NTSA Driving license Checker 2024: Check If Your driving license Is Original

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Do You want to check if your license is originally in Kenya? This article presents all the NTSA driving license checker tools and Methods that will help. Read to the end to know which one suits you best.

The importance of having a valid driver’s license for a driver or any Kenyan can not be overstated. With the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) transitioning to digital processes, a valid driving license has become mandatory for anyone using Kenyan Roads. Recent reports from NTSA suggest that introducing smart digital driving licenses has been a game-changer in streamlining the verification process and increasing transparency​​​​.

However, many Kenyans still face issues when they want to know if they have a valid driver’s license—checking the status of your driver’s license in Kenya through the digital platforms provided by NTSA. The process can be achieved using the NTSA TIMS account, the eCitizen portal, the NTSA App, or even SMS services. If you are questioning, yes, Wenani, we have the platforms; how do we access and use them? In this guide, I’ll be taking you through all the Options to ensure that you are free from Violating any Traffic Laws In Kenya.

Understanding the Importance of a Valid Driving License

The journey from manual to digital processes in issuing and verifying driving licenses has been a huge game changer in Kenya. What do we mean? This has helped ensure road safety and curb people using Fake driving licenses, which puts people in danger due to increased accidents. 

What are NTSA smart digital driving licenses?

NTSA Driving license Checker 2024: Check If Your driving license Is Original

In April 2018, NTSA started rolling out new-generation smart digital driving licenses. Resembling the National ID, these licenses have a secure computer chip that holds the driver’s information. They can only be validated using a Point of Sale (POS) device managed by NTSA officials​​.

The Smart Driving License operates on a points-based system where each card comes with 100 points. The NTSA deducts points for various traffic offenses committed by the driver. Once the points reach a threshold due to repeated violations, the NTSA automatically cancels the license. This system is designed to encourage discipline among drivers and enhance road safety. In the same instance, the digitalization of driving licenses has significantly reduced the cases of fake licenses. Applications for NTSA smart digital driving are made via the TIMS account at http://tims.ntsa.go.ke 

How To Check the validity of a driving license in Kenya

How do I check if my driving license is original in Kenya online? Checking whether your driving license is original or fake in Kenya can be accomplished using the NTSA driving license checker tools. Here are different methods you can use to check whether your driving license is original and valid:

Method 1: NTSA Offices Visit

For those who prefer the assurance of face-to-face verification, visiting an NTSA office is a viable option. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Ensure you have your driving license with you.
  2. An NTSA officer will use your license details to check against their database for authenticity​​.
  3. You’ll receive confirmation of the license’s validity directly from the officer.

Method 2: NTSA TIMS Account Check

NTSA Driving license Checker 2024: Check If Your driving license Is Original

The TIMS (Transport Integrated Management Systems) portal is a digital platform for various NTSA services, including driving license verification. To get started:

  1. Log into your TIMS account via the official website.
  2.  Navigate to the driving license verification section
  3. Enter the required details by filing the displayed form correctly
  4. After you submit it, the system will display the status of your driver’s license, confirming its validity​​.

Method 3: Using the eCitizen Portal

eCitizen is another portal where Kenyans can access government services, including driving license verification. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Access your eCitizen account.
  2. Choose NTSA services 
  3. and select ‘Driving License Verification.’
  4. Follow the prompts to check your driving license status​​.

Method 4: NTSA Mobile App

NTSA Driving license Checker 2024: Check If Your driving license Is Original

The NTSA mobile app provides a convenient way to check your driving license status.

  1. Download and Installation the NTSA app on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app, log in, and navigate to the license verification section. 
  3. Enter your ID number to proceed​​​​.
  4. You’ll receive instant feedback on the validity of your driving license.

Method 5: SMS Verification

For those without internet access, SMS code verification is a quick alternative.

  1. Send a short message with the word ‘DL’ followed by your ID number to 22846 (e.g., DL 12345678).
  2.  Wait for an SMS response from NTSA confirming the validity of your driving license​​.

Preventative Tips to Maintain License Validity

To avoid the inconvenience of dealing with an invalid license, consider the following tips:

  • Be mindful of your license’s expiry date and renew well in advance.
  •  Ensure all your personal information is correctly updated in the NTSA database.
  • Always use NTSA’s official platforms or offices to drive license transactions and avoid fraud​​​​.

NTSA Contacts And Offices In Kenya

For Immediate Assistance Call :

If you need in-office assistance, you can use the following Contact details:

1NTSA ThikaDeputy County Commissioners Offices, Opposite Barclays Bank, Next to Kiambu Lands office
2NTSA NyeriMachakos inspection center, along people’s park road.
3NTSA MeruImenti CDF Building, Ground Floor
4NTSA EmbuMotor Vehicle Inspection along Kitiriri Road
5NTSA NakuruMotor Vehicle Inspection Centre along Nakuru Ravine Road near Show Ground junction
6NTSA EldoretMotor Vehicle Inspection Centre along Police Line Road
7NTSA KerichoKericho County Commissioner’s compound, NTSA MVI Centre
8NTSA KakamegaPosta, KRA offices
9NTSA KisiiMotor Vehicle Inspection Unit, along Kisii – Kilgoris Road
10NTSA KisumuMotor Vehicle Inspection Center, along Airport Road
11NTSA MachakosMotor Vehicle Inspection Centre
12NTSA VoiMotor Vehicle Inspection centre
13NTSA MombasaMiritini MVI
14NTSA GarissaProvince Area, Next to N.E provincial HQs Along Garissa Road

How often should I check the validity of my driving license?

Check your driving license validity every 6 to 12 months or whenever you have a reason to believe there might have been changes to your driving status.

Can I renew my driving license online?

Yes, driving licenses can be renewed online through the NTSA TIMS account or the eCitizen portal simply:

  • Log in to the NTSA or eCitizen portal.
  • Select National Transport and Safety Authority for online renewal of DL in Kenya
  • Navigate to the Driving Licences section
  • Choose your renewal method, i.e., a three-year renewal that costs Ksh1400 or a one-year license at Ksh600. 
  • Review the details and then proceed to Apply
  • If prompted to pay, enter the amount KSH 
  • Print your driving renewal permit slip.

What should I do if my driving license is lost or stolen?

Report the loss or theft to the nearest police station and NTSA. You can then apply for a duplicate license through the NTSA TIMS account or at an NTSA office​​.


I have taken you through all the NTSA driving license checker tools in this article. Checking and verifying your driving license’s originality and validity in Kenya reflects a broader commitment to ensuring road safety. With all the methods we have covered in the article, like the NTSA TIMS account, eCitizen portal, and the NTSA mobile app, the process has made it easier for anyone to verify the authenticity of their driving license. If you find this helpful article, kindly share it with your friends and family.

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