NTSA TIMSVIRL Portal: Requirements, Registration, And Services In 2024.

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Gone are the days when accessing government services meant long queues and endless paperwork. Today, thanks to the digital transformation initiatives by the Kenyan government, services such as those provided by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) are now at the fingertips of every citizen. At the heart of NTSA’s digital services is the Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS), an online platform designed to streamline the process of vehicle registration, driver licensing, and many more related services. In this blog post, I will explain how to register for a TIMS account, log in, and maximize its many services. 

Let us get started

What is NTSA TIMS?

TIMS stands for Transport Integrated Management System, an online platform developed by the NTSA. Its primary purpose is to consolidate all transport and safety management services under one digital roof. This system is designed to make it easier for Kenyans to access and manage NTSA services efficiently. 

Here are the primary services provided through the NTSA TIMS platform:

  1. Vehicle Registration
  2. Transfer of Vehicle Ownership
  3. Renewal of Driving License
  4. Booking for Vehicle Inspection
  5. Payment of Road Service License (RSL)
  6. Sacco/Company Portal
  7. Search and Status Checks
  8. Duplicate Logbook Application
  9. Reflective Number Plate Application
  10. Change of Particulars
  11. Online Payment Services
  12. NTSA Mobile App Services
  13. Driving School Management
  14. Inquiry Services

Requirements for NTSA TIMSVIRL account registration

Before registering an account with r NTSA TIMSVIRL, it is essential to note that requirements are in place. You are expected to present the following:

  • For Kenyan citizens, your national ID is mandatory. For foreign residents, an Alien ID will suffice.
  • A valid KRA PIN
  • A registered Mobile Number to Receive Verfictions and Notifications from NTSA

NTSA TIMSVIRL account registration

You’re ready to start the registration process now that you have met.

  1. Visit the NTSA TIMS Portal at tims.ntsa.go.ke
  2. Select the Register Option
  3. You will be asked to select the category of your account. Options include individual, dealer, agent, financial institution, company, or driving school.
  4. Enter Your ID or KRA PIN: Enter your ID serial number for individuals. For other categories, the KRA PIN is required. Click “Verify” to proceed.
  5. Some information will be auto-filled based on your ID or KRA PIN. 
  6. Complete the rest of the form by providing your mother’s maiden name, occupation, and mobile number.
  7. Click “Send Authorization Code” to receive a code on your phone. 
  8. Enter this code to verify your details.
  9. Fill out any additional required fields, review your information for accuracy, and then submit your registration. 
  10. Use the provided details to log in and explore the services on the TIMS portal.

How to reset the NTSA password

If you have forgotten your password to your account, follow the steps below to receive your NTSA account

  • Access the new TIMSVIRL portal.
  • Click on the forgot password option below the login box.
  • Enter your ID number and click on the submit option. (Select the Alien option if you are a foreigner).
  • Ensure the number displayed is yours and click the get verification code option.
  • Enter the code sent to your mobile phone number and click submit.
  • Enter and confirm your new password.

Can I open Tim’s account using my phone?

Yes, you can open a TIMS account on your phone. The registration process involves:

  • Visiting the TIMS VIRL website.
  • Choosing the registration type (individual, dealer, agent, etc.).
  • Provide necessary information like your ID number.
  • Verifying your phone number and email address.

Once registered, you can access services like vehicle registration, ownership transfer, vehicle inspection, and more.

Does NTSA have an app?

The NTSA has an app you can download from your Google or App Store. Download and install the app to access various services.

How do I activate my NTSA TIMS account?

Once you register, log into the account and reset the password the first time you log in. This will automatically activate your account.

How do I check my motor vehicle records?

You can check your records by logging into your TIMS account. Once you are logged in, you can view all your details.

NTSA TIMS Contacts

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