NYS Recruitment 2024/2025:Key Dates, Requirements, and Training Courses

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Are You looking forward to NYS Recruitment 2024/2025 in Kenya? If so, this article has detailed all you need to know from Requirements, Key dates, and Application Process. Read to the end to make sure to take all crucial details.

In Kenya, the National Youth Service (NYS) stands tall regarding youth empowerment and the country’s transformation. As we enter 2024 and head to 2025, the National Youth Service calls Kenyans from all diverse backgrounds to participate in its recruitment drive. The NYS was restructured by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta back in 2014. To date, NYS is open to recruiting youths eager to go through training, acquire new skills, and dedicate themselves to the country’s service. The Recruitment Process welcomes Kenyans from all backgrounds across all counties to Apply. Is NYS recruiting in 2024/2025? Everything will be covered in this guide.

Let us get started

Understanding NYS Recruitment

Starting a journey with the National Youth Service is crucial for a Kenyan youth looking to work in the Public force. NYS was established in April 1964 through an Act of Parliament to train young Kenyans on national matters. It was officially structured by H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta, backed by the National Youth Service (Amendment) Bill of 2014. Today, NYS stands tall as a source of hope and transformation for the youth in Kenya, aiming to instil discipline, offer vocational training, and prepare them for service to the community and country. 

Is there NYS Recruitment in 2024/2025?

Yes, in 2024, the NYS recruitment exercise already happened on February 2024, from the 5th (Monday) to the 9th (Friday). If you missed the process, you can wait for another Recruitment process, which will happen in June 2024.

NYS 2024 Recruitment Dates and Centers

The recruitment exercise happens in all 47 counties in Kenya. Below is a table that details NYS recruitment Centres for every sub-county in Kenya 

According to NYS, the recruitment exercise will be undertaken in every sub-county across all 47 counties in Kenya:

NYS Recruitment Eligibility and Requirements 2024

Understanding the set requirements is the first to Join NYS in Kenya in 2024. These requirements are usually implemented to ensure that only the best merit for various advertised responsibilities. Here is a List of General requirements that You are expected to have:

  • Applicants must be between 18-24 years old.
  • A minimum grade of D (Plain) in the KCSE is required, underscoring the inclusivity of NYS in embracing candidates from diverse academic backgrounds​​​​.
  • You should be free from any criminal offences; thus, you must have a certificate of Good Conduct.
  • You must be medically and physically fit, 
  • You Should be a Kenyan citizen by birth.
  • Be a resident of the sub-county from which you apply.
  • Bring your original National ID and academic certificates to the recruitment venue.

How to Apply for NYS

Joining the National Youth Service (NYS) is a dream for many Kenyan youths, offering a pathway to service, skill acquisition, and personal development. The application process is designed to be transparent, straightforward, and accessible to all eligible Kenyans. Here is how to go about the Application Process in 2024:

  • Check NYS’s official website or social media pages to ensure vacancies or that the recruitment process has been announced.
  •  Before the recruitment day, ensure you have the original and photocopies of your National ID, academic certificates (minimum KCSE grade D plain), and a valid certificate of good conduct​​​​.
  • Based On Your Location Identify your nearest recruitment centre based on the centres we have provided above.
  • On recruitment day, arrive early with all the required documents at your recruitment centre. 
  • You will undergo physical and medical examinations as part of the selection process​​.
  • You will also be given an NYS application form to fill in your details at the centre. 

How To Stand Out during the  Recruitment Day

When applying for NYS recruitment, knowing that you are one of many people applying for any course is essential. You can meet the set requirements, but this only guarantees easy acceptance, mainly when many apply. Therefore, to stand out from the rest of the applicants, you can:

  • Build Your Physical and Mental stamina early enough by starting exercises weeks before the recruitment day. 
  • Make sure to have all required documents neatly organized and readily accessible. 
  • Learn about NYS’s mission, values, and the roles it plays to stand apart from other candidates.

