Kenya Police Salary In Kenya And their Allowances in 2024/2025

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Are You looking to understand the Kenya Police Salary In Kenya And their allowances in 2024? This guide presents you with everything to know in 2024/2025

The Kenya Police Officers stand out as essential people in Kenya. Their Roles must be recognized as they ensure stability and order in Kenya. Like normal human beings, they must also be paid to take off their well-being and boost their overall performance in the force. The Kenya Police Salary Increase has been a subject of interest, especially to the many Kenyans who joined the troops. In 2024, Kenyan police officers are set to receive a 40% salary increase art of a three-year plan starting in July 2024 

Kenya Police Salary Structure

In Kenya, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) is the organization that determines the salary structure of civil servants. For the Kenya Police specifically, the SRC’s role is to examine and advise on salaries, allowances, and other forms of remuneration.

 In 2024/2025, the Kenya Police Salary Structure will be updated again according to the seniority of the Rank in the force. The salary ranges from Ksh 32,880 for entry-level police constables to Ksh 854,241 monthly for the Inspector General of Police. Closely examining the salary structure, we can see that the salary structure increases as the officer climbs up in the ranks. For example, a Senior Assistant Inspector General earns Ksh 274,890, while an Assistant Inspector General earns Ksh 187,890 monthly​​​​​​.

In addition to the basic salary, police officers in Kenya receive a monthly allowance to boost their morale. The allowances range from :

  1. Commuter Allowance: 
  2. House Allowance
  3. Uniform Allowance
  4. Leave Allowance

Now, when it comes to allowances, the allowances the Police officers receive vary based on their ranks. Those in the lower ranks receive smaller amounts than those in the higher ranks. However, it is essential to note that the allowances range is also based on the region, such that those in Nairobi receive higher rates than those in other parts of Kenya.

Based on Rank and Location, here are the allowances for Kenya Police officers in 2024:

RankMonthly Salary (Ksh)House Allowance (Nairobi) (Ksh)Commuter Allowance (Ksh)
Inspector General854,241
Senior Assistant Inspector General274,890 – 852,24155,00016,000
Assistant Inspector General187,89055,00016,000
Commissioner of Police106,929 – 156,22945,00012,000
Senior Superintendent85,89036,0008,000
Superintendent73,02024,100 – 28,0004,000 – 11,000
Assistant Superintendent59,220 – 70,530
Inspector of Police53,82027,0005,000
Chief Inspector50,220 – 71,78915,700 – 27,0004,000 – 5,000
Corporal42,6609,500 (Nairobi)3,000 – 4,000
Constable32,8809,500 (Nairobi)3,000

What Is the Kenya Police Salary Scale in 2024 Per Rank?

Not all Police officers In Kenya Receive the same amount of salaries. The salaries they receive vary depending on the Job groups and Ranks. 12 job groups in the Kenya police range from F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, and S. 

 The lowest Rank in the Police force is the Constable/Fresh Graduate, who receives Ksh 32,880 per month. As they climb up the ranks, their salaries increase. The Inspector General is at the higher end of the leadership and gets a monthly salary of Ksh 854,241. Here is a complete table to give you a clearer picture of how much Kenya Police officers earn in Kenya:

RankMonthly Salary (Ksh)Annual Salary (Ksh)
Inspector General of Police854,24110,250,892
Senior Assistant Inspector General274,8903,298,680
Assistant Inspector General187,8902,254,680
Commissioner of Police130,5901,567,080
Senior Superintendent85,8901,030,680
Assistant Superintendent70,530846,360
Chief Inspector59,220710,640
Inspector of Police53,820645,840
Senior Sergeant50,220602,640
Constable/Fresh Graduate32,880394,560

NPSC On Kenya Police Salary Increment 2024

In 2024 The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has made some changes that will see Police officer’s salaries in Kenya Increase. The changes are part of the third remuneration review cycle for 2021/2022 to 2024/2025. The increment is part of a broader financial allocation, where the police received Ksh. 3.6 billion out of a total Ksh. 21.7 billion earmarked for all public servants. This increment is being implemented in two phases, with the first phase for the financial year 2023/2024 involving Ksh. 2.284 billion​​​​.

Police officers are set to receive a pay rise ranging from Ksh. 1,200 to Ksh. 11,000. For instance, a police constable is currently earning Ksh. 20,390 will see their salary increase to Ksh. 21,645. Similarly, a police corporal earning Ksh. 37,700 will receive an increment of Ksh. 1,379, and a police sergeant earning Ksh. 45,800 will now earn Ksh. 47,279. Additionally, the ranks of Police Commissioners and Assistant Inspector General of Police will benefit from salary increments of between Ksh. 5,269 and Ksh. 11,249​​.

Here is a Table that shows cases a detailed breakdown of salaries by Rank, from the Senior Assistant Inspector General to constables, to help you understand the changes made:

RankMonthly Salary (Ksh)Yearly Salary (Ksh)Job GroupCurrent Basic Salary (Ksh)Increase (Ksh)
Constable/Fresh Graduate32,880394,560F – PG117,19018,760
Corporal42,660511,920G – PG222,41042,660
Sergeant45,540546,480H – PG330,75045,540
Senior Sergeant50,220602,640I – PG433,99050,220
Inspector of Police53,820645,840J – PG536,30053,820
Chief Inspector59,220710,640K – PG640,08059,220
Assistant Superintendent70,530846,360L – PG745,54070,530
Superintendent73,020876,240M – PG848,66073,020
Senior Superintendent85,8901,030,680N – PG959,22085,890
Commissioner of Police130,5901,567,080P – PG1098,040130,590
Assistant Inspector General187,8902,254,680S – PG11145,790187,890
Senior Assistant Inspector General274,8903,298,680R – PG12180,090274,890
Inspector General of Police854,24110,250,892

How many CIDs are in Kearn in a month?

In Kenya, the Average Monthly Salary of a CID is Ksh 158,000, including allowances such as risk (Ksh 30,000), house (Ksh 15,000), family separation (Ksh 20,000), medical (Ksh 20,000), and hardship allowances (Ksh 10,588).

How much do Police Recruits earn In Kenya?

Fresh from Training, new CID Fresh Recruits Start with a basic salary of Ksh 32,880, with average total earnings, including regular allowances, rounding to about Ksh 44,000​​.

That marks the end of our blog post on the Kenya Police Salary Scale and allowances In Kenya for 2024/2025. If this blog post has helped you in what you’re searching for, please share it with your friends and family. All the best

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