2024 KPSEA Exams Timetable, Dates and Instructions

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Are you looking for 2024 KPSEA exams timetable instructions and guidelines? This article presents everything you need to know about the KPSEA exam.

The Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) is essential for all Grade 6 students in Kenya. KPSEA exams pave the way for students to transition to junior school. The KPSEA, a cornerstone in Kenya’s competency-based curriculum (CBC), assesses learners’ mastery across the provided subjects and prepares them fully with life skills. The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has already outlined the 2024 KPSEA exams timetable. These exams are set to begin with a rehearsal on 25 October 2024 and conclude on 30 October 2024​​​​.So, are you looking for the entire 2024 KPSEA timetable? Below, we have listed everything you need to know.

2024 KPSEA Exams Timetable

The KPSEA exams allow all Grade 6 students in Kenya to transition from primary schools to junior schools. Therefore, to fully understand the importance of these exams, students and teachers need to mark their calendars and prepare adequately for the examination days. The KPSEA exams will kick off with a rehearsal day on Friday, 25 October 2024, preparing students for the examination process. The exams will then proceed as follows:

2.2DAY 18.30 am – 9.50 am1.Mathematics1 hour 20 minutes
MONDAY8.30 am – 9.50 am2.Mathematics (Large print)1 hour 20 minutes
28.10.20248.30 am – 10.20 am3.Mathematics (Braille)1 hour 50 minutes
10.20 am – 10.50 amBREAK30 minutes
10.50 am -11.50 am4.English1 hour
10.50 am -11.50 am5.English (Large print)1 hour
10.50 am -12.10 pm6.English (Hearing impaired)1 hour 20 minutes
10.50 am -12.10 pm7.English (Braille)1 hour 20 minutes
2.3DAY 28.30 am – 10.10 am8.Integrated Science1 hour 40 minutes
TUESDAY8.30 am – 10.10 am9.Integrated Science (Large print)1 hour 40 minutes
29.10.20248.30 am – 10.40 am10.Integrated Science (Braille)2 hours 10 minutes
10.40 am – 11.10 amBREAK30 minutes
11.10 am – 12.10 pm11.Kiswahili1 hour
11.10 am – 12.10 pm12.Kiswahili (Large print)1 hour
11.10 am – 12.30 pm13.Kiswahili (Braille)1 hour 20 minutes
11.10 am – 12.10 pm14.Kenyan Sign Language1 hour
2.4DAY 38.30 am – 10.10 am15.Creative Arts & Social Studies (Large print)1 hour 40 minutes
WEDNESDAY 30.10.20248.30 am – 10.10 am16.Creative Arts & Social Studies (Braille)1 hour 40 minutes
8.30 am – 10.40 am17.Creative Arts & Social studies (Braille)2 hours 10 minutes

Instructions for KPSEA Candidates

As a candidate, make sure to follow all the following details:

  • Avail yourself for searching outside the assessment room and be seated at your desk/table 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the paper.
  • Write and cross your name and assessment number correctly on the answer sheet.
  • Ensure that each page of your question paper is printed correctly.
  • You may not leave the assessment room before the period ends unless the Supervisor permits.
  • Do not show your answers to another candidate
  • Candidates are prohibited from copying or being assisted in the exams by teachers or fellow students.
  • Talking or having any conversation during exam hours is not allowed.
  • You cannot possess books, notes, papers, or other materials in the exam room without KNEC authorization.
  • You must immediately return any question paper with smudges or errors to the supervisor or if it needs to be better printed.
  • You must only take used or used paper out of the assessment room. 
  • Electronic devices like cell phones are banned in exam rooms; possession leads to cancellation of results.

Guidelines for Supervisors, Teachers, and Candidates

For Supervisors and Invigilators

  • You should make sure that candidates adhere to all Exam Instructions/Guidelines. 
  • Ensure that candidates are issued personalized answer sheets with their correct names and assessment numbers.

For Teachers

  • Teachers should ensure that candidates understand the instructions and inform them of the penalties for assessment irregularities or misconduct.

How can I download the KPSEA 2024 timetable and instructions?

  • Students, teachers, and invigilators can download the KPSEA 2024 timetable and detailed instructions directly from the KNEC website. You can also download it below.

When do the 2024 KPSEA exams start?

  • The KPSEA exams will start on 25 October 2024 and end on 30 October 2024. 


In this article, I have taken you through everything you need about KPSEA 2024 exam timetables; as candidates, you must follow all the Exam regulations to avoid cancelling your exams. Similarly, all supervisors and teachers must follow all the guidelines to assist students in conducting themselves correctly during the exam sessions. This article serves as a roadmap to the KPSEA 2024 exams and a reminder for the students to be well-prepared as the exam dates approach. So, let us remember that preparation is critical. I wish you all the best.

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