DStv Kenya Packages, Prices And Channels 2024/2025

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Are You Looking For DStv Kenya packages, Prices and channels in Kenya in 2024? Whether you want to get started with DStv or are already a DStv subscriber in Kenya, we will explore everything you need to know. Read to the end to get all the details.

DStv is part of the Multichoice group and has operated in Kenya since 1995. DStv Kenya has provided Kenyans with endless home entertainment for over a century. There are many channels, including sports, movies, and educational content. What sets DStv apart from its competition in the Kenyan market is the introduction of cheaper packages, such as DStv Lite, at a price of Ksh 650 per month with over 51 channels, making digital television accessible to all Kenyans. Besides Their expensive packages, the DStv Premium also caters to a diverse audience, boasting over 175 channels for Ksh 9,900 monthly.

DStv’s Kenya Packages 2024 And Their Prices

DStv Kenya Packages, Prices And Channels 2024/2025

Every year, the digital satellite TV provider usually updates its Prices to align with the needs and demands of the Kenyan market; 2024 is no different, and as usual, DSTV Kenya has updated its pricing for a number of its packages. Below is everything you need to know about each package to help you make an informed choice:

DStv Lite

  • Price: Ksh 650 per month
  • Channels: 51+
  • Highlights: This is the cheapest DStv Package In Kenya; it is perfect for Kenyans looking for a minimum selection of channels without worrying about the cost

DStv Access

  • Price: Ksh 1,300 per month
  • Channels: 95+
  • Highlights: It offers a more extensive Lineup of channels than DStv Lite. It gives you access to various entertainment, news, and educational content​​.

DStv Family

  • Price: Ksh 1,850 per month
  • Channels: 120+
  • Highlights: It is perfect for family viewing. Here, you get a balanced mix of adult and children’s channels that cater to the needs of all family members​​.

DStv Compact

  • Price: Ksh 3,500 per month
  • Channels: 135+
  • Highlights: It is perfect for anyone seeking a richer entertainment experience, including access to premium channels like M-Net Action and M-Net series​​.

DStv Compact Plus

  • Price: Ksh 6,200 per month
  • Channels: 155+
  • Highlights: If the compact option doesn’t meet your needs at an extra price, the Compact Plus Package offers an extended list of entertainment, sports, and movie channels.

DStv Premium

  • Price: Ksh 9,900 per month
  • Channels: 175+
  • Highlights: At the Pinnacle of DStv Packages, we have the DStv Premium. You are guaranteed maximum access, including all SuperSport channels, exclusive international content, and Showmax, at no extra cost​​.

DStv Package Comparison

PackagePrice (Ksh/month)Channels

DStv Kenya Packages And Their Channels

As seen above, DStv offers several packages tailored to serve various audiences. If you are a sports fan, a kid, or looking for excellent documentaries and educational content, there is always something for everyone. Below, we have highlighted DStv packages and the channels that they offer to help you make a better decision:

1. DStv Lite – Ksh 650 per month

This package offers 51+ channels and an extra 2 HD channels: They are:

CategoryChannel NameChannel Number
General EntertainmentCitizen TV273
TVE Tanzania295
Zanzibar TV291
DocumentarySafari TV292
NatGeo Wild182
Kids & TeensJim Jam586
Disney Junior309
Islam Channel347
Emmanuel TV390
Local ChannelsCitizen TV273
KTN News274
Wasafi TV296
Citi TV363
Mibawa TV298
Plus TV Africa408
MoviesAfrica Magic Epic152
Maisha Magic Movies141
MusicTRACE Mziki323
Free ChannelsNBS286
SportsSS Blitz Africa220
SS Blitz Variety 4209
News & CommerceAl Jazeera406
BBC World News400
Newzroom Afrika405

2. DStv Access – Ksh 1,300 per month

Here, you can access 95+ channels and an extra 7 HD channels. All the channels in this package are:

