GOtv Paybill (423655): How to Pay GOtv Using Mpesa In 2024

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Are you looking to Pay for the GOtv Package in Kenya? Worry no more because, in this blog post, we will take you through making payments for your GOtv subscription using the Official GOtv Paybill number. Read to the end to take all crucial steps.

In today’s digital age, paying for your GOtv Subscriptions is relatively easy thanks to mobile payment solutions such as M-Pesa. GOtv is a digital television group born out of Multichoice in 2011. The Service Provider provides unlimited entertainment Via its various packages. GOtv Kenya allows you to make your payments annually or monthly based on the plan to which you are subscribed. You can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on GOtv by using the GOtv M-Pesa Business number (423655) to pay for your subscription. 

Understanding GOtv Paybill M-Pesa Payment

GOtv Paybill (423655): How to Pay GOtv Using Mpesa In 2024

Paying for your GOtv subscription through GOtv Paybill M-Pesa in time will ensure your entertainment is uninterrupted. Luckily, the collaboration between GOtv and M-Pesa has made it easier to manage your payments even in the comfort of your home. Below is a step-by-step procedure for Pay GOtv Subscription via M-Pesa:

  • Access the M-Pesa Menu On your phone.
  • Select ‘Lipa na M-Pesa option
  • Click On Paybill
  • Enter the GOtv Paybill number, which is 423655.
  • When Prompting for an account number, input your GOtv IUC number on the red sticker at the bottom of your GOtv decoder​​​​.
  • Enter the amount for your GOtv subscription package.
  • Finalize the transaction by inputting your M-Pesa PIN and send
  • A confirmation message from M-Pesa will be sent to your phone, indicating a successful transaction​​​​.

PRO TIP: When making payments, always ensure that your GOtv decoder is on during the M-Pesa payment process so that you are notified immediately.

Why Use M-Pesa for GOtv Payments?

M-Pesa is a widely accepted form of payment for GOtv Kenya and other services, such as DSTv, Nairobi Water, and more. There is a good reason behind this, and it includes:

  • Save time: With Pay M-Pesa, you can pay for your GOTv from any corner of the world. You don’t need to visit any physical outlet to renew your subscription.
  • Instant Activation: Your GOtv subscription is activated immediately after payment, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows without delay.
  • Transaction Records: You will always receive SMS confirmation for every payment you make. Suppose you have paid, and your GOtv package has not been renewed. In that case, you can call GOtv Customer Care and provide them with your Transaction message, and you will be assisted immediately.

GOtv Packages and Their Prices in 2024

GOtv Kenya has several Packages with different pricing and channels to suit your viewing experience best. Choosing the right package will always ensure you have access to quality digital entertainment. Consider checking out this article to understand GOtv Packages and Their Prices

GOtv’s subscription model offers a variety of channels that include local and international news, sports, movies, children’s programming, and documentaries. Here’s a breakdown of the packages, including their channel count and subscription fees:

PackageChannelsFeaturesPrice (KES)
GOtv Supa+75+Premier League, Movies, Kids’ Entertainment3,500 Monthly
GOtv Supa70+Local Shows, Kids, Sports (PL & WWE), Movies1,899 Monthly
GOtv Max60+Sports, Movies, Series, Local Stories, Kids’ Channels1,449 Monthly
GOtv Value35+TV Basics, Local Favorites, Football Highlights, Edu-tainment649 Monthly
GOtv Lite20+Basics, Local Channels, News, Edu-tainment, Sports199 Monthly / 500 Quarterly / 1,200 Annually
GOtv Plus45+Local and International Entertainment, Sports Highlights99

Additional Tips for Managing Your GOtv Subscription

Maintaining your GOtv subscription should be hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies. Below are essential tips and insights for efficiently managing your subscription, ensuring you never miss out on premium content due to administrative issues.

How To Always Keeping Your Subscription Active:

  • Making Payments On time: Always pay for your subscription before expiration to avoid getting disconnected without notice. Additionally, you can always set reminders a few days before the due date, which can help you make timely payments​​.
  • Decoder On During Payment: Keep your decoder switched on during the payment process. This helps in quicker reconnection and updates to your subscription status​​​​.

How To Upgrade or Downgrade Your GOTV Package in Kenya

Via SMS : 

To Upgrade or downgrade your GOTV package, send an SMS with the text ‘UPGRADE’ followed by your IUC number to 22688. For example, if you are updating, send UPGRADE 1234 5678 900 to 22688; if you are downgrading, send DOWNGRADE 1234 5678 900 to 22688. Remember to replace 1234 5678 900 with your own GOTV IUC number.


Follow the steps to downgrade and upgrade your GOtv subscription.

  • Dial *423# on your phone and press OK.
  • Choose the “Upgrade/Downgrade” option.
  • Enter the package you want to upgrade or downgrade to.
  • Enter your IUC number and press OK.
  • Wait for an SMS response on your number.

Via Online:

For those who want to use the myGotv app or website, here is how to about it:

  • Visit the GOtv Africa website.
  • Click “Self-Service.”
  • Click “Change My Package.”
  • Enter your surname or mobile number.
  • Enter your GOtv decoder’s IUC number.
  • Click “SIGN IN.”

GOtv Kenya Customer Service and Support:

In case of payment issues or service queries, GOtv provides multiple channels for customer support:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I pay for GOtv, but my services must be reactivated?

  • GOtv reactivations usually happen instantly. Ensure that your package is renewed immediately during payments. Always Ensure your decoder is on when making payment. If reactivation doesn’t occur within an hour, contact GOtv Kenya with your IUC number and payment details​​​​.

Can I change my GOtv package midway through the month?

  • Yes, you can change your GOtv package anytime by using the GOtv self-service portal, SMS, or by calling the customer service number above​​​​.

How do I know when my GOtv subscription will expire?

  • You can check your subscription expiry date via the GOtv self-service portal, the mobile app, or by using the USSD code *423# 

What should I do if I encounter payment issues?

  • Double-check that you accurately entered the correct GOtv M-Pesa Paybill and IUC numbers. If the problem persists, reach out to GOtv customer support for assistance​​​​.
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