KRA Recruitment 2024/2025: Requirements, Jobs & Application

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Are you looking forward to KRA Recruitment 2024 in Kenya? This article presents everything to know, from key dates, requirements, and Vacancies available to the Application process. If you want to make it to the Shortlisted list, Read to the end of the blog post.

Working with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is about earning handsome salaries, having a chance for career growth, and serving Kenyans as civil servants. Every year, KRA announces several vacancies that are up for grabs by Kenyans from all backgrounds. For those of you who are looking for KRA Application forms 2024/2025, this article is for you. From many positions, from officer to managerial, KRA underscores its commitment to diversity, merit-based selection, and professional development​​. 

Let us get started 

Understanding KRA Recruitment

The KRA was established under the Kenya Revenue Authority Act of 1995. The organization has the role of collecting taxes to ensure the country’s financial stability. The funds collected by KRA are responsible for funding public services and development projects nationwide​​. In addition to collecting Taxes, other responsibilities that KRA has include:

  • Enforcing tax laws to ensure compliance among taxpayers.
  • Curbing tax evasion to safeguard economic integrity.
  • Shaping economic policies to foster national growth.

KRA Recruitment 2024/2025 Drive: An Overview

Every year, the Kenya Revenue Authority conducts its annual recruitment drive. This year, 2024, is similar to the number of vacancies that we expected to see advertised. A quick check on the KRA e-Recruitment Portal: we can see that there are no advertised vacancies. However, it is always good to keep checking with the portal to see if there are new opportunities for fresh graduates and seasoned professionals. 

Why Consider KRA for Your Career?

Working with brings a lot of benefits that are not just limited to taking home good salaries. Here is why you should choose KRA as your employer:

  • You are offered a chance to participate in continuous learning and development. 
  • KRA promotes diversity and fosters inclusivity.
  • KRA allows you to contribute directly to Kenya’s economic prosperity and stability.

General Requirements for KRA Recruitment 2024

Getting started with a variety of advertised KRA vacancies is one step. However, knowing the requirements for each job available will increase your chances of being shortlisted for KRA jobs. Before applying for any vacant KRA positions, assessing if you meet the requirements is essential. Here are the General requirements to know in 2024:

  • Applicants must be Kenyan citizens, with age requirements varying based on the position​​​​.
  • Applicants should meet the minimum academic qualifications, which range from a D+ in KCSE for certain positions to a bachelor’s degree for others. Specific roles may require specialized degrees or certifications​​​​​​.
  • All applicants must have valid certificates of Good Conduct, KRA PIN, NHIF, NSSF, and ID cards​​.

These are but general Job Requirements that cut across all jobs. To ensure you increase your chances of getting each job, always go through every Job requirement.

How to Apply for KRA Recruitment 2024

The application process for KRA recruitment is conducted entirely online through the KRA e-recruitment portal. Follow these steps to ensure your application is completed successfully:


KRA Recruitment 2024/2025: Requirements, Jobs & Application
  1. Visit the e-recruitment portal and click the Register button to start the application process.
  2. Check Your email to confirm your email address and complete your registration.

 Logging in:

KRA Recruitment 2024/2025: Requirements, Jobs & Application
  1. After registration, go to https://erecruitment.kra.go.ke/login
  2. Enter your username and password, then click Log in
  3. After successful login, you will be redirected to your Dashboard to update your profile.

 Update Your Profile

KRA Recruitment 2024/2025: Requirements, Jobs & Application
  1. On Your Dashboard, go to the Candidate Profile Tab
  2. Click on My Profile to create and update your profile.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete your profile.
  4. The process will end when you click the Overview and Release tab.

Job Application process

  1. To view advertised Jobs, click on the Employment Opportunities tab.
  2. Click the Start button under the heading Job Search to view all available vacancies.
  3. Click on the Job posting to display the details of the position.
  4. To apply for the position, click the Apply button at the top of the page.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete and submit your application.
  6. Kindly note that all mandatory fields must be completed.
  7. To complete the application process, click the Send Application Now button after reviewing and accepting the Data Privacy Statement.

KRA Recruitment Application Deadline 2024/2025

Is there any specific deadline for the KRA deadline in 2024? No, usually, each Job position has its particular application deadline. However, the Various Official Job Applications Portal reports that the Kenya Revenue Authority recruitment application portal will be closed on Thursday, 11th August 2024.

