List Of All Equity Bank contacts and branches in Kenya in 2024

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Are you looking for your Equity Bank Contacts and branches in Kenya 2024? Well, search no more. This article provides everything you need to know about Equity Bank branches in Kenya and their branch codes And Contacts. Read to the end.

 Equity Bank of Kenya is one of Kenya’s largest financial institutions. In addition, it is the largest bank in Africa in terms of customer base and has over 16.9 million customers. 2014 Equity Bank of Kenya was incorporated after the corporate restructuring of Equity Group Holdings Limited. Knowing your Equity Bank Branch codes is crucial, especially regarding financial transactions. The Financial Power House has over 170 branches in Kenya, including 38 branches across Nairobi. Therefore, knowing all Equity branches in Kenya can be tricky as they operate in every corner of Kenya. If you want to learn where your Equity Branch Location and Contacts, this article has all the information you need.

What Are Equity Bank Branch Codes?

Equity Bank branch codes are unique identifiers assigned to each branch of Equity Bank for identification purposes. These codes are used in various banking transactions, especially wire transfers and international transactions. 

The branch codes include a bank, country, location, and branch code. For example, the Equity Bank branch code for the head office is 68000, and each branch has a specific code like 68001 for the Corporate branch, 68002 for the Fourways branch, and so on. These codes help differentiate between the various branches of Equity Bank, facilitating efficient and accurate transactions.

List of Equity Bank Branches In Kenya And Contacts

Equity Bank operates numerous branches throughout Kenya. Each branch is identified by a unique branch code for easy identification and transaction processing. Below is a complete Table of All Equity Bank branches in Kenya, along with their respective Branch codes, locations, and contacts:

S/NoBranch NamelocationPhoneBank Code
1Equity Head officeUpper Hill – Hospital Road Equity Center 9th floor+25476302600068000
2Equity Bank CorporateFourways Towers, 4th floor020226202368001
3Equity bank FourwaysMuindi Mbingu St, Nairobi076306300068002
4Equity bank KangemaKangema020203231168003
5Equity Bank KaratinaKaratina, Nyeri06172524, 7270968004
6Equity Bank KiriainiKiria-ini, Mathioya020203234568005
7Equity Bank MurarandiaKiharu, Murang’a020210280968006
8Equity Bank KangariOpp. Police Post along Muranga – Othaya road060-4421768007
9Equity Bank OthayaOthaya Road, Nairobi061-315205968008
10Equity Bank ThikaCommerce House067-22673, 2247568009
11Equity Bank KerugoyaKerugoya, Kenya060-21545/2147068010
12Equity Bank NyeriNyeri, Kenya061-203487668011
13Equity Bank Tom MboyaTom Mboya Ave020274400068012
14Equity Bank NakuruWest Road Nakuru020 259208868013
15Equity Bank MeruMeru, Kenya064-32920, 3005968014
16Equity Bank Mama NginaNairobi020-317624, 31782268015
17Equity Bank NyahururuNyahururu, Kenya020274400068016
18Equity Bank Community Supreme CenterNHIF Building 1st floor. Ragati road020274400068017
19Equity Bank Community corporateMadison Insurance House, Ground Floor020 274400068018
20Equity Bank EmbuSiakago Road068-3102768019
21Equity Bank NaivashaNaivasha, Kenya050-202036068020
22Equity Bank ChukaChuka, Tharaka-Nithi064-630570/168021
23Equity Bank Murang’aMurang’a Town060-3122568022
24Equity Bank MoloMolo Town020231403568023
25Equity Bank Harambee AvenueHarambee Ave, Nairobi02031812268024
26Equity Bank MombasaMercantile Digo Road041-2318810/11/1268025
27Equity Bank KimathiKimathi St, Nairobi020274400068026
28Equity Bank NanyukiNanyuki050-2315468027
29Equity Bank KerichoKericho Town052-21622/21635/3115668028
30Equity Bank KisumuMega Plaza, Opp UoN, Oginga Odinga St0572026163/0724256129/073640050068029
31Equity Bank EldoretEldoret Town053-206090768030
32Equity Bank Nakuru –Kenyatta AveKenyatta Avenue0723-78673268031
33Equity Bank KariobangiAlong Outer Ring Road072378672468032
34Equity Bank KitaleKenyatta St054-31590/168033
35Equity Bank Thika – Kenyatta AveKenyatta Avenue067-20031/268034
36Equity Bank KNUT HouseMfangano Road, Nairobi020 274400068035
37Equity Bank NarokNarok, Kenya050-2315468036
38Equity Bank NkubuNkubu, Meru064-5122068037
39Equity Bank MweaMwea060-48451/060-4824968038
40Equity Bank MatuuMatuu Town0734999688/067435523768039
41Equity Bank MauaMaua Town064-2110168040
42Equity Bank IsioloIsiolo Town064-52200/5200868041
43Equity Bank KagioKagio, Kirinyaga072289388468042
44Equity Bank GikombaBusiness Arcade020 676420268043
45Equity Bank UkundaNeeti Plaza040-3201001/2/368044
46Equity Bank MalindiF.N Center Lamu Road0713172064/042212112268045
47Equity Bank Digo RoadDigo Road Mombasa041-231880968046
48Equity Bank Moi AvenueShankardass House+25402025500586847
49Equity Bank BungomaSupermarket road055-3081268048
50Equity Bank KapsabetKapsabet, Kenya053-52565/5239168049
51Equity Bank KakamegaKakamega0714803827/073653241168050
52Equity Bank KisiiKisii058-30620/3062568051
53Equity Bank NyamiraNyamira, Kisii058-6144234/568052
54Equity Bank LiteinLitein0722902544/020212270068053
55Equity Bank Moi Avenue CorporateMoi Avenue, Nairobi020310585268054
56Equity Bank WestlandsWoodvale Grove, Nairobi076306805568055
57Equity Bank Kenpipe PlazaSekondi Road Nanyuki020354530368056
58Equity Bank KikuyuKikuyu, Kenya0738-394654/020-264247668057
59Equity Bank GarissaGarissa Town046-210354536368058
60Equity Bank MwingiMwingi044-82202868059
61Equity Bank MachakosMachakos, Kenya044-21541/61/8568060
62Equity Bank Ongata RongaiNext to Tuskys Supermarket020 358523868061
63Equity Bank Ol-KalaoOl-Kalao Town076306806268062
64Equity Bank KawangwareDagoreti Road, Kawangware020274400068063
65Equity Bank KiambuKiambu Town070526423468064
66Equity Bank KayolePinnacle Center Building020211414768065
67Equity Bank GatunduGatundu, Kiambu0202114140/168066
68Equity Bank WoteWote, Makueni44-3357868067
69Equity Bank MumiasMumias056-64132168068
70Equity Bank LimuruLimuru071071609668069
71Equity Bank KitengelaKitengela0734225130/071195225168070
72Equity Bank GithuraiGithurai, Nairobi020 2357603/468071
73Equity Bank KituiKitui044-4422007/044-442300668072
74Equity Bank Ng’ongDialal Building 1st floor+25420235760268073
75Equity Bank LoitoktokLoitoktok, Kenya020 800691868074
76Equity Bank BondoBondo, Kenya+254202236957768075
77Equity Bank Mbita PointMbita Point, Homa Bay020235759668076
78Equity Bank GilgilGilgil050-400217268077
79Equity Bank BusiaBusia, Kenya020-806016468078
80Equity Bank VoiNjiiri Plaza, Upper Floor071351091668079
81Equity Bank Enterprise RoadIndustrial Area0718540133/073715216568080
82Equity CenterUpper Hill, Equity Center, Ground Floor0717751414/668081
83Equity Bank DonholmDonholm, Nairobi+25420236943068082
84Equity Bank MukurweiniOthaya- Karatina Road020274400068083
85Equity Bank EastleighEastleigh 2nd Ave074554534368084
86Equity Bank NamangaNamanga, Kenya020-240050168085
87Equity Bank KajiadoKajiado, Kenya0714-803827/0736-53241168086
88Equity Bank RuiruRuiru Town020 244503268087
89Equity Bank OTCOTC, Nairobi020 2400524/568088
90Equity Bank KenolKenol Town, Murang’a071796868968089
91Equity Bank TalaTala, Machakos020 240051568090
92Equity Bank NgaraRing Road Ngara Roundabout071633671068091
93Equity Bank Nandi HillsNandi Hills0716-336796/0738-73541768092
94Equity Bank GithunguriGithunguri, Kiambu020 2445047/4368093
95Equity Bank Tea roomNgara072936179668094
96Equity Bank BuruburuBuruburu, Nairobi076306809568095
97Equity Bank MbaleMbale, Maragoli020236960868096
98Equity Bank SiayaSiaya Town057250610068097
99Equity Bank HomabayLore Plaza+25420274400068098
100Equity Bank LodwarLodwar Town0716336798/073146841268099
101Equity Bank ManderaMandera Town072975323368100
102Equity Bank MarsabitMarsabit Town071707431368101
103Equity Bank MoyaleMoyale, Kenya0703-483455/0734-91770868102
104Equity Bank WajirWajir, Kenya0612307600/1/2/368103
105Equity Bank Meru –MakutanoMakutano, Meru020-2744000680104
106Equity Bank MalabaMalaba, Busia057250720268105
107Equity Bank KilifiKilifi, Kenya0412006505/668106
108Equity Bank KapenguriaKapenguria, Kenya070411659468107
109Equity Bank Mombasa roadMombasa Road Nairobi076306810868108
110Equity Bank Eldoret MarketEldoret Market053-2060832/83368109
111Equity Bank MaralalMaralal Kenya0716336714/073133035768100
112Equity Bank KimendeKimende Township0727878120/0518006631/268111
113Equity Bank LuandaLuanda, Kenya0717074334/073133034268112
114KU Sub BranchKenyatta University Nairobi0202322432/3368113
115Equity Bank Nyeri – Kimathi WayNyeri, Kenya0202744000 -68115


S/NoBranch NamelocationPhoneBank Code
116Equity Bank MigoriMoi Ave Suna0722-214635/ 0721-58235268116
117Equity Bank KiberaKibera, Nairobi020 274400068117
118Equity Bank KengeleniKisauni, Mombasa0726852599/073833574168144

How to Use Branch Codes for Transactions

Branch codes are not just numbers but are essential for various banking operations. Understanding their applications can significantly enhance your banking experience. They are used in the following scenarios:

  1. Direct Deposits and Payments:
  2. Online Banking Transactions
  3. International Transfers

What is the Equity bank swift code in a bank account?

The SWIFT code for Equity Bank is EQBLKENA. This code is used for international bank wire transfers, particularly cross-border transactions. The SWIFT code EQBLKENA represents the head office of Equity Bank located at Equity Centre, Floor 9, Hospital Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

What is the Equity bank routing number?

The routing number for Equity Bank is 101105354. This 9-digit code is used to identify the bank on checks, direct deposits, bill payments, and other financial transactions.

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