List Of All Universal Branch Codes for All Banks In South Africa 2024

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Are You Looking for all Universal Branch Codes for all Banks in South Africa in 2024? Well, stop the search. In this article, I present all South African Universal Branch Codes.

Going through the world of Banking is easy, especially when it comes to understanding various codes. One such code crucial in South Africa is the Universal Branch Code. These codes are unique identifiers for banks within the country, used primarily for domestic transactions.

While they may sound similar, don’t confuse Universal Branch Codes with BIC Bank Identifier Codes or SWIFT codes. These are used for international transactions and identify specific banks and branches worldwide. What is the beauty of Universal Branch Codes? They’re the same for all branches of a particular bank, simplifying your banking experience.

Whether you’re banking with South African Post Bank, Hollard Bank, Standard Chartered, Barclays, Discovery Bank, or Mercantile Bank, each has its own Universal Branch Code. But remember, always verify these codes from the respective bank’s official website to ensure accuracy.

Overview of Universal Branch Codes in South Africa

Branch codes play a pivotal role in banking and financial transactions. In South Africa, these codes serve as specialized identifiers for the distinctive branches within a bank’s network. But how do these codes come into play regarding electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and Internet banking transactions? What’s their significance for domestic transactions? Let’s delve in deeper.

What are Universal Branch Codes?

In essence, Universal Branch Codes are unique codes associated with each bank in South Africa. Each bank holds a Universal Branch Code identical to all branches, simplifying transactions and ensuring seamless money flow to the designated location.

Here’s an interesting fact: while other countries have similar systems for identifying banks and branches, the concept of Universal Branch Codes is uniquely South African. For instance, the United States makes use of routing numbers instead.

Not to be confused with BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) codes, Universal Branch Codes strictly aid domestic transactions. For international transactions, banking institutions resort to BIC/SWIFT codes as they assist in pinpointing specific banks and branches on a global scale.

Importance of Universal Branch Codes

The Importance of Universal Branch Codes cannot be overstated in South Africa. These codes come to the rescue, whether about making payments, receiving funds, or sending money to a client.

They contribute to successfully executing transactions by configuring funds to the relevant bank. Each time a payment or deposit is arranged, the funds are directed to the right bank, thanks to Universal Branch Codes.

Though each bank account inherently has a branch code, a universal bank code exists to streamline transactions as a unified representation of a bank’s branch code. There was once a time when locating the branch code to list payment or receipt details was quite a task. Thankfully, with the advent of Universal Branch Codes, this issue is now a thing of the past.

Remember that using an incorrect Universal Branch Code could potentially result in transaction delays, errors, or even rejection altogether. Therefore, utmost caution should be exercised while deploying these codes for electronic banking transactions.

List of Universal Branch Codes for Major Banks in South Africa

Below is a complete table of all South African banks Universal Branch Codes:

S/NoBankUniversal Branch Code
1Absa Bank632 005
2African Bank430 000
3Bank of Athens410 506
4Barclays Bank590 000
5Bidvest Bank Limited679 000
6Capitec Bank Limited470 010
7Discovery Bank Limited679 000
8First National Bank250 655
9FirstRand Bank Limited201 419
10HSBC Bank587 000
11Investec Bank Limited580 105
12Mercantile Bank Limited450 905
13Nedbank198 765
14Old Mutual462 005
15Rand Merchant Bank261 251
16RMB Private Bank222 026
17Sasfin Bank Limited683 000
18SA Post Bank (Post Office)460 005
19South African Bank of Athens Limited410 506
20Standard Bank051 001
21Standard Chartered Bank730 020
22Tyme Bank678 910


I’ve shown how Universal Branch Codes are revolutionizing banking in South Africa. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and accessible, making banking more manageable. There is no more need to remember multiple codes – one code does it all. It’s a simple solution that streamlines interbank communication and saves time and money. Plus, online and mobile banking options have always made it challenging to access it from anywhere, anytime. And let’s remember the standardized format of these codes, making them easy to use across central South African banks. Universal Branch Codes are indeed the future of banking in South Africa.

If You have a question you would like any clarification on, Please comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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