Nurses Salary In Kenya, Job Groups And Allowances 2024/2025

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Are You Looking to Know the Salaries of Nurses In Kenya? This article reviews all the nurses’ salaries in Kenya, job groups, and allowances. Read to the end so as not to miss any details.

Medical Nurses are some of the most respected professional health workers in Kenya. Their hands offer healing, their words comfort, and their presence assurance. However, for nurses to stay motivated, their compensation matters a lot. The landscape of nursing in Kenya is as diverse, marked by various job categories, each with its own salary scale. Salaries in Kenya for nurses vary widely, influenced by factors such as level of specialization, years of experience, and job groups. A nurse in Kenya can earn as low as KSh 23,000 to as high as KSh 140,000 for basic salaries​​​​​​​​. So what are the Nursing Job Groups In Kenya, what are nurses’ allowances in Kenya, and how much do Nurses earn in Kenya, one may ask.

Let us dive in and answer all your questions.

Nursing Job Groups in Kenya 2024/2025

Nurses in Kenya are entitled to various salary scales based on their levels of education, such as a certificate, diploma, and degree. Of course, how much a nurse earns in Kenya is narrowed down to the job groups that they are placed in. Below are the Primary Job Categories for nurses within the Kenyan healthcare sector:

Registered Nurses (RNs) Job Groups In Kenya

Registered nurses form the backbone of Kenya’s nursing workforce from H to P. They are categorized into two clusters, and their Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Cluster 1: Comprises of Nurses from Group H to J. They are primarily fresh Graduates from colleagues. Also known as Entry to mid-level RNs, they focus on patient care, administering medication, and health education.
  • Cluster 1:  Comprises of Nurses from Group K to P. They are Highly experienced and take on additional supervisory, policy formulation, and administrative responsibilities​​​​.

Here is a Table of Registered nurse’s Designations and their Respective Job Groups in Kenya

NumberNursing Title (Low to High)Job Groups (Low to High)
1Registered Nurse IIIH
2Registered Nurse IIJ
3Registered Nurse IK
4Senior Registered NurseL
5Chief Registered NurseM
6Principal Registered NurseN
7Senior Principal Registered NurseP

Nursing Officer’s Job Groups In Kenya

From J to S, nursing officers represent a segment of the nursing workforce with advanced skills and leadership roles. Similarly to RNs, they are categorized into two clusters that include:

  • Cluster 1: These are the Intern nurses, and they fall into Group J, the lowest category
  • Cluster 2: Here, it comprises Senior Positions, mainly from Groups K to S. In this category, you can find roles like Chief Nursing Officer, with responsibilities expanding to administrative tasks and policy implementation​​​​.

Here is a Table of Nursing Officers ‘ designations and their Respective Job Groups in Kenya:

NumberNursing Title (Low to High)Job Groups (Low to High)
1Nursing Officer (intern)J
2Senior Nursing OfficerL
3Chief Nursing OfficerM
4Principal Nursing OfficerN
5Assistant Director, Nursing ServicesP
6Senior Assistant Director, Nursing ServicesQ
7Deputy Director, Nursing ServicesR
8Director, Nursing ServicesS

Enrolled Nurses’ Job Groups In Kenya

Enrolled nurses in Kenya have completed a diploma in nursing and are registered to practice. They are also put into several grades and have specific salary scales based on their job group. Here is a table to help you understand Enrolled nurse’s Job Groups in Kenya:

NumberNursing Title (Low to High)Job Groups (Low to High)
1Enrolled Nurse IIIG
2Enrolled Nurse IIH
3Enrolled Nurse IJ
4Senior Enrolled Nurse IIK
5Senior Enrolled Nurse IL

Nurses Salary In Kenya And Monthly Allowances 2024/2025

 The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) determines nurses’ salaries in Kenya. Nurses’ monthly salaries extend beyond their basic salaries. Nurses also receive various allowances that cater to their needs and responsibilities in nursing. Let us look at how much Nurses Earn In Kenya Per month.

Registered nurse’s Monthly salary in Kenya

S/NONursing TitleJob GroupsSalary Range (Ksh.)
1Registered Nurse IIIH39,450 – 44,730
2Registered Nurse IIJ42,850 – 47,630
3Registered Nurse IK45,425 – 50,125
4Senior Registered NurseL50,315 – 54,100
5Chief Registered NurseM54,217 – 58,430
6Principal Registered NurseN58,415 – 63,415
7Senior Principal Registered NurseP85,110 – 119,730

At the beginning of their career, a Registered Nurse III in Job Group H earns between KSh 39,450 and KSh 44,730. As they progress to Senior Principal Registered Nurse in Job Group P, their salary range dramatically increases to KSh 85,110 – KSh 119,730​​. 

