Mpesa Withdrawal Charges in Kenya 2024/2025 From M-Pesa Agents & Atms

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Without a doubt, Mpesa has revolutionized how we handle money here in Kenya; of course, this is made possible thanks to the digital technology we have embraced as Kenyans. 2024 has just begun, and now is the best moment for me to provide you with everything you need to Know about Mpesa withdrawal charges for easier financial management. In this article, I will explain the fees for withdrawing funds from your Mpesa account. I will provide a detailed analysis encompassing the latest charges, how they are structured, and what you can anticipate in the 2024/2025 financial year.

Let us get started.

Overview of Mpesa Withdrawal Charges

Withdrawal charges in Mpesa are designed with a tiered structure, where the amount you wish to withdraw determines the fee you’ll pay. This tiered system ensures that the service remains accessible to users across different economic backgrounds. For transactions at Mpesa agents, the fees range from as low as 11 Ksh for withdrawals between 50 to 100 Ksh up to 309 Ksh for withdrawals between 50,001 to 250,000 Ksh​​. This detailed structuring helps users anticipate the costs associated with their transactions, enabling better financial planning.

ATM withdrawals offer an alternative to agent withdrawals, catering to those who may prefer or require cash from a machine. These charges also follow a tiered format but with different brackets, starting at 35 Ksh for withdrawals ranging from 200 to 2,500 Ksh and peaking at 203 Ksh for amounts between 10,001 and 35,000 Ksh​​.

With that said, here is a complete Table to help you understand Charges for withdrawal from Mpesa agents and ATM withdrawals:

TABLE 1: Agent Withdrawal Charges


TABLE 2: ATM Withdrawal Charges

ATM Withdrawal Tariff
200 250035
2501 500069
5001 10000115
10001 35000203

Factors Influencing Changes in Charges

Every year, Safaricom usually updates its Mpesa charges. As we have seen from the table above, it is clear that there has been an increase in transaction charges. The increase in these changes is not arbitrary; it is a response to the evolving financial landscape in Kenya, aimed at balancing operational costs with customer affordability. Understanding these factors offers insights into the future of Mpesa charges and how users can navigate them.

Economic Considerations

Inflation rates and overall living costs in Kenya significantly impact Mpesa withdrawal charges. As the economy fluctuates, Safaricom adjusts its charges to align with operational expenses, which are subject to changes in inflation and the cost of providing secure, efficient services. The increase from a nominal fee of 11 Ksh for withdrawals between 50 and 100 Ksh to a maximum of 309 Ksh for more significant transactions mirrors the need to cover these escalating costs while maintaining service integrity​​.

Regulatory Policies

Government regulations and policies are pivotal in shaping Mpesa’s fee structure. Regulatory decisions, such as taxes imposed on digital transactions and financial services, directly influence the cost of mobile money operations. In adhering to these regulations, Safaricom may adjust Mpesa charges to comply with new financial laws or tax requirements, ensuring the service remains sustainable and compliant with Kenyan law.

Market Demand and Competition

The competitive landscape of mobile money services in Kenya also affects Mpesa charges. Safaricom strategically reviews its fee structure to stay competitive while offering value to its users. The company’s pricing approach considers the need to remain attractive to users in a market where alternative digital financial services are emerging. This competition prompts periodic evaluations of charges to ensure Mpesa remains a preferred choice for mobile money transactions.

How to Minimize Costs & Maximize Efficiency

Here are some actionable tips and strategies that can help you navigate Mpesa withdrawal charges to help you save more on the Transaction charges:

Strategically Planning Withdrawals

One of the most straightforward ways to minimize withdrawal charges is strategically planning your withdrawals. Rather than making multiple small withdrawals, which cumulatively result in higher fees, consider consolidating your cash needs and making fewer, larger withdrawals. This approach leverages the tiered structure of Mpesa charges, where the cost per transaction can be lower for more significant amounts within specific ranges. For example, withdrawing once a sum of 10,000 Ksh incurs a significantly lower cumulative charge than making ten withdrawals of 1,000 Ksh each​​.

Utilizing Agent Withdrawals Over ATMs

Given the difference in fee structures between agent and ATM withdrawals, choosing to withdraw from a Mpesa agent can often be more cost-effective. While ATMs might offer convenience in some scenarios, they generally impose higher withdrawal charges. For instance, withdrawing over 2,500 Ksh from an ATM incurs higher fees than similar or slightly higher amounts withdrawn from a Mpesa agent. Being mindful of this can lead to considerable savings over time​​.

Leveraging Mpesa Transaction Tools

Safaricom provides several tools and features within the Mpesa platform to help users manage their finances more efficiently. For example, the Mpesa app and USSD code *234# offer detailed transaction histories, allowing users to track their spending and withdrawals and helping them make more informed financial decisions. These tools can be instrumental in planning and monitoring financial activity to avoid unnecessary fees.


In this article, a lot about the updated mpesa withdrawal charges for 2024 has been mentioned. The structure of Mpesa withdrawal charges, detailed in this guide, highlights Safaricom’s commitment to providing accessible and transparent financial services. By understanding the nuances of these charges, you can make informed decisions to optimize your transactions, ensuring that you get maximum value from the Mpesa platform.

As we sail towards 2024/2025, the landscape of Mpesa charges may evolve, influenced by economic trends, regulatory decisions, and technological advancements. However, the core principles of strategic withdrawal planning, staying informed, and exploring cost-effective transaction methods remain critical strategies for managing Mpesa costs effectively. With that said, thanks to all the Knowledge this blog Post has Provided You with, the power lies in your hands.

End of blog Post: All the best in Your Mpesa Withdrawal Journey. Consider leaving a comment and Giving me a follow-up on X (formel Twitter) @megoptical is my username.

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