Equity Bank Paybill Number  247247: Send Money From M-Pesa to Equity bank

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Do you want to send money from M-Pesa to an Equity bank account quickly? This article will show you how to use  Equity Bank’s Paybill Number  247247 to send money to your Equity account. Read to the end to ensure your financial security is up to date.

M-pesa has genuinely changed how Kenyans Interact with Money in their daily lives. Do you remember the last time you had cash in your wallet? It is now possible to top up your Equity account with just a few Taps on your phone. You do not need to visit your Equity Bank Branch to put money in your account. Gone are those days. By leveraging the Paybill option M-Pesa provides, you can effortlessly deposit cash into your Equity Bank accounts. So, if you have questions like What Is Equity Bank PayBill number? or How to deposit money from M-Pesa into an Equity account?, read through this blog post to the end to find answers to your Questions.

How To Deposit Money from M-Pesa to Equity Bank

You do not need to visit any Equity Bank Branch near you to deposit money into your account. You can easily accomplish the same process using an Equity Bank Account Number. If you are stuck and do not know where to start, follow the process below:

  • On your mobile phone, navigate to the M-Pesa menu
  • Choose the ‘Lipa na M-Pesa’ option. 
  • Opt for the ‘Pay Bill’ option, which allows you to send money to various business accounts
  • Enter Equity Bank’s Paybill Number, which is 247247. 
  • Provide Your Equity Bank Account Number:
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit into your Equity account. 
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN to authorize the transaction. 
  • After completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa and Equity Bank. 

Tips for a Smooth Transaction:

  • Always verify that you are using the proper Equity Bank’s Paybill Number. Equity Bank has only one Paybill number, which is 247247
  • Always Save the transaction Messages for your records and future reference.

Mpesa to Equity Bank Charges 2024

Knowing the transaction charges involved is crucial when transferring money from M-Pesa to an Equity Bank account. These fees vary depending on the amount you’re sending, and being informed can help you manage your finances more effectively. Below is a table that details how much it will cost you to send various amounts to an Equity Bank Account in 2024:

Amount (KES)Transaction Charges (KES)
1 – 490
50 – 1000
101 – 5004
501 – 1,0009
1,000 – 1,50014
1,501 – 2,50019
2,501 – 3,50024
3,501 – 5,00033
5,001 – 7,50040
7,501 – 10,00046
10,001 – 15,00055
15,001 – 20,00060
20,001 – 25,00065
25,001 – 30,00070
30,001 – 35,00080
35,001 – 40,00096
40,001 – 45,000100
45,001 -150,000105

Equity Bank Customer Care Contacts

For immediate assistance:

How do I Pay my Eazzy loan using M-Pesa?

Follow the steps below to pay for your Eazzy loan using M-Pesa in 2024:

  1. Go to your M-Pesa menu.
  2. Select “Lipa na M-Pesa” and select the “PayBill” option.
  3. Enter 247263 as the business number.
  4. Enter the Equity Bank account number of the person who received the loan.
  5. Enter the amount you want to repay.
  6. Enter your M-Pesa pin and press ok.
  7. You will receive a transaction confirmation message from M-Pesa.

Is sending money from M-Pesa to Equity Bank free?

No, transaction charges apply when you transfer money from M-Pesa to an Equity Bank account. These fees depend on the amount being transferred. Always check the latest charges with M-Pesa or Equity Bank for accurate information​​.

What is the PayBill number for Equity Bank?

The PayBill number for Equity Bank is 247247

What do I do if I accidentally send money to the wrong account?

If you mistakenly send money to the wrong account, contact M-Pesa or Equity Bank’s customer service immediately. They can guide you through attempting to reverse the transaction, though success is not guaranteed.

What is Equity Bank’s mobile banking code?

The mobile banking code for Equity Bank in Kenya is *247#. You can also use this Code to access Equity Bank’s range of banking services across all mobile networks in the country, including Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel, and Equitel. 


With technology shaping our lives on a day-to-day basis, services such as mobile banking have been a lifesaver for many of us. Equity Bank’s partnership with M-Pesa makes it easier to use Equity Bank Paybill 247247 to send money to your Mpesa account. You can enjoy seamless and secure transactions by following the detailed steps outlined in this guide. However, always be informed of the varying transaction charges when depositing money into your bank account. If you find this guide helpful, leave a comment below.

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