CategoryChannel NameChannel Number
Kenyan channelsMaisha Magic East HD158
General entertainment channelsE! Entertainment124
FOX Life126
Maisha Magic East HD158
Zee World166
Movie channelsM-Net Movies 4108
B4U Movies451
Documentary, lifestyle and education channelsDiscovery Family HD136
NatGeo Wild182
Sports channelsSS Blitz Africa HD220
SS Football Africa225
SS Variety 4 Africa229
International news and commerce channelsBBC World News400
Al Jazeera406
CGTN News409
CNC World415
Kids and teens channelsNickelodeon305
Disney Junior309
Jim Jam310
PBS Kids313
EDU Channel316
Mindset Pop317
Music channelsMTV Base322
TRACE Mziki323
Local channelsSTN TV265
Inooro TV269
Citizen TV273
KTN News274
Kameme TV276
Safari TV292
Citi TV363
HD channelsDiscovery Family HD136
Maisha Magic East HD158
SS Blitz Africa HD220
Newzroom Afrika HD405
Other African channelsAfrica Magic Epic152
Africa Magic Family154
Africa Magic Hausa156
Africa Magic Yoruba157
Africa Magic Igbo159
Maisha Magic Bongo160
Spice TV190
eTV Africa250
Zanzibar TV291
Cloud Plus294
TVE Tanzania295
Wasafi TV296
ETV News298
Rwanda TV299
Sound City327
Dominion TV364
SABC News404
Newzroom Afrika HD405
Plus TV Africa408
Arise News416
Joy News421
Religious channelsFAITH341
Day Star342
Eternal Word Television Network348
Dove TV349
Emmanuel TV390
TV Mundial (P)680
European and Asian channelsNHK413
RAI International430
TV5 Monde Afrique437
Deutsche Welle446
CCTV 4447
CGTN Documentary448
CGTN French449
CCTV Entertainment480
China Movie Channel481
Shanghai Dragon TV482
Hunan TV483
Zhejiang TV484
Phoenix News and Entertainment485
RTPi (P)525
Indian channelsNDTV 24×7413
Audio channelsDMX – Adult Contemporary751
DMX – Today’s Hits752
DMX – Y2K Hits753
DMX – 70’s Hits754
DMX – 80’s Hits755
DMX – Familiar Favourites756
DMX – Soft Hits757
DMX – Love Songs758
DMX – Metro Blends759
DMX – Cityscapes760
DMX – Groove Lounge761
DMX – House Party762
DMX – Power Hits763
DMX – Dance764
DMX – Trots Afrikaans765
DMX – Campus Rock766
DMX – Alternative767
DMX – Hard Rock768
DMX – Classic Rock769
DMX – Golden Oldies770
DMX – 90’s Hits771
DMX – Classic RandB772
DMX – Urban Adult Contemporary773
DMX – Urban Beat774
DMX – Reggae775
DMX – Modern Country776
DMX – Traditional Country777
DMX – Gospel778
DMX – African Rhythms779
DMX – Italian Contemporary780
DMX – Smooth Jazz781
DMX – Classic Jazz782
DMX – Blues783
DMX – Beautiful Instrumentals784
DMX – Contemporary Instrumentals785
DMX – The Light786
DMX – Light Classical787
DMX – Arias and Overtures788
DMX – Chamber Music789
DMX – Symphonic790
DMX – French Contemporary791
BBC World Service English850
BBC World Radio 2851
BBC African Languages852
Voice of America853
World Radio Network854
Eastern FM858
Channel Islam Internationale865
Radio France Internationale866
Maisha FM881

3. DStv Family – Ksh 1,850 per month

The DStv Family package offers 120+ stations and 10 HD channels. All channels available on the Access Package are featured here. Other channels in this package are:

CategoryChannel NameChannel Number
General EntertainmentFOX125
CBS Reality132
Star Life167
MovieTNT Africa137
Documentary, Lifestyle, EducationBBC Lifestyle174
Food Network175
National Geographic Channel181
SportsESPN 1218
SS LaLiga Africa HD224
SS Variety 3 Africa HD228
Kids and TeensBoomerang302
Da Vinci Kids318
MusicAFRO Music English326
HD ChannelsSS LaLiga Africa HD224
SS Variety 3 Africa HD228
Other African ChannelsReal Time155
Pearl Magic161
ROK 2169
Trace Jama333
ReligiousTrace Gospel332
AudioCitizen Radio874

4. DStv Compact – Ksh 3,500 per month

Compact offers 135+ stations and 22 HD channels. All the Chnnales in the Family bouquet are available here. The following channels are also available:

CategoryChannel NameChannel Number
Kenyan channelsMaisha Magic Plus HD163
General entertainment channelsM-Net City115
Universal TV117
BBC Brit120
WWE Channel HD128
Lifetime Entertainment131
Pearl Magic Prime148
Movie channelsStudio Universal HD112
Documentary, lifestyle channelsDiscovery TLC HD135
Discovery ID HD171
Sports channelsSS Premier League Africa HD223
SS Variety 2 Africa HD227
WWE Channel HD236
International news channelsCNN International401
Sky News402
Kids and teens channelsCartoon Network301
Disney Channel303
Disney Channel XD304
Other African channelsAfrica Magic Urban153
TRACE Naija325
Trace Muzika334

5. DStv Compact Plus – Ksh 6,200 per month

The package offers 155+ stations and 30 HD channels. All channels on Compact are here. In addition the following are also available:

