Job Groups In Kenya, Salaries, & Allowances For Civil Servants 2024

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Are you looking to be employed by the Kenyan government in 2024? If so, understanding the salary structures, Job groups, and allowances is crucial. This article discusses everything that you need to know in 2024/2025

In Kenya, all Public servants are employed by the Public Service Commission. You can find various advertised Government Jobs on the Public Service Commission Portal. There are a lot of civil servants in Kenya, each playing various roles in their ministries. Public servants are organized into various job groups to cater to their needs, especially Salaries, each signifying a different level of responsibility, skill, and Education Requirements. 

In Kenya, the SRC, established under the Salaries and Remuneration Commission Act of 2011, is the organization that regulates and reviews the salaries and allowances of over 700,000 public servants​​. Beyond the Basic Salaries, there are many other allowances — from housing and commuter to hardship and risk for which all government employees are eligible.

Overview of Job Groups in Kenya

The SRC classifies job groups from A (CPSB 18) to T (CPSB 1), catering to all civil servants working in the public service. These Job Groups are classifications depending on the level of education, skills, and any necessary professional certifications​​. In Kenya, there are a total of 18 job groups. Here are all from the lowest to the highest, as identified in the SRC classification for Kenya in 2024:

  1. Job Group A (CPSB 18)
  2. Job Group B (CPSB 17)
  3. Job Group C (CPSB 16)
  4. Job Group D (CPSB 15)
  5. Job Group E (CPSB 14)
  6. Job Group F (CPSB 13)
  7. Job Group G (CPSB 12)
  8. Job Group H (CPSB 11)
  9. Job Group J (CPSB 10)
  10. Job Group K (CPSB 9)
  11. Job Group L (CPSB 8)
  12. Job Group M (CPSB 7)
  13. Job Group N (CPSB 6)
  14. Job Group P (CPSB 5)
  15. Job Group Q (CPSB 4)
  16. Job Group R (CPSB 3)
  17. Job Group S (CPSB 2)
  18. Job Group T (CPSB 1)

The job groups range from A (CPSB 18), the starting point for low-skilled laborers, to T (CPSB 1), which encompasses high-level management positions. Each group represents a distinct category of roles and responsibilities within the public sector, with corresponding salary scales to match​​​​​​​​​​.

Job groups in Kenya and their salaries in 2024 

Every public servant in Kenya, at the national or county government level, is categorized according to various job groups. This means that they are paid by counties or the national government based on the salaries reviewed by SRC for each job group. The payments are standardized and can only be changed if reviewed by SRC to ensure that each civil servant is equally compensated. Below is a detailed table that shows all 18 Job groups in Kenya and their salaries:  

Job GroupBasic Salary (KES)
A (CPSB 18)13,280
B (CPSB 17)13,530
C (CPSB 16)13,830
D (CPSB 15)14,610
E (CPSB 14)15,670
F (CPSB 13)16,890
G (CPSB 12)22,270
H (CPSB 11)25,470
J (CPSB 10)31,270
K (CPSB 9)38,270
L (CPSB 8)42,970
M (CPSB 7)49,000
N (CPSB 6)56,370
P (CPSB 5)87,360
Q (CPSB 4)99,900
R (CPSB 3)121,430
S (CPSB 2)133,870
T (CPSB 1)169,140

Civil Servants Allowances in Kenya 

In addition to the basic salary, civil servants in Kenya are entitled to various allowances. Every allowance allocated to public servants is designed to accommodate the varying demands of their roles and locations. The allowances vary significantly depending on the Job groups and the location they serve. Here is a list of all allowances that Public services in Kenya are entitled to;

  • House Allowance
  • Travel Allowance (Per diem rates)
  • Hardship Allowance
  • Risk Allowance
  • Leave Allowance

Now let us go through each one of them to help you understand how much allowance you can take home when working with the government:

House Allowance:

All public servants are entitled to a house allowance. However, note that this allowance varies significantly depending on job group and location, aiming to offset living costs in different parts of the country. House allowances In Kenya are broken down according to 4 Cluster include:

  • Cluster 1: Covers Civil Servants in Nairobi Only
  • Cluster 2: It includes all public servants in Kisumu, Nakuru, Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu, Kwale, Kilifi, and Naivasha.
  • Cluster 3: Covers Public servants in Nyeri, Machakos, Eldoret, Kericho, Kisii, Kakamega, Lodwar, Embu, Nanyuki, and Garissa. Only
  • Cluster 4: This Cluster covers all Towns in Kenya not mentioned in Locations 1,2 and 3.

The house allowance ranges significantly, from KES 2,250 for lower job groups in the less costly areas of Cluster 4 to a substantial KES 80,000 for top-tier positions in Nairobi’s challenging economy. This structured approach ensures that whether you’re a fresh entrant in job group A or a seasoned professional in group T, the housing allowance scales provide adequate support. For instance, job groups A to C in Nairobi (Cluster 1) are entitled to KES 3,750, whereas their counterparts in Cluster 4 receive KES 2,250.

