HELB Loan Application Form 2024/2025: Registration & Application

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Are you looking forward to the HELB Loan Application form in 2024/2025? This article will take you through all the processes of applying for HELB loans in Kenya and all you need to know. Read to the end to ensure you get all the details that will make you shortlisted for HELB loans In Kenya.

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) in Kenya is a source of hope for many students who want to accomplish their education. In Various capacities, HELB gives Loans to students in Kenya, especially those in universities and TVET colleges. With HELB, students can find loans, scholarships, and university bursaries. Whether it is the first time you have heard about HELB or you are looking to go through the process smoothly, In this guide, I present you with everything to know, including tips for success. 

What Is HELB Loans In Kenya?

HELB was founded in 1995 by an Act of Parliament. These loans enable students in Kenya from all backgrounds, especially those who genuinely need to complete their studies, which could not be possible due to financial constraints. HELB loans contribute significantly to the country’s literacy rate and overall socio-economic development by bridging the gap between ambition and reality.

Understanding HELB Loans  Products In Kenya Today

HELB Loan Application Form 2024/2025: Registration & Application

HELB offers a variety of loans and bursaries, each designed to cater to the specific needs of Kenyan students. Below is an overview of the main types:

1. HELB Loans

They are more suited for students in Universities and TVET Colleges. In this category, one can benefit from the following:

  • Jielimishe Loans
  • Undergraduate Loans
  • TVET Loans


HELB Gives scholarships to Kenyans looking to pursue postgraduate programs (Master’s or Ph.D.) in local Public or Private Universities recognized by the Commission for University Education. The value of the scholarship award is Kshs. 200,000 and Kshs. 450,000 for Masters and Ph.D. programs, respectively, tenable for 2 years in respect of the Master’s Programme and 3 years for the Ph.D.


Lastly, HELB has partnered with several organizations in Kenya to provide loans to students at only particular institutions. These partner funds include:

  • Kenya Institute Of Professional Studies Training Revolving Fund-
  • Kenya Institute Of Mass Communication (KIMC) Training Revolving Fund
  • Beacon Of Hope Training Revolving Scheme
  • Catherine Mcauley Nursing School Loan Application
  • Water, Sanitation & Irrigation Training Revolving Scheme
  • KASNEB Foundation Scheme
  • Advocates Benevolent Association Fund ABA
  • Kenya School Of Law Tuition Loan
  • Maritime Education And Training Scheme (METS)
  • Kenya School Of Integrated Medicine (KISM)
  • Community Health Promotion Fund
  • Bar Examination Loan (BEL)
  • Eastlands College Of Technology Fund
  • Digital Divide Data(DDD) Staff Education Fund
  • AIC Kijabe Hospital Fund
  • Civil Servants Training Revolving Fund(TRF)
  • HELB Afya Elimu Fund

Requirements for HELB Loans In 2024/2025

HELB only awards its loans to those students who are eligible for the loan. Therefore, understanding all the set requirements is mandatory for anyone applying for a HELB Loan in Kenya. Here is what to know:

General Requirements for All Students

  • Must be a Kenyan citizen.
  • Must have secured admission to an approved institution of higher learning.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you need the loan.

Undergraduate and TVET Loan Requirements

There are two types of undergraduate loan applications for HELB Loans:

  1. First-time application for those applying for the first time.
  2. Second & Subsequent Application for applicants applying for the second, third, or fourth time as per the program duration.

Requirements required for applying for Undergraduate and TVET loans include:

  1. A valid email address for the applicant (Student)
  2. Valid telephone number (must be registered in your name to apply for a loan)
  3. KCPE and KCSE index numbers and year of examination
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Copy of your National ID (for loan application)
  6. College/University admission letter
  7. Your parents’ registered telephone number
  8. Your parents’ national ID number
  9. Death certificate if any of your parent is deceased.
  10. Your birth certificate.
  11. Two guarantors’ (Can be your parents) ID numbers and registered telephone numbers (for loan application)
  12. Copy of the sponsorship letter if you were sponsored in Secondary school.

HELB Scholarship Requirements 

These only cater to Postgraduate students, and here are the requirements needed:

  1. Letter of Admission into a full or part-time Postgraduate university program.
  2. Minimum undergraduate qualification is in second-class honors, upper division.
  3. Reporting for First year of study.
  4. Preference will be given to applicants undertaking Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Innovation, and Fisheries [STEM IF] and those courses directly contributing to the “Big Four Agenda.”
  5. If the applicant is a previous or current HELB loan beneficiary, the applicant MUST be repaying their loan or has

Documents Required

The following documents are generally required for a HELB loan application, although specific loans may have additional requirements:

  • National ID card and copies of parents’ or guardians’ ID cards.
  • Admission letter from your institution.
  • KCSE results slip or certificate.
  • Bank account details for the loan disbursement.

