Top 15 Best Internet Service Providers in Kenya 2024: Packages & Prices

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Are you looking for the best internet providers in Kenya? Well, search no more. This article will take you through a list of the top 15 ISPs in Kenya, along with the packages and pricing they each offer.

Today, the internet has become a basic need in Kenya, including food, shelter, and clothing. The statement might sound slightly Vague, but for those working from home, the Internet is needed for Survival. Access to a stable Internet connection is necessary for businesses and individuals. The rise of digital platforms and the increasing reliance on cloud-based solutions underscores the need for reliable internet service providers (ISPs). 

In Kenya, many ISPs offer a spectrum of internet services that cater to a broad range of needs and preferences. From Safaricom home fiber to Zuku to Faiba, Kenyans have various options. However, finding a reliable provider in Kenya can take time and effort. Thus, in this guide, we have researched and tested several of them to help you make a better decision. So, if you are looking for the best internet provider in Kenya, read to the end to make a better choice.

Understanding Internet Service Providers in Kenya

Each ISP offers different speeds and price ranges in Kenya to suit users’ requirements, from home users to businesses. The market share of ISPs in Kenya varies, with Safaricom leading the fixed internet market with a share of 46.1% as of December 2022. Following Safaricom is Wananchi Group (Faiba), with a market share of 31.1%. Here are the Top 15 Best internet service Providers currently making waves in the Kenyan Market:

  1. Zuku
  2. Liquid Home 
  3. JTL Faiba
  4. Mawingu Networks
  5. Surfnet Solutions
  6. Cheetah Net Solutions
  7. Vilcom Fibre Solutions
  8. Elink Networks
  9. Telkom Kenya
  10. Airtel
  11. Internet Solutions Kenya
  12. Poa Internet
  13. Skynet Broadband
  14. Safaricom Home Fibre
  15. Faiba Home

Factors To consider when choosing an ISP

Choosing an ISP provider is not about quantity over quality but vice versa. Besides, here are several other factors that come into play:

Location and Area of Coverage

You should always check if the Service provider is available in your area. In Kenya, most leading service Providers limit their connections to only significant towns, so you may be excluded if you are from rural Kenya. However, there are still many other local ISPs that you can always check in your area.

Check the speed and bandwidth Offered.

Remember, I told you it should always be quality over quantity. Always weigh both the speed and bandwidth offered when choosing your ISP. If you are a heavy internet user, consider a provider who provides good speed in upload and download. In addition, consider bandwidth if you want to share the internet with many people.

Check on Prices

Kenya has numerous internet providers, each offering different packages and pricing structures. Before settling on your final option, you can locate the most affordable options. ISPs have various packages with speeds, data caps, and price points.

Downtimes and Responses

Sometimes technical glitches happen; believe it or not, you can not blame me, your provider. Hover sometimes; it is usually just careless of incompetencies from the Provider. So, the track record of service interruptions and downtime is essential when selecting an ISP. What is even more important is how the provider handles such cases when they happen. Always research these minor details so you are satisfied with your ISP services when such issues occur.

Customer support 

When deciding on an ISP, it’s crucial to weigh the quality and accessibility of their customer care. If you experience any difficulties with your internet connection, having access to efficient and helpful customer care can considerably assist in getting the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Usage policies and data limits 

 When choosing an internet service provider, it is vital to consider data limits and usage regulations. You should evaluate your internet behaviors and compute the average monthly data usage.

Types of Internet Connections Available In Kenya

The technological backbone of ISP offerings in Kenya comprises several types of connections, each with its advantages:

  • Fiber Optic: Offers the fastest speeds and reliability, ideal for heavy internet users and businesses​ 
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): Utilizes existing telephone lines, balancing speed and affordability.
  • 4G LTE: Provides high-speed mobile internet, suitable for users needing connectivity.
  • Satellite Internet: An option for rural areas lacking terrestrial infrastructure, though often more expensive and affected by weather.

Top 15 ISPs in Kenya – Packages and Prices

Here’s a closer look at what the top ISPs In Kenya offer.

1. Zuku

Package TypeInternet SpeedPrice (KSh)Included Features
Internet-only10 Mbps2,799High-speed internet, free installation, free modem, option to add TV Classic pack for Ksh. 499
20 Mbps4,199High-speed internet, free installation, free modem, option to add TV Classic pack for Ksh. 499
60 Mbps5,999High-speed internet, free installation, free modem, option to add TV Classic pack for Ksh. 499
Triple Play10 Mbps2,899Internet, installation, modem, digital TV decoder, local/int’l TV channels, Zuku to Zuku calls, handset (Ksh. 1500), free police/emergency calls
20 Mbps4,39920Mbps internet, installation, modem, digital TV decoder, 60+ TV channels, Zuku to Zuku calls, handset (Ksh. 1500), free police/emergency calls
60 Mbps6,29960Mbps internet, installation, modem, digital TV decoder, 60+ TV channels, free Zuku to Zuku calls, handset (Ksh. 1500), free police/emergency calls
Business10 Mbps4,499Internet, TV package, Wi-Fi router, telephone handset
20 Mbps5,599Internet, TV package, Wi-Fi router, telephone handset
50 Mbps9,099Internet, TV package, Wi-Fi router, telephone handset
80 Mbps13,099Internet, TV package, Wi-Fi router, telephone handset
120 Mbps17,799Internet, TV package, Wi-Fi router, telephone handset