Here is a complete table to help you understand how the House allowances are distributed across all Job Groups and Towns In Kenya:

Cluster 1: Nairobi

Job GroupHouse Allowance (KES)
A to C3,750
E & F4,500
G & H6,750
L & M28,000
P & Q45,000

Cluster 2: County HQs

Job GroupHouse Allowance (KES)
A to C3,125
E & F3,730
G & H4,500
L & M22,000
P & Q28,000

Cluster 3: County HQs

Job GroupHouse Allowance (KES)
A to C2,500
G & H3,850
L & M16,500
P & Q21,000

Cluster 4: Other Areas

Job GroupHouse Allowance (KES)
A to C2,250
E & F2,700
G & H3,200
L & M13,000
P & Q16,800

Hardship allowance 

Like a house allowance, the public and the public are also entitled to hardship allowances based on their work area. This type of allowance is meant to accommodate the harsh living conditions in their working area. Some of the hardship areas identified by the SRC include 

  • Nyando
  • Chonyi
  • Lungalunga
  • Suba
  • Parts of Nandi
  • Parts of Samburu
  • Kinango
  • Tana River
  • Taita Taveta
  • West Pokot
  • Wajir
  • Turkana
  • Tana River
  • Taita Taveta
  • Samburu
  • Narok South
  • Narok North
  • Mumoni
  • Mutito North
  • Tseikuru
  • Marsabit
  • Mandera
  • Lamu
  • Magarini
  • Ganze
  • Kwale

The monthly hardship allowance ranges from KES 2,800 to 60,000, varying by job group. Below is a complete table of all Hardship Allowances In Kenya:

Job GroupMonthly Hardship Allowance (KES)
A (CPSB 18)2,800
B (CPSB 17)3,000
C (CPSB 16)3,000
D (CPSB 15)3,300
E (CPSB 14)3,700
F (CPSB 13)4,300
G (CPSB 12)5,700
H (CPSB 11)6,600
J (CPSB 10)8,200
K (CPSB 9)10,900
L (CPSB 8)12,300
M (CPSB 7)14,650
N (CPSB 6)17,100
P (CPSB 5)27,300
Q (CPSB 4)31,500
R (CPSB 3)38,100
S (CPSB 2)45,000
T (CPSB 1)60,000

Travel Allowance

Travel allowances and Per Diem rates are the allowances each state officer is entitled to for moving through state functions in various parts of the country. The rates vary depending on the location, with different maximum lodging rates, M & IE rates, and maximum Per Diem rates for various places like Lamu, Malindi, Mara Area Region, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nanyuki, Watamu, and others. Here is what one can expect:

Cluster / LocationMajor Cities (Cluster 1)County HQs & Specific Locations (Cluster 2)Other Areas (Cluster 3)
Grade Group
A-E4,200 (KES)3,500 (KES)3,000 (KES)
F-J6,300 (KES)4,900 (KES)4,200 (KES)
K-N (D4)11,200 (KES)8,400 (KES)7,000 (KES)
P-R (E2, E1, D5)14,000 (KES)10,500 (KES)8,400 (KES)
S-T (E3, E4)16,800 (KES)12,600 (KES)10,500 (KES)
U-V (F1, F2, E5)18,200 (KES)14,600 (KES)12,500 (KES)
– (F4)22,000 (KES)18,000 (KES)14,000 (KES)


What is the latest SRC Circular on allowances?

The latest circular for allowances is the gazette notice on the third remuneration and benefits review cycle for state and public officers, published on August 9th, 2023. It includes significant changes on various allowances while continuing others, such as the retreat allowance. Please get it here.

What is the new salary for civil servants in SRC?

As revised by SRC, the new salary for civil servants in Kenya varies according to Job Groups. For example, those on T (CPSB 1) earn a basic salary of KSH 169,140, and those in the lowest Job Groupds A (CPSB 18 earn KSH 13,280 every month.

What is the salary of an SRC parastatal?

The salary for civil servants working in parastatals in Kenya varies based on their positions. According to the SRC salary scale, the lowest-paid CEO in service and regulatory State corporations will earn KES253,333, while the highest-paid CEO will take home up to Sh846,720 monthly.

How much is Group K’s job salary in the county government?

A public servant at job Group K in county government earns a basic salary of KSH 38,270 permanent. In addition, this person is entitled to various Allowances depending on the location. 

Wrapping Up

In this blog post, I have taken you through everything you need to know about all job groups, salaries, and allowances in Kenya’s public sector. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) ensures that all public servants are entitled to equal remuneration. As we progress swiftly from 2024 to 2025, who knows what the SRC has for various public sector salary structures? If you find this information helpful, consider sharing this article with your family and friends to help this blog grow; otherwise, I wish you all the best.

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