Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

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Are you looking for the best real estate companies in Kenya for 2024? This article presents you with all you need to know about real estate markets in Kenya’s top 10 Companies and their details.

Kenya’s real estate sector has an exceptional seat in the country’s growth and potential. Real Estate in Kenya is not just about acquiring land or property; it’s about safeguarding the profits that come with it. So, Can I still invest in real estate in 2024? Yes, investing your resources in this particular niche can seem daunting, but it is exciting equally. With Kenya’s many real estate companies claiming to offer the best deals and services, understanding each is crucial. So, which are the Best Real Estate Companies In Kenya?

Hey there, if you are in a hurry to go through the whole article, here is a table that summarises all the top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya:

No.CompanyServicesContact Details
1Optiven Enterprise Limited KenyaProperty consultancy, homes, water, hospitalityCall/SMS/WhatsApp: 0790 300300, 0723 400500
2Dunhill Consulting LimitedProperty management, development, valuation, selling, lettingPhone: +254 786 386445, +254 789 386445
3Fanaka Real EstateSelling prime plots in Nairobi and environsPhone: 0799001133, 0700111172
WhatsApp: 0799001133
4Hass Consult LimitedConsultancy, property developmentPhone: +254 709 479
5Knight FrankProperty management, agency, valuation, project management, consultancyPhone: +254 20 4239000
Fax: +254 20 4440040 
6Cytonn InvestmentsDeveloping institutional-grade real estate projectsPhone: +254(0) 709 101 000, +254(0) 20 3929 000 
7Lloyd Masika LimitedValuation, estate agency, property managementPhone: +254 20 221 5900, 227 9000, 221 8112/3 
Mobile: +254 722 481 504, 733 597 050
8Pam Golding Properties KenyaResidential sales, developments, commercial sales, vacant landPhone: +254-20-3875121/2, +254-20-3874085, +254-20-3866746 
Mobile: 0724 257029, 0734
9Homescope Properties LimitedHigh-end real estate projectsPhone: +254 706 313313 
10Hayer One GroupInterior design, site planning, exterior design, furniture designPhone: +254 110 090

Overview of Kenya’s Real Estate Landscape in 2024

The bar is already set for the real estate market in Kenya. In 2024, this industry is poised for significant growth and transformation driven by various factors. Kenya’s real estate sector has experienced substantial expansion, with its contribution to the GDP rising from 10.5% in 2000 to 13.8% in 2016. Factors contributing to this growth include infrastructural developments, rapid population growth and urbanization, economic recovery post-COVID-19, and increased investor confidence

Enhanced infrastructure, such as new roads and airport enhancements, has been a critical growth driver in Kenya’s real estate sector. Notable projects like the Nairobi Expressway have significantly boosted the economy and increased housing demand.

Kenya’s population growth rate of 2.3% per annum influences the real estate sector, particularly in the demand for rental housing. Regions like Westlands, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, and others have notable demand for rentals.

The Kenyan economy has shown recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, recording robust economic growth. This recovery has translated into increased demand for office space and storage warehouses as import and export activities resumed.

Commercial Real Estate – Office:

The Kenyan office market has expanded significantly, focusing on serviced offices that meet international standards. Developers are offering semi-fitted offices with modern amenities to meet evolving consumer preferences.

Warehouses and Industrial Parks:

The import-export industry’s resurgence post-COVID-19 has led to increased demand for warehouses in peaceful areas outside Nairobi, like Kiambu and Machakos counties.

Residential Real Estate:

The surging population continues to drive demand for housing in Kenya, resulting in a nationwide housing deficit. Rental properties dominate the market, with positive growth anticipated as the country returns to normalcy post-COVID-19.

Challenges Facing the Real Estate Sector

Despite its promising outlook, the Kenyan real estate market has challenges. These include:

  • High-interest rates on loans make it difficult for developers and buyers to finance real estate projects and purchases.
  • Land Acquisition Issues
  • Bureaucratic processes and regulatory requirements can delay project approvals and increase the cost of development.

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Kenya In 2024

The Kenyan real estate sector is filled with many companies that shape the physical landscape and contribute significantly to economic growth. Here are some of the top 10 Companies in 2024 ranked in no particular order:

10. Hayer One Group

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Hayer One Group is one of Kenya’s leading real estate companies, and it is located in Nairobi. Led by CHETAN HAYER, the company is known for setting new benchmarks in the Kenyan real estate sector by emphasizing quality and excellence in their projects. Their services include:

  • Interior Design
  • Site Planning
  • Exterior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Furniture Design

They can be reached via:

9. Homescope Properties Limited 

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Homescope Properties Limited puts its focus on high-end real estate projects. The company boasts over a decade of experience in the industry and has many successful projects across the country. Homescope prides itself on its customer-focused approach, quality construction, safety record, efficient project delivery, and professional management. You can reach them easily via the following Contacts:

8. Pam Golding Properties Kenya

The Pam Golding Properties Kenya office opened for trading in January 2012, with the Head Office at Fortis Tower in Westlands, Nairobi. The company specializes in residential sales, developments, commercial sales, and vacant land. The company has a significant portfolio of properties in Nairobi and the rest of Kenya, including Kitengela, Kitsuru, and East and Central Africa. You can contact them Via:

