MPs salaries in Kenya, Allowances, And grants in 2024

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Have you ever wondered how much a Kenyan Member of Parliament (MP) earns? It’s a question I often ask myself, and I am sure that You also do. MPs’ salaries, allowances, and grants are the subjects most commonly discussed by Kenyans at Various Joints. In Kenya, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) reviews all public service salaries. MPs fall under this category, too. In recent years, adjustments have been made, raising MPs’ basic salaries and modifying their allowances and benefits, sparking a mix of responses from the public​​​​​​. If You have questions like So what is Mps Salary In Kenya? What are the MPs’ allowances in Kenya? And What Grants to Mpes In Kenya? Be assured that all Your questions will be answered in this article. 

Hey there, if you are in a hurry not to go through the whole article, here is an informational table about Mps salaries plus their respective allowances in 2024:

DescriptionAmount (KES)
Basic Monthly Salary710,000
Housing Allowance250,000
Sitting AllowanceVariable; estimated 100,000 per month*
Transport/Commuter Allowance75,000
Entertainment Allowance60,000
Medical AllowanceCovered; specific amount not disclosed
Car Grant5,000,000 (one-time)
Car Loan7,000,000 (accessible)
Mortgage Facility20,000,000 (accessible)
Severance AllowanceVariable; based on years of service
Total Monthly (without one-time grants/loans)1,095,000+ (excluding medical and variable allowances)

Let us get started

The Basic Salary Structure of Kenyan MPs

The Salary of a Member of the Parliament In Kenya is Structured to reflect their legislative roles. The basic monthly salary, established by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), is KES 710,000, subject to taxes. This is Just but a Basic Salary and does not include benefits like a car grant, mileage allowance, and sitting allowances.

What Is the  Role of the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC)?

The SRC plays a crucial role in ensuring Public servants, including MPs, receive fair compensation in terms of salaries and allowances to match changing economic conditions. The SRC reviews MPS salaries every four years, as proposed in new regulations tabled in Parliament. Other Key Responsibilities of the SRC in determining MPs salaries include:

  • Assessing the country’s cost of living to ensure MPs are fairly compensated.
  • Ensuring MPs are paid fairly for their significant roles in governance and legislation.
  •  Modifying salaries, allowances, and benefits to reflect MPs’ changing needs and responsibilities.

What allowances do Members of Parliament receive?

Aside from the Basic Salaries mentioned above, Members Of Parliament In Kenya are entitled to various allowances and grants. These financial benefits are designed to cover MPs’ extensive duties and operational needs, facilitating their legislative and constituency duties efficiently.

MPs’ Allowances In Kenya

1. Housing Allowance:

Mps Receive accommodation to maintain residences both in their constituencies and in Nairobi. They are entitled to KES 250,000 per month for the Housing allowance​​.

2. Sitting Allowance:

The amount Mps get for sitting allowance in Kenya varies, with each committee session or parliamentary sitting attracting an allowance​​​​.

3. Transport/Commuter Allowance

To cover travel expenses within their constituencies and for duties within Nairobi, MPS receives a travel allowance of KES 75,000 per month​​.

4. Entertainment Allowance:

 For hosting constituents and stakeholders during their duties, they receive an allowance of KES 60,000 per month​​.

5. Medical Allowance:

MPs Receive comprehensive medical insurance coverage to ensure MPs and their families have access to healthcare.

Grants and Additional Financial Benefits

1. Car Grants and Loans:

Every MP is entitled to a car grant and a loan, aiding in purchasing vehicles for official duties​​​​.

  • Car Grant Amount: KES 5 million​​.
  • Car Loan Amount: KES 7 million​​.

2. Mortgage Facility:

MPs have access to a mortgage facility, reflecting the importance of stable housing for their families while they carry out their duties​​​​.

  • Mortgage Amount: Up to KES 20 million​​.

3. Severance Allowance:

Upon the completion of their term, MPs are entitled to a severance allowance, calculated based on their years of service​​.

4. Additional Benefits:

Beyond the monetary allowances and grants, MPs enjoy other benefits such as personal assistants, whose salaries are covered by the government, and security details​​.

How Much Is MP Personal Assistant Salary in Kenya

The average salary for a Personal Assistant at the National Assembly in Kenya is approximately Ksh 53,000 per month. Additionally, most MPs’ assistants in Kenya are paid between Sh70,000 and Sh200,000 monthly, depending on the terms of the agreement.

Wrapping Up

And there You go. In this blog post, we have dissected every corner of MP payslip in Kenya. As we have seen, a Member of Parliament is entitled to a Basic Salary Of KSH 710,000. On top of the Basic Salary, they are also entitled to allowances and Grants, thus ensuring fair compensation. By understanding how much MPS earns now, it’s up to you to assess and determine whether your Taxes are being Put to their use. Kindly consider sharing the article with family and friends to help them stay updated on MP salaries in Kenya.

All the best

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