How To Apply For HELB Loans in 2024/2025

Applying for a HELB loan is an essential step in any student’s life, and it requires attention to detail and adherence to specific steps to ensure a successful application. Follow the steps below for a successful HELB loan Application in Kenya in 2024:

Registration on the HELB Portal

HELB Loan Application Form 2024/2025: Registration & Application
  1. Visit the Official HELB Portal: Start creating an account on the HELB website (www.helb.co.ke).On the Homepage, Go to Portals, then students>>Register to create a HELB Portal Account.
  2. Personal Information: You must provide your national ID number, valid email address, and phone number for account creation.

Filling the Application Form

  1. Select the Loan Type: Choose the appropriate loan application form, whether it’s for undergraduate, postgraduate, or TVET loans.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill in the required fields with accurate information about your details, educational background, and financial needs.
  3. Financial Literacy Programme: For first-time applicants, completing the HELB Financial Literacy program is mandatory. This online course is designed to provide applicants with crucial financial management skills.

Document Submission

  1. Attach Required Documents: After filling out the application form, attach all the required documents as specified in the checklist.
  2. Print and Sign the Form: Print two copies of the completed application form. Have the relevant authorities and guarantors sign them as specified in the application instructions.

Final Submission

            1. Submission Options: You can submit your completed application and documents through various channels:

  • HELB Student Service Centre: Located on the Mezzanine Floor, Anniversary Towers, University Way, Nairobi.
  • HUDUMA Centres: Available in major towns across Kenya.
  • Via Courier: For applicants unable to physically access the above centers, sending the application through a registered courier service is an option.

     2. Retain a Copy: Keep a copy of the filled and signed application form for your records.

How to apply for the HELB Subsequent Loans 

HELB Loan Application Form 2024/2025: Registration & Application
  1. Visit the Google Play Store and download the HELB Mobile Application.
  2. Register your details (First name, Phone, Email Address, National ID, and KRA PIN) and log in.
  3. Read the mandatory Financial literacy notes and undertake a brief Question & Answer to appreciate the purpose of credit. Scroll down to view results, then click “proceed”.
  4. Click on loans, then select undergraduate loans to get the Undergraduate Subsequent Loan Application Form [LAF].
  5. Follow each step to fill in the required details and submit. A pop-up message will appear to show that you have successfully applied. The loan serial number will also be displayed.

How To Track Your HELB Loan Application Status

HELB Loan Application Form 2024/2025: Registration & Application

To know your HELB Loan status, follow these steps:

  • Visit the HELB Website and Login
  • On Your Student Dashboard, Click on the ‘Loan Status‘ icon.
  • Select the ‘Disbursement Status’ tab to view your HELB loan disbursement status.

Alternatively, you can check your loan status using the HELB USSD code: 

Dial *642#>> select the login option>>choose loan application and disbursement>> select loan disbursement to receive an SMS with your loan disbursement status.

Is the HELB Portal Open for the 2024 Application?

Is the HELB Loan Application Still Ongoing in 2024? Yes, the Undergraduate/TVET Scholarship applications, Loan & Bursary (First Time Application), and the Jielimishe Loan (For Salaried Students) opened on December 8, 2023. The deadlines for both programs are on June 30, 2024. ​​

HELB Contacts

For immediate assistance with any query that you have, use the following contacts for assistance:

  • Head Quarters: Anniversary Towers, 18th Floor, University Way.
  • Phone: +254 711 052 000/ 020 2278000.
  • Email[email protected]
  • Facebook: @HELBpage
  • Twitter: @HELBpage


How Much Is HELB Loan Interest?

The interest rate on HELB loans varies depending on the type of loan awarded. However, in most cases, for undergraduate loans, the interest rate is 4% per year, while for those on scholarships, the rate is 12% per year.

Can I apply for a HELB loan in my second year if I did not apply in the first year?

Yes, you can apply for a HELB loan as a first-time applicant when the applications are open in whichever year of study you are in. However, note that you will be given the loan if you meet HELB Loan requirements.

Can I Appeal For A Loan if the loan awarded is insufficient for my needs?

If you need the higher loan amount and the amount given is insufficient To Appeal for a HELB loan, log in to your Portal, fill in the HELB Appeal form, and submit it. Also, you can opt to contact HELB directly.

Is it mandatory to repay my HELB loan if I discontinue my education?

  • Yes, once awarded a HELB loan, you must repay the total amount plus any accrued interest and penalties, if any, regardless of whether you complete your education.

What are the repayment terms for HELB loans?

  • Repayment begins one year after graduation or as soon as the Board recalls the loan, whichever comes first, with the interest rate mentioned above applying.

Everything we have covered in this blog post has provided you with value. We have covered everything from Application forms and requirements to the HELB Loan application process. Please use the information in this article to apply for a HELB Loan easily without worrying about acceptance. If you need to ask questions, contact me directly via the Contact form or shoot your question below in the comment section, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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