New TSC Job Grades, Salary Scale, And Allowances 2024/2025

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Are You Looking to know the New TSC job Grades, Salary Scale, And Allowances in 2024? If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we will examine how much teachers earn in Kenya.

The role that teachers have played in our lives can not go without any recognition. Think about it while growing. It was not just about going to school but about having the right person to walk with us on our educational journey. The fight for fair pay for teachers has been long and challenging in Kenya, marked by negotiations and strikes. The most recent strike occurred in 2015, resulting in an agreement where teachers received KSh 13.5 billion in one payment. Nowadays, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) regularly reviews teachers’ salaries, adjusting them annually based on the country’s economic conditions.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is introducing a new pay system for teachers in stages, starting from July 2023 and completing by July 2024. This change aims to improve how teachers are significantly paid. For example, top-level principals will now have a salary ranging from Ksh. 131,380 to Ksh. 159,534. Additionally, the new system introduces different grades, such as D1 to D5 and B5 to C5, recognizing teachers’ various jobs and duties.

News TSC Grading System and Salary Scale 2024/2025

In 2024, the TSC introduced a new grading system for teachers with equally revised salaries. This was done to fix a long-time problem where teachers were not paid fairly.

What Are the Changes in the TSC Salary Scale for 2024?

In Kenya, the Teacher’s Service Commission employs and manages all teachers. At the same time, the TSC is in charge of revising its job groups to allow for better pay. The revision of the salary scale for teachers started in July 2023 and will be all done by July 2024. Here are the main changes in pay for different types of teachers:

  • Chief Principals (Grade D5, T-Scale 15): Their salary ranges from Ksh. 131,380 to Ksh. 159,534, marking them as the highest earners within the teaching profession​​​​.
  • Primary Teacher II (Grade B5, T-Scale 5): Positioned at the entry level, their salary ranges from Ksh. 22,793 to Ksh. 28,491​​.

TSC New Grading System 2024

The Teacher’s Service Commission has announced new changes in how teachers in Kenya are ranked according to their grades and T-Scale. Among these new changes are grades ranging from B5 to C2 for those teaching in primary, C3 to C4 for secondary school teachers, and D1 to D5 for top positions like principals. They have also updated the old method of categorizing teachers in J from job groups J to N. They now use new grades corresponding to updated job roles and duties. For example, a job that used to be in group R is now called D3. Here is a table to help you understand all the new TSC grades and their respective T-Scales for teachers in Kenya ranked from lowest to highest:

No.Titles (lowest to the highest)GradeT-scale
11Primary Teacher IIB5T-Scale 5
10Secondary Teacher III
Lecturer III
Primary Teacher I
C1T-Scale 6
9Secondary Teacher II
SNE Teacher II – Primary
Lecturer II
Senior Teacher II
C2T-Scale 7
8Secondary Teacher I
Lecturer I
SNE Teacher I – Primary
SNE Teacher II – Secondary
Senior Teacher I
C3T-Scale 8
7Senior Master II
Deputy Principal III
Senior Headteacher
Senior Lecturer II
Curriculum Support Officer I
C4T-Scale 9
6Senior Lecturer IV
Senior Master IV
SNE Senior Teacher – Primary
SNE Teacher I – Secondary
Deputy Headteacher II
C5T-Scale 10
5Senior Master II
Deputy Principal III
Senior Head teacher
Senior Lecturer II
Curriculum Support Officer I
D1T-Scale 11
4Deputy Principal II
Senior Master I
Senior Lecturer I
D2T-Scale 12
3Principal and Deputy Principal ID3T-Scale 13
2Senior PrincipalD4T-Scale 14
1Chief PrincipalD5T-Scale 15

Detailed Breakdown of TSC Salary Increments by Grade

Below is a Salary Structure Table for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Kenya in line with the new TSC Update:

NoTitles (lowest to the highest)GradeT-ScaleSalary
11Primary teacher IIGrade B55Ksh. 22,793 – Ksh. 28,491
10Secondary teacher III
Lecturer III
Primary teacher I
Grade C16Ksh. 28,491 – Ksh. 35,614
9Senior lecturer IV, Senior master IV, SNE senior teacher (Primary)
SNE teacher I (Secondary)
Deputy Head Teacher II
Grade C27Ksh. 36,621 – Ksh. 45,776
8Secondary teacher I, Lecturer I, SNE teacher I (Primary)
SNE teacher II (Secondary)
Senior teacher I
Grade C38Ksh. 44,412 – Ksh. 56,514
7Senior lecturer IV, Senior master IV, SNE senior teacher (Primary)
SNE teacher I (Secondary)
Deputy head teacher II
Grade C49Ksh. 52,308 – Ksh. 67,220
6Deputy Principal II
Senior Master I
Grade C510Ksh. 62,272 – Ksh. 78,667
5Deputy Principal II
Senior Master I
Grade D111Ksh. 78,625 – Ksh. 95,101
Deputy Principal 1
Grade D212Ksh. 92,119 – Ksh. 110,551
3Secondary teacher II
SNE teacher II (Primary)
Lecturer II, Senior Teacher II
Grade D313Ksh. 105,182 – Ksh. 127,069
2Senior principalsGrade D414Ksh. 118,242 – Ksh. 143,581
1Chief principalsGrade D515Ksh. 131,380 – Ksh. 159,534

TSC New Allowances for 2024/2025:

In addition to the basic salary the teachers receive at the end of the month, they are eligible for other bonuses and allowances. The allowances are designed to cater to teacher-specific needs, and they include the following:

Housing Allowance

Teachers’ housing allowances have been categorized into four clusters, with the rates for Cluster 1 to 3 being retained and rates for Cluster 4 being reviewed for implementation in two phases. The first phase was included in the August payroll, with arrears backdated to 1st July 2023, and the second phase is scheduled for 1st July 2024

S/NoTeacher GradeTSC ScaleCluster 1 (Nairobi City) KESCluster 2 Cities & Municipalities KESCluster 3 (Other Former Municipalities) KESCluster 4 (All Other Areas) KES

Commuter Allowance

This monthly allowance assists teachers with their daily travel expenses and varies depending on the job group.

GradeTSC ScaleCommuter Allowance (KES)

Hardship Allowance

TSC Hardship Allowance Per Job Group 


Annual Leave Allowance

GradeTSC ScaleAnnual Leave Allowance (KES)

Disability Allowance

All Teachers who are recognised by TSC with disabilities​ are mandated to a specialized allowance of KSh 20,000 across all job groups


In this article, we have reviewed everything you need to know about New TSC Job Grades and how much they earn in Kenya. In 2024, the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) in Kenya implemented new changes to the teacher payment structure. This new salary scale is rolling out in two phases, with the first phase starting on July 1, 2023, and the second phase set for July 1, 2024. As we continue navigating 2024, we can look ahead to a future that is quite hopeful for all teachers in Kenya. 

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