CategoryChannel NameChannel Number
General entertainment channels1 Magic HD103
Movie channelsM-Net Movies 3 HD107
Documentary, lifestyle and educationDiscovery Channel HD121
CBS JusticeCBS Justice170
Curiosity ChannelCuriosity Channel185
The History ChannelThe History Channel186
Sports channelsESPN 2219
SS Football Plus Africa HDSS Football Plus Africa222
SS Variety 1 Africa HDSS Variety 1 Africa226
SS Action Africa HDSS Action Africa230
International news and commerceCNBC Africa410
Bloomberg TelevisionBloomberg Television411
HD channelsAfrica Magic Showcase HD151
EuroNews French438
EuroNews German445

6. DStv Premium – Ksh 9,900 per month

The Premium package contains all 175+ channels and 38 HD channels offered: In addition to the above mentioned channels in other packages here are the ones also added:

CategoryChannel NameChannel Number
General entertainmentM-Net East HD102
Comedy Central122
MovieM-Net Movies 1 East HD104
M-Net Movies 2 HD106
SportsSS Grandstand Africa HD221
SS Rugby Africa231
SS Cricket Africa232
SS Golf Africa233
SS Tennis Africa HD234
SS Motorsport Africa HD235
SS Maximo 1 (P) HD241
SS Maximo 2 (P) HD242
International newsEuroNews414
HDM-Net East HD102
M-Net Movies 1 East HD104
M-Net Movies 2 HD106
SS Grandstand Africa HD221
SS Football Plus Africa HD222
SS Tennis Africa HD234
SS Motorsport Africa HD235
SS Maximo 1 (P) HD241
SS Maximo 2 (P) HD242

DStv Add-on Packages

The Platform goes beyond its primary packages to offer add-on packages that cater to niche interests and cultural preferences. This allows you to bring more life to your viewing experiences thanks to several international content, additional movie channels, or specialized language options that the add-on packages provide. Below is a summary of the add-on packages available in Kenya as of 2024:

  • Indian Package: For Ksh 1,600 per month, subscribers can enjoy a selection of over 4 channels, offering the best in Bollywood entertainment and news​​.
  • Portuguese Package: Priced at Ksh 7,700 monthly, this package provides 11+ channels, including sports, telenovelas, and news, perfect for Portuguese-speaking audiences​​.
  • Great Wall (Chinese): For Ksh 770 per month, this package offers 10+ channels featuring Chinese news, entertainment, and cultural programming​​.
  • French Touch: At Ksh 920 monthly, subscribers get access to 9+ French-language channels, offering a variety of entertainment and educational content​​.
  • French Plus: This more extensive French package costs Ksh 4,100 per month and includes 15+ channels, catering to a Francophone audience with a broader selection of entertainment options​​.
  • Add-on Movie Package: For an additional Ksh 800 per month, movie enthusiasts can enhance their viewing with 3 extra movie channels, adding more depth to their entertainment selection​​.

DStv Kenya  Payment Options

DStv Kenya offers multiple payment methods, ensuring you can quickly pay for your subscription to avoid being disconnected. Here are several options provided:

  • M-Pesa
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers and Direct Deposits
  • DStv Self-Service

How to pay For DStv packages in Kenya Via M-Pesa:

To pay for your subscription using the official M-Pesa Method, follow the procedures below:

  1. On Your Phone, Go To M-Pesa Menu
  2. Select “Lipa na M-Pesa” option.
  3. Select “Pay Bill”.
  4. Enter 444900 as the business number.
  5. Enter your DStv SmartCard number as the account number.
  6. Enter the amount you want to pay.
  7. Enter your Mpesa pin and press “OK.”
  8. Confirm the details entered are correct and Tap on Send
  9. Mpesa will Send Your SMS to confirm Your Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I upgrade or downgrade my DStv packages In Kenya?

  • Changing Your DSTV Packages in Kenya is more challenging than You think. All you need to do is to use the e DStv Self-Service platform. After login, Click the “Change Package” option on the home page>>Select the desired package and then Pay. Make sure to follow all the presented prompts without skipping any.

Q2: What should I do if I experience signal issues or errors on my decoder?

Sometimes Technical glitches happen even with DStv; if you experience any signal issues or errors, try resetting your decoder. Additionally, You can use the DStv Self-Service options to clear error codes on the self-service portal.

Q3: Can I access DStv while on the go?

Yes, DStv users can use the DStv Now app to stream live TV, catch up on missed episodes, and access DStv’s on-demand content library from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops, ensuring they never miss out on their favorite shows, even while away from home.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about DStv Kenya packages, their Prices, and channels in 2024. Whether you are a sports fan, a movie lover, or a family looking to enjoy a diverse amount of entertainment, DStv Kenya promises to offer something for all audiences. Thank you for taking the time to go through this article. As usual, we invite you to share this blog post with your family members so they can discover what DStv has to offer. All the best

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