  • Website: www.ryden.co.ke
  • PO Box: 40827 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Telephone: +254-20-3875121/2, +254-20-3874085, or +254-20-3866746
  • Mobile: 0724 257029 or 0734 832461
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office location: The Greenhouse (4th Floor, Suite 14), Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya

7.Lloyd Masika Limited

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Lloyd Masika Limited specializes in valuation, estate agency services, and property management. Established in 1979, the company has become a leading provider in the industry with a strong focus on professionalism and quality services. They offer various services, including acquisition, planning, execution, and monitoring in real estate management. You can reach them today using the Contacts below:

  • Website: www.lloydmasika.co.ke
  • PO Box: 45733, 00100, GPO, Nairobi
  • Telephone: +254 20 221 5900, 227 9000, 221 8112/3
  • Mobile: +254 722 481 504, 733 597 050
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office location: The Arch Place (8th Floor), Nyangumi Road, Off Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi, Kenya

6. Cytonn Investments

Cytonn Investments focuses on developing institutional-grade real estate projects. The company strongly emphasizes delivering quality and aspirational real estate developments that promote community living. Some of the notable real estate developments by Cytonn Investments include:

  • Applewood Villas in Karen
  • RiverRun Estates in Ruiru
  • The Ridge in Ridgeways Nairobi
  • Taraji Heights in Ruaka

For immediate assistance, contact them using the following:

  • Website: cytonn.com
  • Cellphone: +254(0) 709 101 000
  • Telephone: +254(0) 20 3929 000
  • PO Box: 20695 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Office locations in Kenya: The Chancery (6th Floor), Valley Road, Nairobi, Kenya, or Sohan Plaza (3rd Floor), Kimathi Way, Nyeri, Kenya

5. Knight Frank

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Knight Frank is another leading real estate company in Kenya; they offer services in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, assisting in searching for houses for sale and rent. Their services include property management, agency, valuation, project management, feasibility studies, and research-led consultancy. For Easy assistance, Contact them Via:

  • Website: www.knightfrank.co.ke
  • Telephone: +254 20 4239000
  • Fax: +254 20 4440040
  • PO Box: 39773, Nairobi
  • Office location: Lion Place (Ground Floor), Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

4. Hass Consult Limited

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Hass Consult Limited is also among the best in Kenya’s real estate industry, with over 25 years of service delivery. Established in 1992, the company offers various real estate services, including consultancy and property development. The company has a diverse portfolio of developments in different locations in Nairobi, such as Westlands, Upperhill, and Lavington. Contact them Via:

3. Fanaka Real Estate

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Fanaka Real Estate specializes in selling prime plots within Nairobi and its environs at affordable prices. They offer genuine land for sale with ready title deeds. They operate in various locations like Ruiru Kamakis, Kamulu, and Katani. Reach out to them using the contacts:

  • Website: fanaka.co.ke
  • Phone: 0799001133, 0700111172
  • WhatsApp: 0799001133 or 0700111172
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Office locations: NorthPark Mall (4th Floor), Kamakis along Eastern ByPass or Dune Plaza (Ground Floor, D1), Ruai Town, Nairobi, Kenya

2. Dunhill Consulting Limited

Dunhill Consulting Limited has been known for its cost-effective services since it was established in 20023. They offer various services in property management, development, valuation, property selling, and letting. Moreover, they also focus on both residential and commercial property management.

Contact them via:

1. Optiven Enterprise Limited Kenya

Top 10 Real Estate Companies In Kenya And Their Contacts 2024

Optiven Enterprises Limited is a prominent real estate company in Kenya, founded in 1998. They focus on providing property consultancy solutions to the East African community. Optiven has various Strategic Business Units, including Optiven Homes, Optiven Water, and GMC Place in Kitengela, expanding its reach into the hospitality industry.

For inquiries, reach them today via:

  • Head Office: Absa Towers Loita Street, 2nd Floor
  • Postal Address: PO Box 623-00600 Nairobi, Kenya
  • Call / SMS / Whatsapp: 0790 300300, 0723 400500
  • Email: [email protected]

Who is the largest real estate developer in Kenya?

It isn’t easy to know that Kenya’s largest real estate developer is Saif Real Estate. How some of the best developers in Kenya Include:

  • Knight Frank
  • Hass Consult Ltd
  • Optiven Ltd
  • Lloyd Masika
  • Diamond Properties
  • Villa Care
  • Ryden International Limited
  • Dinara Developers

How do I know if a real estate company is legit in Kenya?

To determine if a real estate company is legitimate in Kenya, there are several key steps you can take:

  • Verify if the company is registered by checking the company’s registrar.
  • Look for the company’s official website and review it carefully. 
  • .Check Payment Methods, as Legitimate companies usually accept multiple forms of payment. If a company only accepts cash payments and not electronic modes, it might be a red flag for a scam.
  • Conduct a Google search on the company to find comments and reviews from others.
  • Physically visit the company’s premises to observe its operations and check for red flags.
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