How to Increase your Fuliza M-Pesa limit in 2024/2025

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Are you looking to increase your Fuliza M-Pesa Limit in Kenya in 2024? Worry no more because this guide gives you everything to know, from making your payments on time to advanced tips you need to know.

In Kenya today, thanks to the fast advanced technologies, we have increased the use of mobile banking. Safaricom, a leading Telco provider in Kenya, has paved the way for fantastic features from its M-Pesa, such as Fuliza. Fuliza is an overdraft facility that allows M-Pesa users to complete their transactions even when they do not have enough money in their wallets. In 2024/2025, Fuliza M-Pesa will continue to evolve, offering Kenyans more lenient Terms and Increased Limits. One question that has stood out among Fuliza users is: How can one increase Fuliza M-Pesa Limits?

Understanding Fuliza and Its Benefits

Fuliza M-Pesa is an overdraft service launched by Safaricom on January 10th, 2019, to allow customers to pay for various services even with low funds. The service results from a partnership between Safaricom NCBA and KCB. It carries an interest rate of 0.5% daily, with a facility term of up to 90 days.

How To Acess Fuliza M-Pesa in Kenya 2024?

To access Fuliza M-Pesa, You must meet some requirements, which include:

  • Kenyan Citizen
  • Have a Registered Safaricom SIM Card
  • Your SIM Card should be linked to M-Pesa and used for at least 6 Months.

If this ticks for you, you can then proceed to activate Fuliza M-Pesa by following the following necessary steps:

  • On Your Phone Dial *334# or *234#
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Navigate to FULIZA
  • Opt-in to access the Loan limit allocated. 

For first-time users, Your Fuliza M-Pesa Loan Limit will be as Ksh 300 to 500, but as you continue using the service, the amount given to you can grow to a maximum of Ksh 70,000 based on your usage and repayment behavior.

Fuliza Loan Repayment Periods and Interest Rates

Understanding the terms of any financial service is crucial, and Fuliza is no exception. The service charges a 1% access fee on the borrowed amount, alongside a daily maintenance fee that varies depending on the outstanding amount. Importantly, these loans are expected to be repaid within 30 days to avoid adverse effects on your limit and potential listing with Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs).

Table: Fuliza Interest Rates and Fees

Amount BorrowedDaily Maintenance FeeAccess Fee
Up to Ksh 500Ksh 51%
Ksh 501 – 1,000Ksh 101%
Ksh 2,501 – 70,000Ksh 251%

How To Increase Your Fuliza M-Pesa Limit In 2024

When you opt into Fuliza, the initial loan amount you are usually given always ranges between Ksh 300 and 500. With this in mind, most M-Pesa users always wonder how to increase their Fuliza Limits. Here are strategies that I have taken in the Past, and these are the same strategies recommended by Safaricom:

1. Make a repayment of Fuliza Loans on time.

The first step you can take with your lender as a borrower is to establish trust so they can award you another loan next time. This also applies to Fuliza Loans. The sooner you pay back Your Loan, the higher the chances your loan limit will increase. Remember that Fuliza gives you a 30-day window to repay your loan on time. A timely repayment within the stipulated duration increases a positive mark on your credit score, thus increasing your Loan Limit.

2. Transacting More with M-Pesa

Utilizing M-Pesa to pay various bills is a crucial determinant of Your Fuliza Limit. The More Your Transact using M-Pesa indicates active and constant use of M-Pesa services, which in return contributes to a higher total loan limit.

So, if you want an increased total Loan Limit, use M-Pesa More for deposits, withdrawals, and payments. A mix of transactions, including Paying Your Bills, sending money, and buying airtime, may also increase your limit.

3. Have a Good Credit Score

Often underestimated, but a Good credit score counts when increasing Your Fuliza M-Pesa Limit. A good credit score builds trust in other finance institutions such as banks, SACCOS, and More. So, what do I mean when I tell you to have a good credit score:

  • Please avoid CRB completles: For every loan you borrow with other finance functions, make sure to pay their loan. If you default by any means, your chances of increasing your Fuliza Limit will also decrease. Always conduct regular CRB checks to ensure that you are not blocked.

4. Register Your Safaricom SIM Card

Safaricom Kenya requires all of its customers to have a registered number so they can use their services. If you do, your number will be allowed. We are locked out of Safaricom services; thus, you will not use M-Pesa services, including Fuliza. To register Your Safaricom SIM Card, here are the necessary steps to take:

  • Go to the official  Safaricom KYC  portal to start the registration process.
  • Enter the phone number to be registered beginning with the 254 code, then your number in the format 254712345678). 
  • Read the privacy policy and confirm you have understood checking the provided box 
  • Tap “Next” to get the OTP code on your phone via SMS.
  • Verify the Provided (OTP) code and click Proceed.
  • Provided the Required Documents strictly as required. These include r front and back pictures of your national ID 
  • Click “Verify” and await a notification indicating that you have verified your number.

