial manage­ment.
  • Enhancing Financial discipline: Financial discipline is fostere­d because people­ realize their de­bt repayment conduct impacts future cre­dit access, incentivizing accountable borrowing habits.

How Many  CRBs Are in Kenya?

Kenya boasts three main CRBs authorized by the Central Bank of Kenya to collect, manage, and share credit information. These are:

  1. TransUnion Nipashe
  2. Metropol
  3. CreditInfo

Each bureau has unique procedures for checking credit status and offering services to lenders and borrowers to ensure the credit market’s integrity and efficiency.

How to Check Your CRB Status Online

The Process of checking your CRB Status in Kenya is now easier than ever. In Kenya, the task of knowing your status is managed by three licensed Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs): TransUnion Nipashe, Metropol, and CreditInfo. Each bureau offers unique steps for individuals to access their credit reports and scores. Understanding these procedures is essential for maintaining a healthy credit score and ensuring financial well-being. Here is how to go about it:

Check CRB Status With TransUnion Nipashe  Kenya

TransUnion Nipashe, popularly known as TransUnion, provides easy ways for Kenyans to access their credit information. Here are ways to check your status via TransUnion :

SMS Service:

  • Send your full name to 21272
  • Follow the prompts to pay a one-off fee of KSh 50 using the PayBill number 212121 with your National ID as the account number. 
  • Upon confirmation, you can request your credit status​​​​.

TransUnion Nipashe App

The Application is available for Android and iPhone users in the respective stores. Once U have downloaded the app, you will be required to register your details, including identification documents such as your national ID number. After the initial registration and payment, you can also request a clearance certificate for a fee of Ksh 2,200​​.

Using TransUnion Webiste

  • Start By Visit the TransUnion website.
  • On the website, locate “Know your score and Click on it
  • Provide the required details, including mobile number, email, and address.
  • Continue with the rest of the prompts as needed.

Check for CRB Status In Kenya Using Metropol 

Metropol, established in Kenya in 1996, is renowned for its comprehensive credit management services; the company provides credit rating services to Kenyans, including checking their CRB status via multiple channels:

USSD Code:

  • Dial *433# on your phone
  • Choose “Listing Status.”
  • Provide your National ID and  Confirm.
  • Proceed with the rest of the instructions until you proceed.

If prompted to pay the registration fee of KSH 50 or KSH 100, use PayBill number 220388 and your ID number as the account number​​​​.

Metropol Crystobol App/Website:

After registration, you can log in to the app or website to access your credit report and score. Metropol also provides a credit score between 200 and 900, where scores above 400 indicate good borrowing behavior​​​​.

For Immediate assistance, reach out to Metropol CRB via:

  • Address: Barclays Plaza, 9th Floor, Loita Street, Nairobi-Kenya
  • Call: (+254) 709 834 000 / (+254) 730884000
  • WebsiteMetropol.co.ke

Check my CRB Status online via CreditInfo.

Checking for Your CRB Status via the CreditInfo website is very easy:

  • Start by Visiting the Credit Infor website and the CreditInfo website.
  • Choose between personal or company credit report applications.
  • Fill out a request form and submit it.
  • You will receive your credit report via email.

Alternatively, you can request your CRB status by directly contacting CreditInfo via:

  • Location: Park Suites, Office 12, Second Floor, Parklands Road
  • Phone: +254 20 375 7272
  • Email: [email protected]

Key Considerations

When checking your CRB status online, keep the following in mind:


While you’re entitled to one free credit report annually, additional reports or services, such as clearance certificates, come with fees. TransUnion and Metropol charge KSh 2,200 for a clearance certificate, while further credit reports’ fees vary​​​​​​.

ServiceTransUnion NipasheMetropolCreditInfo
Registration FeeKES 50KES 50Registration through form
SMS Service (per SMS)KES 19N/A
Credit Report (subsequent reports)KES 650Credit Report: KES 250
Credit Score: KES 150
blocklist Status: KES 50
Who Has redlisted Me: KES 50
Clearance CertificateKES 2,200KES 2,200

Accuracy of Information:

Ensure your details are accurate when registering or requesting your report to avoid discrepancies.

Disputing Errors:

If your report contains errors, contact the respective CRB directly to dispute the inaccuracies. Each CRB has a process in place for handling disputes and correcting mistakes.

Free vs. Paid CRB Checks in Kenya

Knowing the difference between free and paid CRB checks in Kenya is crucial. Checking credit status is vital. The Central Bank of Kenya mandates one free credit report yearly per person. The licensed CRBs include TransUnion, Metropol, and CreditInfo. You need to pay a fee for extra checks or services like getting a clearance certificate. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know.

Annual Free Credit Report

Each Kenyan has the­ right to get their credit re­port yearly without fees from e­very credit refe­rence bureau. This plan aims to share­ information openly so people can vie­w their credit status for free. Take the­se steps to access your fre­e report: 

  1. Contact the CRB of your choice through their official channels.
  2. Provide the necessary identification details.
  3. Request your annual free credit report.

CRB charges specific fees for those requiring more than the annual free credit report or additional services like clearance certificates. We have already covered all the above costs.

How often should I check my CRB status?

Knowing your CRB Status in Kenya means that you are in charge of your financial health. It is recommended to at least check. 

 Your CRB status is checked at least once a year using the free annual credit report offered by the CRBs. 

Can I dispute errors in my CRB report?

If you find any inaccurate information in your CRB report, you can dispute these errors. Depending on your platform to check for your status, you can contact them directly with evidence supporting your dispute. 

Will checking my CRB status affect my credit score?

A quick answer is no; checking your own CRB Status does not affect your overall Credit score in any way. Checking your CRB status is referred to as a soft inquiry. It allows you to monitor your credit health without any adverse effects.

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