How to block and divert calls and SMS On Safaricom in 2024

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Are you looking to block and divert calls and SMS using the Safaricom Number in Kenya? Well, we have answers for you. This article will take you through all the methods to know in 2024. Read to the end to know which one suits you best

As a Safaricom Registered user, managing your calls and messages is very important. Whether to ensure privacy or dodge unwanted interruptions from your Ex, knowing the process involved when diverting calls and SMS on the Safaricom Number can streamline your communications. Luckily enough, Safaricom Kenya offers many options for Managing incoming communications. How do you block and divert calls and SMS using the Safaricom Number?

Understanding Call and SMS Diversion/Blocking

When you want to understand how calls and SMS management work as a Safaricom user, it is essential for you to know what diversion and Blocking are. So what are the differences? 

1. Call/SMS Blocking:

This feature is used to Prevent specified numbers from contacting you. It works by blocking incoming calls and SMS, rendering the sender unable to reach your number. You ca n use it Via USSD codes, device settings, or third-party apps. Here are the Examples of USSD Codes for Blocking:

  • 350000# for blocking all incoming calls
  • 350000*16# for blocking all incoming SMS​​​​.

2. Call/SMS Diversion:

This feature Redirects incoming calls or SMS to another phone number or voicemail. It ensures you don’t miss important calls/SMS while unavailable. Examples of USSD Codes for Diversion Include:

  • **21*PhoneNumber# for diverting all calls
  • **67*PhoneNumber# for diverting calls when busy​​​​.

How to Use USSD Codes for Call/SMS Management

Safaricom offers Many codes and settings for managing calls and SMS. All these codes will permit you, as a Safaricom user, to easily tailor your communication preferences.

Activating and Deactivating Call Diversion with USSD Codes

Managing call diversion is straightforward with Safaricom’s USSD codes, allowing you to direct incoming calls as per your current needs—to another number or voicemail- or ensure that calls are only received when you are available.

To Divert All Incoming Calls:

  • Activate: Dial *21 followed by the phone number and #
  • Deactivate: Dial ##21#
  • Status: Dial *#21# to confirm if the diversion is active​​​​.

When Busy (Unable to take calls):

  • Activate: Dial *67 followed by the phone number and #
  • Deactivate: Dial ##67#
  • Status: Dial *#67#​​​​.

When Unreachable (Phone is off or out of coverage):

  • Activate: Dial *62 followed by the phone number and #
  • Deactivate: Dial ##62#
  • Status: Dial *#62#​​​​.

When There Is No Reply (Unanswered calls):

  • Activate: Dial *61 followed by the phone number and #
  • Deactivate: Dial ##61#
  • Status: Dial *#61#​​​​.

Blocking Incoming and Outgoing Calls/SMS

For those times when you need ultimate peace or to safeguard your privacy, blocking specific types of incoming and outgoing communications can be a lifesaver. Safaricom provides a suite of USSD codes designed to offer comprehensive control over who can reach you and when.

Blocking Outgoing Communications:

  • Calls: Dial 330000# to block and #33*0000# to unblock.
  • SMS: Dial 33000016# to block and #330000*16# to unblock​​.

Blocking Incoming Communications:

  • Calls: Dial 350000# to block and #35*0000# to unblock.
  • SMS: Dial 35000016# to block and #350000*16# to unblock​​​​.

Advanced Call Management Techniques

Many other options exist for those looking to understand how Call/SMS Management works. These Includes:

Using Call Settings for Diversion

Did you know your smartphone offers built-in call forwarding and diversion options? Yes, and it provides an easier way to manage your calls without memorizing USSD codes. Here’s how to use these settings on your phone:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on ‘Call settings’ or ‘Phone,’ then select ‘Call forwarding’ or a similar option depending on your device​​​​.
  • Choose from various forwarding options such as ‘Always forward,’ ‘Forward when busy,’ ‘Forward when unanswered,’ and ‘Forward when unreachable.’
  • Enter the phone number to which you wish to divert calls and confirm your selection​​​​.
  • Return to the same settings and select the ‘Turn off’ or ‘Disable’ option to stop diverting calls.

Using Third-Party Apps for Call Diversion

Third-party apps offer enhanced convenience and functionality for users seeking more sophisticated call management options. 

  • Research and select a call-forwarding app with positive reviews and the features you need
  • Download and install the app from your device’s app store.
  • Open the app and follow the instructions to set up call forwarding. 
  • Use the app to monitor active diversions and adjust settings for optimal call management.

Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android & iPhone In 2024 Includes:

1. CallHippo

2. Call Forwarding Lite

3. DialerHQ

4. Grasshopper

5. Nextiva

6. Ooma

How much does it cost to divert calls on Safaricom?

Diverting calls is generally free of charge. However, standard calling rates may apply if calls are diverted to a non-Safaricom number or a paid service.

How do I know if my calls or SMS are being diverted?

  • You can dial status USSD codes like *#21# for call diversion and #35 for blocking status to check if these services are active on your line​​​​.

Can I schedule call forwarding for specific times?

  • Third-party apps may offer scheduling features, allowing you to set call forwarding to activate during specific hours​​.

Will the caller know their call is being diverted?

  • Generally, the caller will not receive any indication that their call is being diverted. They will be routed to the designated number or voicemail.


And there you have it, friends. In this blog post, we have explored various methods to manage you and SMS on Safaricom numbers. We have gone through USSD codes, device settings, and third-party apps. Now, it is up to you to choose the method that suits you best and use it. Whether your priority lies in enhancing privacy, ensuring accessibility, or simply streamlining your daily communications, what we have discussed in the article will help you. Please comment below if you need any clarification, and I will answer you immediately.

All the best

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