KMTC Application Form 2024/2025: Courses, Requirements And Application

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Are you looking for the KMTC Application Form 2024/2025? Do you want to Join the KMTC Campus in Kenya? In this article, I will be taking you through everything you need to know about KMTC, from requirements to course application and More. Read to the end to get all the details.

For many students in Kenya who have a passion for healthcare, KMTC has been the college of choice. With a legacy that spans decades, the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC stands at the forefront of nurturing healthcare professionals.KMTC is no ordinary institution. It’s a place and community that offers many courses ranging from certificate to higher diploma levels in critical areas like Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and more. Each year, the institution opens its doors wide, inviting Kenyan students qualified to join Various KMTC Campuses In Kenya. So, if you are like most students with several questions: Is the KMCT portal open? Is the KMTC Application form out? When is the KMTC application deadline? Relax. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know.

Understanding KMTC and Its Offerings

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is a State Corporation established in 1927 through an Act of Parliament Cap 261 of the Laws of Kenya, amended by Act No. 5 of 2019. It is one of the oldest and largest Medical Training Colleges for training Health professionals in Kenya and East and Central Africa.KMTC aims to produce competent health professionals through training and research and provides consultancy services. The college aims to be a model institution in the training and development of competent health professionals.

KMTC Courses 2024/2025

KMTC has seven faculties with 18 departments offering 94 Medical Courses. Some of the popular academic programs that the institution offers include:

No.ProgramLevels Offered
1.Clinical Medicine and SurgeryCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
2.Community Oral HealthDiploma
3.Dental TechnologyDiploma
4.Health Promotion and Community HealthCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
5.Health Records and Information TechnologyCertificate, Diploma
6.Health Professions EducationHigher Diploma
7.Medical EngineeringCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
8.Medical Laboratory SciencesDiploma, Higher Diploma
9.NursingCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
10.Nutrition and DieteticsCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
11.Occupational TherapyDiploma, Higher Diploma
12.OptometryDiploma, Higher Diploma
13.Orthopaedic TechnologyDiploma, Higher Diploma
14.PharmacyDiploma, Higher Diploma
15.Public HealthCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
16.Radiography and ImagingDiploma, Higher Diploma
17.Orthopaedic Trauma MedicineCertificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma
18.PhysiotherapyDiploma, Higher Diploma

KMTC Short Courses

For professionals seeking to upskill or diversify their expertise, KMTC offers a variety of short courses, such as:

  1. Safe Phlebotomy
  2. HIV Training and Counseling services (HTS)
  3. Adherence Counseling
  4. Echocardiography
  5. Monitoring & Evaluation
  6. Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  7. Safe Phlebotomy
  8. Infection Prevention and Control
  9. First aid and basic life support
  10. Safe use of ultrasound in Midwifery
  11. Regional anaesthesia and Acute pain Management
  12. Upper extremity Splinting in Occupational therapy
  13. Community Mental Health
  14. International English Language Course
  15. Sign Language for Health workers
  16. NCLEX-RN Preparation course
  17. Basic Occupational Health and Safety

KMTC Campuses Across Kenya

With over 70 campuses spread across the nation, KMTC boasts unparalleled accessibility. Each campus is strategically located to ensure students from all parts of Kenya can pursue medical training without significant geographical barriers. This extensive network not only facilitates easy access to education but also provides a diverse learning environment, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Kenya.

KMTC Application(entry) Requirements 

You must meet the set requirements to join the KMTC campus in Kenya. For example, to do a certificate course, you must have a minimum of C- with specific qualifications in cluster subjects in KCSE. Similarly, for Diploma programs, you must have attained a minimum of C with particular qualifications in cluster subjects. Upgrading courses require that a candidate has a certificate in a respective field while for Higher Diploma programs. Here’s what you need to know in detail about KMTC requirements:

S/NOLevel of trainingEntry RequirementDuration of training
1Certificate2 years with the exception of nursing, which takes 2 ½ years2 years with the exception of nursing which takes 2 ½ years
2DiplomaA minimum aggregate of C- with a relevant combination of other subjects is a requirement.KCSE mean grade of C (or equivalent) with a relevant combination of other subjects such as English, Kiswahili, Biology, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Sciences.
3Upgrading2 years except Community Health Nursing, which lasts 18 Months3 years except Community Health Nursing, which lasts 3 ½ years
4Higher DiplomaHolders of a certificate in relevant fields and at least two years of working experience.1 year
5Short CoursesIndividuals and groups such as corporate bodies, companies and government ministries interested in any course or courses can make a written request for arrangements to be made.2 weeks – 3 Months

Expert tip: Besides these general requirements, each course has its own requirements. After meeting the general requirements, always ensure that you meet course-specific requirements.

How To Apply For KMTC Courses In Kenya?

After meeting the requirements, the best optimal step is to apply for the course. Is the KMTC application form out? Yes KMTC is already accepting applications for the March 2024 intake. To get started with the application process, here is how to go about it:

  • Before anything else, please familiarize yourself with the courses and their requirements by reviewing the college brochure or the intake advert​​.
  • Visit the KMTC official website and navigate the application portal (admissions.kmtc.ac.ke).
  • If it’s your first time, you must create an account using a valid email address and personal details. If you’ve applied before or are already registered, log in​​.
  • Carefully fill out the application form with accurate personal and academic details. 
  • Select the course you wish to pursue and upload the necessary documents​​​​.
  • After double-checking your application for any errors, submit it. 
  • You will receive a confirmation message or email indicating the successful submission of your application​​​​.

KMTC Intakes 2024

The Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) typically has two annual intakes. One intake is usually in March, while the other is in September. As for the 2024/2025 academic calendar, KMTC announced the March 2024 Intake applications. This means that students can apply for any Pre-Service Courses. To apply for KMTC courses, follow all the application steps that I have taken you through above.

A quick check on the KMTC portal the following are the latest Intake adverts:

KMTC Application deadline 2024

The KMTC application deadline for 2024 has yet to be officially announced in the writing of this blog. The application process is typically opened before the intake dates. For the March 2024 intake, applications are already undergoing. If the March 2024 intake is missed, the application portal will reopen for the September 2024 intake. You should always check the KMTC website for announcements regarding application deadlines and intake dates.

Tips for a Successful KMTC Application 

The KMTC receives more than tens of thousands of applications for every intake. Sometimes, you can meet the requirements, but if the number of applications exceeds the allocated slots, KMTC will always choose only the best. To increase your chances of being Shortlisted by KMTC, follow these tips.

  • Before applying, thoroughly research the course you’re interested in. 
  • Stay updated on the KMTC website with any changes or announcements regarding application dates, requirements, and procedures.
  • Prepare all necessary documents well in advance—academic certificates, identification documents, and other required certifications.
  • Contact KMTC’s admissions office for any clarifications or assistance with your application.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Ensure every section of the application is completed thoroughly. Only complete applications may be considered.
  • Verify all the information you provide is accurate. Inconsistencies or false information can lead to disqualification.
  • Be sure to submit your application before the deadline. Early submissions ensure ample time to correct mistakes and avoid technical issues.

KMTC Contacts

For immediate assiatnce:

When is the deadline for KMTC applications in 2024?

The application deadline varies depending on the intake season. For March Intake 2024, KMTC has not announced the official deadline dates. So keep applying for any course you want

What are the tuition fees for KMTC courses?

Tuition fees vary depending on the course and level of study. There are two fee categories, namely:

  1. Regular
  2. Foreign (as detailed in the current fee structure)


For anyone looking to get started on a journey in the Healthcare Industry, KMTC is your college of choice. The institution’s commitment to excellence offers various courses that equip students with the right skills and knowledge. By carefully following the application process, meeting all requirements, and preparing early, you are guaranteed to join KMTC.

As we conclude this guide, please apply for the KMTC course. If you have any questions that you would like assistance with, please share them in the comment section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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