Nursing Officer’s Monthly Salary in Kenya

S/NONursing TitleJob GroupsSalary Range (Ksh.)
1Nursing Officer (intern)J46,580 – 65,430
2Senior Nursing OfficerL50,640 – 69,790
3Chief Nursing OfficerM54,067 – 76,580
4Principal Nursing OfficerN62,247 – 84,877
5Assistant Director, Nursing ServicesP96,909 – 129,868
6Senior Assistant Director, Nursing ServicesQ112,185 – 129,868
7Deputy Director, Nursing ServicesR129,050 – 136,825
8Director, Nursing ServicesS136,915 – 144,220

Nursing Officers cover Nurses from job groups J to S. In this category, Nurses starting as interns in Job Group J are entitled to salaries ranging from KSh 46,580 to KSh 65,430. This scale extends to the Director, Nursing Services in Job Group S, where salaries peak between KSh 136,915 and KSh 144,220​

Enrolled Nurses Monthly Salary in Kenya

S/NONursing TitleJob GroupsSalary Range (Ksh.)
1Registered Nurse IIIH39,450 – 44,730
2Registered Nurse IIJ42,850 – 47,630
3Registered Nurse IK45,425 – 50,125
4Senior Registered NurseL50,315 – 54,100
5Chief Registered NurseM54,217 – 58,430
6Principal Registered NurseN58,415 – 63,415
7Senior Principal Registered NurseP85,110 – 119,730

Enrolled Nurses have a distinct salary structure based on their classification from Job Group G to L. Their salary begins at KSh 23,369 for an Enrolled Nurse III in Job Group G and can reach up to KSh 59,644 for a Senior Enrolled Nurse I in Job Group L​​.

Nurses Allowances In Kenya

In addition to their basic salary, nurses in Kenya are entitled to various allowances, which compensate for their profession’s unique demands. These include:

  • House Allowance: Ranges from Ksh 3,500 to Ksh 15,000, depending on the job group.
  • Health Risk Allowance: Nurses are entitled to these allowances between Ksh 3,850 and Ksh 5,000.
  • Commuter Allowance: Ranges from Ksh 4,000 to Ksh 14,000, facilitating their daily commute.
  • Uniform Allowance: A yearly provision of Ksh 10,000 for purchasing and maintaining uniforms​​​​​​​​.
  • Extraneous Expenses: Compensation for additional expenses, varying from Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 35,000.
  • Non-practicing Allowance: A novel addition for nurses in specific job groups, ranging from Ksh 6,000 to Ksh 20,000​​​​.

Here is a detailed Table to help you understand:

Job GroupExtraneousHouseNon-practisingHealth riskCallCommuter

What is the starting salary for nurses in Kenya?

The starting salary for nurses can vary significantly based on the level of education and the specific job group. For example, a nurse with a diploma in Job Group G might start with a salary ranging between KSh 23,369 and KSh 29,826​​.

What are some of the specialized nursing roles in Kenya and their salaries?

Specialized roles such as ICU Nurses, Nurse Anesthetists, and Pediatric Nurses command higher salaries due to their specialized skills and critical roles in patient care. For instance, ICU Nurses can earn around KSh 129,000, reflecting the demand and expertise required for the position​​.

Which are the most paying nursing specialties in Kenya

The highest-paying nursing specialty in Kenya is Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). According to Payscale, the average salary for a CRNA in Kenya is KSh 1,000,000 in 2024. CRNAs are in high demand due to the complexity of their work, especially in rural areas where anesthesiologists may be scarce. 

How much does a KMTC nurse earn in Kenya?

A diploma KMTC Nurse with more than five years of working experience earns a salary of upwards of Ksh70,000 in Kenya.

How much does the Kenyatta National Hospital pay its nurses?

 According to Payscale, the Kenyatta National Hospital pays its nurses an average annual salary of KSh 792,600 in 2024.


This article shows that nurses’ salaries and allowances substantially contribute to their motivation. In Kenya, nurses’ salaries are determined by the SRC, and it is evident that each nurse is paid according to various job groups in Kenya, including skill, education, and experience. If you are an aspiring nurse or are already in the profession, I encourage you to pursue continuous learning, seek specialization, and advocate for your rights and welfare. As we continue sailing 2024 and 2025, nursing will be a very demanding field that one should pursue. In conclusion, I can not say anything more but wish you all the best in your nursing profession.

 If you have any questions you need Clarification on or need to edit this article; please contact me in the comments section. Let us interact

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