Alternatively, verify your registration status by dialing *106# and following the instructions.

5. Regular Use of Safaricom and M-PESA Services

Consistent use of Safaricom and M-PESA services beyond Fuliza also contributes to an increased Fuliza limit. For starters, you can Leverage a range of Safaricom services, including data plans, voice, and M-Shwari, to give you an upper limit. The Long-term term of Safaricom services could position you as a loyal customer, influencing your Fuliza limit positively.

Advanced Tips for Fuliza Users

While increasing your Fuliza limit is crucial, managing it efficiently and using the service responsibly is equally essential. Here are the strategies that I would exactly employ to ensure that I leverage Fuliza to the fullest:

1. Budgeting with Fuliza in Mind:

  • Treat Fuliza as a loan to be paid rather than your regular source of income. Plan your budget as if Fuliza funds are not available, ensuring they are only used when there is an emergency.

2. Monitoring Your Daily Fuliza Usage:

  • Keep a close eye on how often and why you tap into Fuliza. Frequent reliance on Fuliza for non-urgent expenses might indicate a need to reassess your financial planning.

3. Repayment Strategy:

  • Set up a dedicated repayment plan for Fuliza loans. Consider regularly setting aside a small amount of money into your M-PESA account to cover the Fuliza repayment automatically.

How To Use Fuliza M-Pesa Responsibly

1. Keep in Mind the Cost

Like any loan that applies fees and interest rates depending on the agreed terms, Fuliza M-Pesa does the same. Remember that Fuliza attracts a one-off 1% access fee and a daily maintenance fee, with an additional 20% excise duty on the access fee. However, the Overall Charges vary based on the amount borrowed.

2. Avoiding Over-reliance:

Only use Fuliza when necessary. Over-reliance on Fuliza can lead to over-dependence on the service. Thus, this can result in many debts that can affect your credit score or make the debt cycle breakable.

Why Is My Fuliza Limit 0

You could have done everything above to increase your Fuliza M-Pesa limit. However, you still have a 0 Limit on your M-Pesa account. What does this mean? This narrows down to whether you are eligible for the loan or not. Fuliza Loan limits will be 0 if:

  • You have a zero Mpesa balance and don’t use M-Pesa often.
  • Your M-Pesa number is less than six months old.
  • When the CRB backlists you.
  • You have defaulted on your M-Shwari loan.

Give your m-pesa account some time, and in the meantime, continue using Mpesa services and following all the instructions I have given you in this guide. With that time, your Fuliza M-Pesa limit will increase from 0 to between KSH 300 to 500 and even more.

How to check your Fuliza loan limit

To check your Fuliza limit, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Dial code *234# On Your Phone
  2. Choose Fuliza M-PESA.
  3. Tapcheck your limit.
  4. Wait for an SMS message confirming your available limit.

What is the maximum Fuliza M-Pesa Loan limit?

The Maximum Loan Limit you can get in 2024 from Fuliza M-Pesa Loans is Ksh 70,000. It takes time for anyone to achieve this limit. Just be patient and apply all the knowledge from this article.

How to opt out of Fuliza

For those who have found better green pastures or for those who want to stop using Fuliza M-Pesa for reasons best known to them, here is how to opt out of Fuliza M-Pesa in 2024:

  1. Dial *234# on your phone.
  2. Select the Fuliza option.
  3. Select opt-out.

Fuliza M-PESA contacts

For immediate inquiries, you can use the following official channels:

  • Safaricom Fuliza customer care: Call/SMS 100 or 234 or 0722 002 100 (prepaid customers only)
  • NCBA Bank Fuliza Customer care: 0711 056 444, 0732 156 444

Can I use Fuliza to send money to another person?

  • Fuliza allows you to complete M-PESA transactions, including sending money when you need more funds in your account. Your next M-PESA deposit then covers the overdraft.

This marks the end of this blog post, and I have answered all the questions that you might have concerning the Fuliza M-Pesa service. By following everything we have listed in the blog post above, you are guaranteed to increase to increase your Fuliza M-Pesa in 2024. If you find this article, kindly share it with your friends and family to help them improve their Fuliza M-Pesa Loans.

All the best

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