2. Liquid Home 

PackageSpeedPriceInstallation Fee
Basic5 MbpsKsh. 2,499Variable or Ksh. 6,500 (WiMax)
Fast10 MbpsKsh. 3,499Variable or Ksh. 6,500 (WiMax)
Super-Fast25 MbpsKsh. 5,199Variable
Lighting Fast50 MbpsKsh. 6,839Variable
Turbo Charged100 MbpsKsh. 11,999Variable

For WiMax internet packages:

SpeedPriceInstallation Fee
5 MbpsKsh. 2,499Ksh. 6,500
10 MbpsKsh. 2,499Ksh. 6,500

3. JTL Faiba

FAIBA PackagesSpeedPrice (KSh/mo)Details
40 Mbps5,000Unlimited internet, 24/7 support
65 Mbps10,000Unlimited internet, 24/7 support
90 Mbps15,000Unlimited internet, 24/7 support
120 Mbps20,000Unlimited internet, 24/7 support
30 Mbps10,000Ideal for 1-10 users, moderate bandwidth usage
45 Mbps15,000Ideal for 11-20 users, retrieve and share files from the cloud
60 Mbps25,000Ideal for 21-30 users, stream audio and video services
75 Mbps30,000Ideal for 31-40 users, heavy bandwidth usage
90 Mbps40,000Ideal for 41-50 users, most activity online
120 Mbps55,000Ideal for 51-65 users, host websites and email servers
Konnect 11 Mbps
Konnect 22 Mbps
Konnect 33 Mbps
Konnect 55 Mbps
Konnect 1010 Mbps
Konnect 2020 Mbps
Konnect 5050 Mbps

4. Mawingu Networks

Package TypePackage NameCost (KES)Deposit Fee (KES)Key FeaturesDevices Supported
Max InternetMax 102,5003,000Fast web browsing, Movie and streaming x 1 device, Video calls and conferencing, 2-3 devices sharing2-3
Max InternetMax 153,0003,000Fast web browsing, HD movie and music streaming x 1 device, Video calls and conferencing x 2 devices, 2-3 devices sharing2-3
Max InternetMax 204,5003,000Fast web browsing, Super-fast downloads, HD movie and music streaming x 2 devices, Video calls and conferencing x 2 devices, CCTV capability, 5 devices sharing5

5. Surfnet Solutions

PlanSpeedMonthly CostDescription
10 MbpsKshs 2,400Best for not more than 5 devices for home browsing
20 MbpsKshs 3,500Best for not more than 10 devices, live TV streaming, home browsing
40 MbpsKshs 5,000Best for not more than 20 devices, live TV streaming, IoT, home browsing
5 MbpsKshs 2,400Best for not more than 5 devices for home browsing
8 MbpsKshs 3,000Suitable for streaming, uploading light duty
12 MbpsKshs 3,500Suitable for heavy downloading and streaming
20 MbpsKshs 5,000Suitable for heavy streaming, uploading, downloading, CCTV surveillance
6 MbpsKshs 5,000Economical for small businesses, suitable for browsing, server access, up to 4 CCTV cameras, up to 8 devices
12 MbpsKshs 8,000Suitable for heavier duty internet requirements, supermarkets, hotels, small colleges
15 MbpsKshs 10,000Suitable for distributed processing systems, extensive CCTV surveillance, colleges, hotels
25 MbpsKshs 15,000Suitable for most industrial needs involving process monitoring
45 MbpsKshs 25,000Suitable for real-time remote surveillance over large areas with extensive CCTV cameras, colleges, universities, big hotels

6. Cheetah Net Solutions

PlanSpeedPrice (KSh/month)Traffic
Fiber Home8 Mbps2,000Unlimited
15 Mbps2,500Unlimited
25 Mbps3,000Unlimited
35 Mbps4,000Unlimited
Fiber Business9 Mbps2,500Unlimited
15 Mbps3,500Unlimited
20 Mbps5,000Unlimited
30 Mbps7,000Unlimited

