List Of All Nedbank Universal Branch Codes And Bank Codes [South Africa 2024]

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Having the correct Bank codes at your fingertips in online banking can make all the difference. For those banking with Nedbank, understanding the importance of the Nedbank universal branch code and how to use it is key. This code, 198 765, is a one-size-fits-all solution for those unsure of their specific branch code, making instant payments a breeze.

But what if you need your specific branch code? Nedbank’s got you covered with their branch locator tool. It’s a handy resource for those times when the universal code just won’t cut it. And let’s not forget about the Nedbank SWIFT code, NEDSZAJJ, an essential component for international money transfers.

What is a Nedbank Universal Branch Code?

A Universal Branch Code is a unique number assigned by banks to each of their branches. This number is critical to the success of online transactions – it’s not just a 6-digit number but a vital part of facilitating accurate and effective transactions. These numbers are unique to each bank outlet, giving you confidence that your transactions are secure and routed correctly. In the case of Nedbank, the Universal Branch Code is 198 765.

List of Universal Branch Codes for All Banks in South Africa

Here is the table of Nedbank Universal Bank and their Respective Branch Codes in South Africa: numbers:

S/NoBranchBranch CodeLocation
1Port Elizabeth121317329 Cape Road Newton Park, Port Elizabeth 6045
2Southern Peninsula1232098th floor, 57 Heerengracht, Foreshore
3Stellenbosch119210Lower ground, Langenhoven Student Centre, De Beer Street, Stellenbosch
4Sandown119210Shop LO5 CNR 135 Rivonia road &, Maude street, Sandown
5Gateway189905Shop f244 Gateway Theatre of Shopping No1 Palm, Boulevard Umhlanga Ridge New Town Cente
6Irene Village Mall148345Irene Village Mall, Shop 95 Cnr Nellmapius &, Pierre Van Ryneveldt Roads, Irene
7East London12542171 Oxford Street, East London
8Umzimkulu114405228 Courthouse Road, Umzimkulu
9Booysens198005Shop 12 – 14, Southdale Shopping Centre, Alamein Road, Southdale
10Barberton101004Shop 2 Ground Floor, 77 Crown Street, Barberton
11Universal Branch Code198765

Benefits of Using a Universal Branch Code

Why do you need a universal branch code, you may ask? There are several benefits to using a universal branch code. Notably:

  •  The correct universal branch code ensures that your transactions are routed correctly.
  • The unique branch code can also help you identify the exact location of the bank. 
  • The correct universal branch code means that your financial transactions are safeguarded, giving you peace of mind while you do all your banking.

How to Find the Nedbank Universal Branch Code

How do I find the Nedbank branch code?”. There are various ways you can see this critical number. The primary and most convenient way, however, is through online banking. When making a payment via a mobile app, the universal code will automatically populate in the branch code field after selecting the bank. This user-friendly approach makes online transactions smooth and easy.

Branch Codes vs Universal Branch Codes

When it comes to online banking, understanding the differences between branch codes and Universal branch codes is vital. Branch codes refer to unique numerical codes assigned to a specific bank branch. For instance, Nedbank Cape Town’s branch code would differ from Nedbank Johannesburg’s. They serve as an identifier for each branch, promoting transaction accuracy and assisting with location identification.

However, in today’s digital age, the need for convenience and efficiency in banking has given birth to Universal Branch Codes, such as the Nedbank Universal Branch Code, 198 765. This single code is utilized for all the bank branches, eradicating the need to remember various branch codes or worry about using the wrong one. This simplification leads to an efficient and secure banking experience, proving particularly beneficial for online transactions.

The Role of Branch Codes

Branch codes primarily function as unique identifiers for every bank branch. This ensures the bank can efficiently locate and identify branches for accurate transactions. For example, Cape Town’s branch code, 100909, helps distinguish it from Johannesburg’s branch code, 158105, preventing transaction errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

Understanding SWIFT Codes

What are SWIFT codes, and how are they different from branch codes?SWIFT codes combine various bits of information and are vital in the global scenario. These codes uniquely identify each banking institution worldwide and are essential in ensuring smooth international transactions. A regular SWIFT code consists of 8 to 11 characters, all carrying different information. The first four characters represent the bank code; the next two represent the country, followed by the location and the branch code.

Banking in South Africa, especially Nedbank, routinely deals with international transactions. That’s where the importance of a SWIFT Code is realized. Understanding these codes unlocks a more effortless navigation of the global banking landscape.

And while we’re on the topic, it’s essential to remind you that these are separate from Universal Branch Codes. While both serve the purpose of identification, Universal Branch Codes are essentially local – specific to South Africa, and SWIFT codes are more international.


So there you have it. The SWIFT codes and Universal Branch Codes are crucial in their ways. Like other South African banks, Nedbank uses these codes to ensure smooth and secure banking transactions. While SWIFT codes are essential for international dealings, Universal Branch Codes are more localized to South Africa. Remember, it’s not about choosing one over the other but understanding their unique roles in the banking world.

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