Kenya Police Recruitment 2024/2025: Requirements, Dates &Application

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Are You looking for Kenya Police Recruitment in Kenya for 2024? If serving Kenya by ensuring the facilitation of law and order is at heart, in this article, I will take You through everything to know the Police recruitment in Kenya. Plus, I offer You additional tips to be shortlisted. Read to the end to get all the essential details.

 The Kenya Police Service Service plays an essential role in the Republic of Kenya by ensuring law and order according to powers stipulated in Chapter Fourteen, Part 4, Article 243 of the Kenyan Constitution. Once again, for the financial years 2024/2025, the Kenya Police Service has opened its recruitment doors to several Kenyans seeking employment. So, when are the Kenya Police Recruitment dates in Kenya? In this article, all You need to know will be answered.

Let us get started

Understanding Kenya Police Recruitment 2024/2025

For those looking to Join the ranks of the Kenya Police Service, one should know that there are stringent requirements and a structured application process to be followed. Here Is everything to know:

Kenya Police Recruitment Requirements

Like all Job Applications Becoming part of the Police force in Kenya, one has to undergo a set of requirements. You will be only be allowed to proceed with the application process and even be shortlisted once you meet the following General eligibility criteria:

  • You Must be a Kenyan citizen having proof of National ID or Birth certificate.
  • You should be between 18 and 30 years of age.
  • It would be best if you satisfied the following Minimum Educational Qualifications:
    • Minimum of a D+ in the KCSE examination.
    • Compulsory D+ grade in English or Kiswahili.
    • Degree holders from recognized Kenyan institutions are encouraged to apply.
  • You Must be physically and medically fit and diagnosed by a recognized doctor.
  • You Should be free from any Criminal offenses, and thus a certificate of good conduct is essential
  • You Should be willing to fully adhere to the requirements of Chapter Six of the constitution
  • If You are a female candidate, You should not be pregnant when applying for the Job

Expert tip: Remember Kenya Police Services advertises several Recruitment Positions. I have listed above only the General Recruitment requirements expected from each person. Therefore, when applying for any position, be sure to check each Job description well enough to understand what they are looking for

Kenya Police Recruitment Vacancies 2024/2025

Below is a list of all expected application vacancies at Kenya Police:

No.Position TitleVacancy ReferenceSalary ScaleNumber of Posts
1Director Human Capital Management (NPS Civilian)V/No.39/202381
2Director Administration (NPS Civilian)V/No.40/202381
3Director Legal Affairs (NPS Civilian)V/No.41/202381
4Deputy Director Human Capital Management (KPS, APS, DCI & NPS HQS) (NPS Civilian)V/No.42/202374
5Deputy Director Supply Chain Management (NPS Civilian)V/No.43/202371
6Chief Finance Officer (Readvertisement) (NPS Civilian)V/No.44/202371
7Chief Economist (Readvertisement) (NPS Civilian)V/No.45/202371
8Deputy Director Internal Audit (NPS Civilian)V/No.46/202371
9Principal Human Capital Management Officer (NPS Civilian)V/No.47/202369
10Principal Finance Officer (KPS, APS, DCI & NPS HQS) (NPS Civilian)V/No.48/202364
11Assistant Accountant General (NPS Civilian)V/No.49/202361
12Principal Public Communications Officer (Re-advertisement) (NPS Civilian)V/No.50/202361
13Finance Officer II (KPS, APS, DCI & NPS HQS) (NPS Civilian)V/No.51/202344
14Senior Assistant Inspector GeneralPG 1212
15Assistant Inspector GeneralPG 1132
16Commissioner of PolicePG 1077
17Senior Superintendent of PolicePG 9220
18Superintendent of PolicePG 8173
19Secretary Administration JG ‘T’V/No. 1/20231
20Chief Finance Officers JG ‘R’V/No. 2/20231

How To Apply For Kenya Police Recruitment

Kenya Police Recruitment 2024/2025: Requirements, Dates &Application

The application process is designed to be free and fair for all eligible Kenyan an opportunity to apply. Here Is how to go about it quickly:

  1. Visit the Official Portals www.kenyapolice.go.ke or www.npsc.go.ke for registration 
  2. Head over to the vacancies or Career sections
  3. Identify the Job Position you want to apply for
  4. Download the Application Forms and Fill in all the correct details as required
  5. You are expected to upload the following documents make sure to do so:
  • A valid National ID Card.
  • Academic certificates and testimonials.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • KRA PIN Certificate.

