List of All Nakuru Postal Codes For All Sub-Counties 2024

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Are you from Nakuru County looking to know Your Sub-Counties’ Postal Codes? Well, search No more. This article will take you through all Nakuru Postal Codes for every Sub-county in 2024

You may think postal codes are a thing of the past, but Jokes on you that their importance can not be overstated in this digital age. The postal codes do not map the geographical location of a region only, but they are used in the e-commerce sector, emergency services, and beyond. For people in Nakuru, understanding your postal codes is essential. Mainly, Nakuru County is known for its attractive Lakes, which are Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Elmenteita. In Kenya, Nakuru County is County Number 32 out Of 47 Counties, with a total of 11 sub-counties, each with its own postal codes. So, what are the Nakuru County Postal Codes in 2024?

Nakuru Postal Codes – A Comprehensive List

Nakuru County is one of the 47 counties of Kenya, located in the country’s former Rift Valley Province. It’s capital and largest city is Nakuru, a significant urban center in Kenya. The connection between Nakuru County and Nakuru postal codes lies in the way postal codes are structured to serve geographic areas. As both a city and a county, Nakuru has multiple postal codes assigned to its different areas and neighbourhoods. This means that within Nakuru County, various locations will have unique postal codes.

Sub-counties and Their Postal Codes

Nakuru County has eleven sub-counties, each with its unique postal code. Here’s a breakdown:

S/NoSub-countyPostal Code
3Kuresoi North20154
4Kuresoi South20154
7Nakuru Town East20100
8Nakuru Town West20100

How to Use Nakuru Postal Codes

Understanding how Postal codes work in Kenya can sometimes be quite challenging. However, with the proper knowledge, using Nakurus Postal codes is easy and has many benefits. Where Can You Use Your Postal Codes in Nakuru?

Filling Out Forms

One of the most common scenarios where you’ll need a postal code is filling out forms—be it for government services, online registrations, or setting up utilities. For instance, when registering a business in Nakuru, the postal code 20100 for Nakuru Town East could be vital information required on the form. Similarly, applying for a postal box or a government ID necessitates accurately entering your area’s postal code, ensuring that any correspondence or documentation reaches you immediately.

Addressing a Letter/Package

When addressing your mail, the postal code acts as a crucial identifier, guiding the postal service to the precise locality within Nakuru. Let’s say you’re sending a parcel to a friend in Gilgil; marking it with the postal code 20116 ensures that it’s routed correctly through the postal network, minimizing the chances of misdelivery.

Online Shopping

E-commerce has revolutionized how we shop, bringing the convenience of global marketplaces to our fingertips. When ordering items online, entering your postal code is a step you must take. This code, such as 20106 for Molo, informs the retailer and shipping companies of your location, facilitating accurate and timely delivery of your purchases.

Additional Tips for Finding Postal Codes in Kenya

In the digital era, where convenience is king, Knowing a few Tricks for finding postal codes can be very beneficial. Here are a few of them:

Using The Posta Kenya Website

The Kenya Postal Corporation remains the most authoritative source for postal codes in Kenya. On this website, you can find postal codes for any region within the country. This resource is invaluable for residents of Nakuru or anyone needing to send mail or packages to Nakuru. 

Exploring Online Directories and Listings

Many online directories and listings provide comprehensive postal code information for various regions in Kenya. Websites like Getpostalcodes.com and Geo.mycyber.org offer searchable databases of postal codes not only for Nakuru but for regions across Kenya​ (GetPostalCodes)​​ (MyCyber Geo-Network)​. 

Visiting Physical Post Offices

Sometimes, the most reliable way to obtain a postal code, especially for remote or newly developed areas, might be to visit a physical post office. Post offices are staffed with knowledgeable individuals who can provide you with the postal code for any area. Moreover, visiting a local post office can offer a deeper insight into the services offered and any community-specific postal needs for those living in or around Nakuru.

Beyond Nakuru: Understanding the Kenyan Postal Code System

List of All Nakuru Postal Codes For All Sub-Counties 2024

The Kenyan postal codes contain a five-digit number that helps identify the specific geographic region for mail delivery. This system, managed by the Postal Corporation of Kenya, divides the country into various postal regions for efficient mail sorting and delivery. Let us use Nairobi G.P.O Postal Code 00101 for a better undertsnading. The structure can be understood as follows:

  1. First digit (0): The first digit represents the broader region or zone in the country. Kenya is divided into several postal zones, each assigned a unique starting digit. For example, areas within Nairobi start with “0” while Nakuru is a “2”.
  2. Next Two Digits (01): The following two digits further narrow down the mail destination to a specific district or town within the broader region indicated by the first digit. This level of detail helps route the mail to the correct local post office.
  3. Last Two Digits (01 ): The final two digits often denote the specific post office or delivery area within the town or district. This precision ensures that the mail is sorted to the correct delivery point within a locality.

What is Nakuru’s postal code?

Nakuru County’s postal code is 20100, and the P.O Box of Nakuru is 2870-20100

What are the 11 sub-counties of Nakuru?

The 11 sub-counties of Nakuru are:

  1. Rongai
  2. Bahati
  3. Kuresoi North
  4. Molo
  5. Nakuru Town West
  6. Nakuru Town East
  7. Njoro
  8. Kuresoi South
  9. Gilgil
  10. Naivasha
  11. Subukia

What number is Nakuru County?

Nakuru County is county number 32 out of the 47 Kenyan counties.


And there you have it, friends. I can’t mention anything further, but as we end this blog post on Nakuru postal codes, let us reflect on a few things. In this guide, we have reviewed various postal codes for all sub-counties in Nakuru County, along with how they can be used. Whether you are a business or a local, this blog post has helped you in understand the Nakuru Postal Code system easily. As Nakuru continues to grow and evolve, so will its postal system. This guide will be periodically updated to reflect any changes or developments, ensuring its relevance and usefulness. Please bookmark this page and return to it whenever you need to find or verify a postal code in Nakuru.

In closing, If you have any questions that need clarification, please ask them in the comment section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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