KRA Recruitment Vacancies 2024/2025

The KRA usually advertises job vacancies across various departments. In the 2024/2025 recruitment drive, we expect several Job vacancies. Here’s a snapshot of the types of positions on offer:

  • Deputy Commissioner – Regional Coordinator – Southern Region
  • Deputy Commissioner – Information Communication & Technology
  • Deputy Commissioner – Risk Management
  • Deputy Commissioner – Human Resources
  • Deputy Commissioner – Trade Facilitation
  • Deputy Commissioner – East & South of Nairobi (Tax Service Office)
  • Deputy Commissioner – Revenue & Regional Coordination
  • Deputy Commissioner – Supply Chain Management
  • Officer – Exchange of Information
  • Officer – Intelligence Management
  • Officer – Operations & Business Transformation Office
  • Officer – Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Supervisor – Information Security
  • Supervisor – Independent Review of Objections
  • Assistant Manager – Litigation
  • Manager – Domestic Taxes Department 2024
  • Manager – DTD Operations Office
  • Manager – Policy & Tax Advisory
  • Chief Manager – Intelligence Collection
  • Manager, Service Management & Contracts Coordination
  • Assistant Manager, Audit Follow Up
  • Manager, Compliance
  • Manager, Talent Management
  • Supervisor, Mobile App Developer
  • Supervisor, SharePoint Developer
  • Assistant Manager, Solutions Architecture
  • Manager Audit Follow Up
  • Assistant Manager, Continuous Audit
  • Assistant Manager IAD, Integrated Assurance
  • Assistant Manager, Customs & Border Control
  • Supervisor, Corporate Support Services
  • Supervisor, Continuous Audits
  • Assistant Manager, Domestic Taxes

Each position has responsibilities and requirements to match the organization’s needs with the candidates’ skills and experiences.

KRA Recruitment Process

KRA’s recruitment process is meticulously designed to be transparent, merit-based, and inclusive, ensuring all candidates can showcase their abilities. The process includes:

  • Screening of Applications to ensure that Candidates meet the essential eligibility criteria.
  • Assessment will evaluate the candidates’ skills and suitability.
  • Shortlisting and Interviews of candidates to assess their qualifications and fit for the position.
  • Successful candidates are extended job offers, followed by a comprehensive onboarding process to integrate them into the organization.

Preparing for Your Application

To increase your chances of success in securing a position with KRA, consider the following tips:

  • Thoroughly research the roles you are interested in to ensure you meet the qualifications and understand the responsibilities.
  • Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job.
  • Brush up on your professional knowledge and skills that may be tested during recruitment.

Is the KRA internship 2024/2025 open?

Yes, KRA has six departments that offer internship opportunities to fresh diploma and degree graduates. These positions include:

  • Finance/Accounting
  • Economics/Statistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing /Communications
  • Library & Information Science
  • Records Management
  • ICT
  • Hospitality
  • Security/Criminology
  • Project Management
  • Chemistry/Analytical/Industrial Chemistry
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Disaster Management.

To Apply for this internship opportunity, ensure you meet all the requirements. Internship applications are made via the  KRA e-recruitment portal.


Is the Kenya Revenue Authority a good employer?

Yes, KRA is the country’s top five (5) employer of choice. They have more than 8,000 employees deployed across the country. Additionally, they offer Various Professional Vacancies, Internships, and attachment opportunities.

Is KRA recruiting interns in 2024?

You need to check the official KRA e-recruitment portal to see several KRA internship positions. Only those registered can see and apply for available internships and attachments on the careers page. KRA accepts applications for its 12-month internship towards the end of the year. For instance, applications for the January to December 2024 KRA internship program were received between August and November 2023.

How much are interns at KRA paid?

KRA pays interns a monthly stipend of Kshs. 15,000, which is subject to statutory deductions.

How much does KRA pay graduate trainees?

KRA interns earn a monthly stipend of Kshs. 15,000, which is subject to statutory deductions.


This article covers every aspect of the KRA recruitment process. Working with the Kenya Revenue Authority brings many benefits to your career. It’s not just about collecting taxes but also about having a chance for professional growth and serving Kenya. The KRA recruitment process is designed to be transparent, equitable, and accessible, ensuring that all eligible Kenyans can join this esteemed institution. If you find this guide helpful, consider sharing it with your family. Also, if you have any questions regarding the article, shoot them down below in the comments section. I will get back to you as soon as possible. All the best

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