Finalize Your application by ensuring all details are correctly filled out, and all required documents are attached before submitting the application form.

For those who prefer to apply via the Postal address, applications should be addressed to.

The Commission Secretary/Chief Executive Officer

National Police Service Commission

Sky Park Building, Westlands

P.O. Box 47363 – 00100 NAIROBI

Kenya Police Recruitment 2024 Dates And Centres

Allow me to clear up some confusion surrounding the official dates and recruitment drive for 2024. Before Publishing the article, we made a lot of quick checks on the Kenya Police and NPS Police Jobs websites, and all we can see is that there is now news surrounding the official dates for 2024. However, since the Police force Conducts its recruitment exercise every year, we are sure it will happen in 2024. Judging from the 2023 and 2022 dates for now, we can only speculate that the Kenya Police Recruitment 2024 will occur on:

  • Application Opening Date: Monday, 20th June 2024.
  • Application Closing Date: Friday, 30th June 2024​​.

You must make sure that You make Your application before the said dates to avoid being left out.

As for the dates and centers, the recruitment will happen across all 47 counties of Kenya in the following regions to be precise:

Checklist And Tips For Succes For for Applicants

To streamline the application process, here’s a quick checklist:

  •  Verify eligibility criteria.
  •  Gather all required documents.
  •  Fill out the application form online.
  •  Double-check application details.
  •  Apply before the closing date.
  •  Submit your application once. Making Many submissions can lead to disqualification.
  • When uploading documents, make sure they are clear and legible. 

What Next After Kenya Police Recruitment Submission –?

First, if you have reached this stage, congratulations Your way from me to You. Now, even after applying for any Position, the Journey is far from over. Here is everything to know after the Police Recruitment Application:

1. Selection Process

Once the application period closes, Kenya Police will start to review all Applications made to ensure that only those who meet all the requirements are selected to join Kenya Police. In this particular stage, the following happens.

  1. Screening of documents and application details to ensure one meets all the Requirements.
  2. Physical and Medical Exams Asement to ensure Shortlisted candidates are suitable for the Job as it is very demanding
  3. Interview process for all candidates who have merited physical and medical assessments
  4. Thorough background checks to ensure you have no criminal offenses

2. Training and Induction

Successful candidates from the selection process will be invited for training. This step is crucial in becoming a police officer in Kenya. 

The duration of training the Police Recruitment varies depending on many factors, but in most cases, it spans 9 to 12 Months. The recruits are trained on Kenyan laws, physical fitness, weapon handling, and More.

Role and Responsibilities

After successfully going through the selection and Training Process, you will not be admitted entirely to the Police force in a ceremonious process. From here onwards, you will be a Kenya Police officer mandated to perform the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Preventing Crimes and Investigating offenses to bring those who break the law to justice.
  • Enhancing the safety of the community by building and maintaining trust with the Locals
  • Ensuring all traffic laws in Kenya are followed to prevent road accidents and other petty traffic offenses.
  • For those with specialized skills, you can be deployed to specialized units such as counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, or forensic analysis.

Kenya Police Salary Scale 2024/2025

Be is a table of all salaries across all ranks within the Kenya Police Service as of 2024:

RankMonthly Salary (KES)Annual Salary (KES)
Inspector General of Police854,24110,250,892
Senior Assistant Inspector General274,8903,298,680
Assistant Inspector General187,8902,254,680
Commissioner of Police130,5901,567,080
Senior Superintendent85,8901,030,680
Assistant Superintendent70,530846,360
Chief Inspector59,220710,640
Inspector of Police53,820645,840
Senior Sergeant50,220602,640
Constable/Fresh Graduate32,880394,560


How can I check my application status?

After the recruitment drive, it is advised to keep an eye on the official social media pages and Police websites where the shortlisting of candidates is announced.

Can I apply if I have a tattoo?

The answer is No, if you want to join the Police force, ensure that you have no markings on your body as this can lead to disqualification instantly during physical examination.

Is there an application fee?

  • Kenya Police does not charge its applicants. The recruitment exercise of entirely free, and thus, be aware of various scams that may want to charge You.


Starting a career with the Kenya Police Service brings many life opportunities and attractive salaries. As we expect the Recruitve Drive 2024/2025 to happen in this article, I have taken you through everything from requirements to the application process. I hope this blog post has answered your questions about the Kenya Police Recruitment 2024/2025. If you find it to be helpful, kindly share it with your friends and family members so they do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity

I wish You all the best end of the Blog Post.

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