Courses Offered by NYS

The National Youth Service provides Kenyan youths with many courses to equip them with skills for employment and entrepreneurship. Understanding the courses available and their entry requirements is crucial for aspiring candidates. Here is a table of all NYS courses in 2024:

Diploma Courses Offered at NYS

Field of StudyCourse Details
AgricultureGeneral Agriculture
EngineeringAutomotive Engineering, Electrical Engineering (Power Option), Electrical Engineering (Installation and Control), Telecommunication, Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Avionics, Construction Plant, Air Frame
Information TechnologyComputer Studies, ICT, Information Technology
Fashion and DesignFashion and Design
EducationEarly Childhood and Development Education
HospitalityFood and Beverage, Catering and Accommodation Management
BusinessSupply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing, Business Management, Secretarial Studies

Craft Courses Offered at NYS

Skill AreaCourse Details
Beauty & FashionBeauty Therapy, Fashion and Design
Information TechnologyICT
EducationEarly Childhood and Development Education
HospitalityCatering and Accommodation Management
Construction & EngineeringMasonry, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Carpentry, Upholstery, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Mechanical Production, Electrical & Electronics
Automotive & MechanicalMotor Vehicle Mechanics, Welding and Fabrication, Automotive Engineering, Motor Vehicle Technology
MetalworkMetal Processing Technology
BusinessSupply Chain Management, Sales and Marketing, Business Management, Secretarial Studies

Artisan Courses Offered at NYS

Skill AreaCourse Details
Plant & Vehicle OperationsPlant Operation, Plant Mechanics, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Motor Vehicle Electrician
Metalwork & FabricationWelding and Fabrication
Information TechnologyICT
Textile & ClothingClothing and Textile
AutomotivePanel Beating and Spray Painting

Minimum Entry Requirements for Courses:

Course LevelMinimum KCSE GradeAdditional Requirements
DiplomaC- and aboveSpecific courses may have additional requirements such as grades in Maths and Physics
Craft CertificateD plainNone
ArtisanD- and below or KCPEIdeal for those seeking practical skills with minimal academic qualifications

How To Apply And Select NYS Courses

Once you have completed the recruitment process, the next step is to apply for the course of your choice. Course selection is based on academic qualifications, physical and medical fitness, and the needs of the service. It’s important to note that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee placement in a particular course, as demand and capacity constraints may influence the final selection​​. To Apply For any NYS course, here is what to do:

Visit an NYS recruitment centre in your sub-county during the recruitment period.

  • Bring your original National ID, academic certificates, and certificate of good conduct.
  • Fill out an NYS course application form at the centre.
  • Physical appearance is required; online applications are not accepted.

Now, when it Comes to course selection, there are a few things that you will need to understand:

  • Understand the minimum entry requirements that you are applying for.
  • Different courses have specific academic requirements ranging from a KCSE mean grade of C- and above for diploma courses to a D plain for craft courses.

NYS Training

The training offered by NYS equips graduates with marketable skills and prepares them for future employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. How long does the NYS training exercise take? A quick answer is that the training exercise varies; some courses can take more than six months, specifically with NYS diploma courses taking three years, CPA and ATD courses taking three years, craft courses lasting for two years, artisan courses lasting for two years, and a driving course lasts 3 – 6 months.


Where will NYS recruitment take place?

The recruitment exercise will occur in NYS recruitment centres in different sub-counties in all 47 Counties. 2024, the recruitment process will happen from February 5th to February 9th.

Can you join NYS without a KCSE certificate?

A KCSE certificate is a minimum requirement for anyone looking to join NYS. The minimum entry requirement for most NYS courses, including diploma and artisan courses, is a KCSE mean grade of C minus.

How many months is NYS training?

The National Youth Service training varies for most courses. However, the least number one can take is a driving course, which lasts six months.

What is the age limit for NYS?

If you want to join NYS in 2024, you should be between 18 and 24 years old. 

Are NYS trainees paid?

Yes, NYS trainees in Kenya are paid a monthly allowance of Ksh. 2,100 throughout their training period, even though the NYS program is voluntary.  


Becoming part of the NYS is an opportunity for everyone to serve their nation and be equipped with various skill sets. From multiple courses available, from diploma to artisan levels, NYS caters to the aspirations and educational backgrounds of all Kenyan youth. If you want to change your life, NYS should be your destination. This guide has taken you through everything you need to know about NYS, and I firmly believe that this article has benefitted you well enough. In conclusion, I encourage you to apply for various courses and share this article with your family and friends to help them become part of the NYS family.

End of Blog, I wish You all the best.

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