How To Remove Safaricom Skiza Tunes in 2024

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Are you looking to remove Safaricom Skiza Tunes from your Phone in 2024? Worry no more because I will guide you through all the steps to unsubscribe from Skiza Tunes in this article.

Imagine this: your best friend calls you right now, and when you pick up the Phone to answer, you are greeted with an entertaining tune instead of the usual ringtone. What you just heard can be easily interpreted as Safaricom Skiza Tune. But as with all good things, there comes a time when you may change the ring-back tones on your Phone. This arises from various reasons best known to you; thus, learning the proper methods to cancel Skiza Tunes is paramount. Read to the end to know which method works best for you.

Let us get started.

Understanding Skiza Tunes

What Are Safaricom Skiza Tunes?

Safaricom Skiza Tunes is a ring-back tone service that allows You, as the subscribed user, to entertain your caller at a fee. This will enable you to choose a variety of music tones, which you can set as a ring-back tone on your Phone. You can stop Skiza Tunes at any time. It is essential to know that when you subscribe to the service, you will be charged a daily cost of Ksh 1 for local and Ksh 1.50 for international tunes. The service is available to both Safaricom prepaid and postpaid subscribers In Kenya.

Costs and Benefits of Skiza Tunes

The Skiza tune’s personalized effect makes it stand out, allowing you to pick your favourite music anytime. Beyond entertaining you, it’s also a potential revenue stream for artists, allowing them to earn money. Below is a quick Breakdown of all the Costs that Skiza Tunes charges as of 2024, with the benefits that come with it

  • User Costs:  If you are registered to Skiza Tunes, you need to know that the service attracts a daily cost of Ksh 1 for local tunes and Ksh 1.50 for international tunes, which are directly subtracted from your Airtime.
  •  Artist Benefits: Artists can earn from Skiza tunes whenever their music is played as a Skiza tune. This revenue model provides a passive income stream for local and international artists, promoting their work while earning from it​​.

Reasons to Remove Skiza Tunes

Here are some reasons that may prompt you to Remove Skiza Tunes:

  1. Outdated Tunes: Our Tastes in music change, and sometimes, we humans have tasted different genres of music; thus, users may want to remove old tunes in favor of newer selections​​.
  2.  Cost Management: With each tune costing Ksh 1 daily, users who subscribe to multiple tunes might seek to remove them to manage their spending more effectively​​.
  3.  Changing Preferences: Just as our tastes in music change, so do our preferences for what we want our callers to hear. This May Prompt users to alter or remove their Skiza tunes.

How to Remove Skiza Tunes – Step-by-Step Guide

Deleting Skiza Tunes from your Safaricom line involves a straightforward process, whether you remember the code of your tune or not. Here are the two Most Preferred Methods that will help you unsubscribe from the Skiza Tune service:

Method 1: Without Skiza Code

If you have Forgetting the code of your Skiza tune, here is how to go about it:

  1. *Dial 811# to access the Skiza menu on your Phone.
  2.  Select ‘Manage My Tune
  3.  Choose ‘Skiza Tune’
  4.  Select the Tune to Remove
  5.  Choose ‘Delete’

Method 2: With Skiza Code

And if you know your Skiza tune’s code, the process of unsubscribing to Skiza tune is even more direct:

  1. Open Your Messages App On your Phone
  2.  Compose a New Message By typing in the word ‘DELETE’ followed by the Skiza code. For instance, “DELETE 123456”.
  3.  Send the message to 811
  4.  Await a confirmation message from Safaricom indicating the successful removal of your Skiza tune.

Additional Methods and Tips

Managing your Skiza tunes effectively goes beyond just knowing how to delete them. Here are additional tips to enhance your experience:

  • Regular Review: Review your Skiza tune subscriptions to ensure they align with your current preferences and budget.
  •  Cost Awareness: Be mindful of the daily charges associated with Skiza tunes, especially if subscribed to multiple tunes. This awareness can help in making cost-effective decisions regarding which tunes to keep​​​​.

Troubleshooting Skiza Tune Removal Issues

Even with a straightforward process, users may encounter issues when removing Skiza tunes. Here are common problems that may arise and their quick fixes:

  • No Confirmation Message Received:  Sometimes, there can be a delay in receiving a confirmation message after attempting to delete a Skiza tune; if this happens, you should wait a few minutes and try again. Network glitches from the Safaricom network or the signal from your end can cause message issues.
  •  Skiza Tune Still Plays After Deletion:  If this happens to you, restart your Phone. If the issue persists, contact Safaricom customer care immediately for assistance to avoid being charged ​​​​.
  •  Unable to Access the Skiza Menu (*811#): This problem is always caused by network issues. If it happens to you, try accessing the service from an area with better network coverage.


How do you check your subscribed Skiza tunes?

To view your active Skiza tunes:

  1. Dial *811# on your Safaricom line.
  2.  Locate and Click the “Manage Active Tunes” option.
  3.  Immediately, you’ll see a list of all the tunes you’re currently subscribed to​​.

How do you set a song as a Skiza tune?

Setting a song as your Skiza tune involves:

  1. Dialing *811#.
  2.  Enter the Skiza code for your preferred song.
  3.  Following the prompts to set the tune​​.

How do you make money with Skiza tunes?

For artists looking to earn from Skiza tunes:

  1. Contact Skiza tune providers.
  2.  Confirm terms and sign a contract.
  3.  Wait for your Skiza code and share it with your followers to start earning​​.

How do I unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions?

Unsubscribing from unwanted Safaricom subscriptions can be done by:

  1. Dialing *456#.
  2.  Proceed to the “Stop” option.
  3.  Following the prompts to unsubscribe from your current subscriptions​​.
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