7.Vilcom Fibre Solutions

PlanSpeedPrice (KSH)Features
Home Fibre Plans
Starter10Mbps2,800 / MonthUnlimited internet access, Moderate Internet speed, SD Movie & music streaming, Fast web browsing, SD TV programming, E-learning & Online meetings
Basic15Mbps3,800 / MonthHigh speed internet, Fast web browsing, SD Movie and Music streaming, HD TV programming, E-learning, Online meetings
Standard40Mbps4,999 / MonthSD Movie & music streaming, HD TV programming, Multiple device streaming, Superfast video downloads, Live video coverage, Online gaming
Premium60Mbps9,499 / MonthFast web browsing, UHD Movies streaming, UHD Music streaming, UHD TV programming, CCTV device capability, Superfast video downloads
Business Fibre Plans
Business Fibre15Mbps7,0001-10 Users, Dedicated
Business Fibre30Mbps9,90011-20 Users, Dedicated
Business Fibre50Mbps16,50021-35 Users, Dedicated
Business Fibre75Mbps24,75036-50 Users, Dedicated
Business Fibre100Mbps40,00051-65 Users, Dedicated
Speed (Mbps)Monthly Price (Ksh)Type
2003,000 to 8,000Residential
1 GbpsStarting from 10,000Business

9. Telkom Kenya

PackageData AllowanceValidityPrice (KES)FUP (Fair Usage Policy)
Daily 5GB5GB24 Hours250
Monthly 12GB12GB30 Days1,000
Monthly 30GB30GB30 Days2,000
Monthly 50GB50GB30 Days3,000
Unlimited13.3GB daily cap30 Days4,000Capped at 13.3GB/day, 400GB/month total
Unlimited Plus16.6GB daily cap30 Days5,500Capped at 16.6GB/day, 500GB/month total
100GB100GB90 Days6,000

10. Airtel Kenya

Type of PlanPlan NameData AllocationPrice (KES)ValidityAdditional Info
Pocket Wifi PlansVarious3GB – 70GB250 – 3,000VariesIdeal for on-the-go internet access.
Home Internet Plans4G Smart Box10GB (free data)5,500Upon purchaseConnects up to 32 users. Speeds up to 40Mbps.
4G Pocket WiFi5GB (free data)2,500Upon purchasePortable, connects up to 10 users.
Monthly Data PlansBazu Monthly 500250 MB/day50030 daysTotal 7.5GB.
Bazu Monthly 1,0001 GB/day1,00030 daysTotal 30GB.
Bazu Monthly 2,0003 GB/day2,00030 daysTotal 90GB.
UnlimiNET PackagesUnlimiNET Monthly1GB – 24GB399 – 2,00030 daysIncludes talk time and SMS. Free social media up to 100MB/day. Data rollover.
UnlimiNET Daily/WeeklyDaily 70MB70MB101 day
Weekly 6GB6GB5007 days
Special BundlesUnlimiNET 1000 pack10GB1,00030 days400 mins across all networks, 2000 SMS, free WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter up to 100MB/day.

11. Internet Solutions Kenya

SpeedPackage TypePrice (KES)Features
Up to 10 MbpsHome Internet2,999Suitable for basic browsing, email, and streaming.
Up to 100 MbpsMedium-Sized Business FiberStarts from 29,999Ideal for businesses requiring high-speed internet.
Dedicated AccessEnterprise-LevelCustom PricingFor large companies with high bandwidth needs.

12. Poa Internet

ServiceSpeedData LimitCost (KSh)Additional Information
Poa! Home Internet4MbpsUnlimited1,500/monthInstallation fee: KSh 3,500 (Promotional offer: KSh 2,500)
Poa! Street Wi-FiN/A100MB daily free, KSh 20/GB afterFreeOver 10,000 hotspots across Kenya

13. Skynet Faiba

Package NameSpeedPrice (Ksh)Key Features
Sky Gold8 Mbps3500– Fast web browsing
– 4K movies and TV shows
– Online gaming
– CCTV capabilities
– Multiple device streaming
– Superfast video downloads
Sky Silver6 Mbps2500– Fast web browsing
– Internet surfing
– Social media surfing
– HD movies and TV shows
– CCTV capabilities
Sky Bronze4 Mbps2000– Web browsing
– Social media surfing
– Devices streaming
– Light file sharing
– Online shopping

14.Safaricom Home Fibre

PackageSpeedMonthly CostValidity Period
Bronze5mbps2900/-30 Days
Bronze Plus5mbps3400/-30 Days
Silver10mbps3999/-30 Days
Silver Plus10mbps4999/-30 Days
Gold20mbps5699/-30 Days
Gold Plus20mbps6699/-30 Days
Diamond40mbps11499/-30 Days
Diamond Plus40mbps12499/-30 Days

15. CheetahNet Solutions

CategorySpeed/BundlePrice (KES)Validity
Hourly Deals2Mbps201 hour
2Mbps503 hours
2Mbps1001 day
Bundles50MB530 days
100MB1030 days
200MB2030 days
1GB5030 days
2GB8030 days
4GB15030 days
Weekly Deals2Mbps5001 week
4Mbps1,0001 week
Monthly Deals3Mbps2,0001 month
6Mbps3,0001 month
12Mbps6,0001 month
Monthly Business2Mbps2,5001 month
4Mbps3,5001 month
6Mbps5,0001 month
12Mbps10,0001 month
20Mbps15,0001 month

How much is WIFI per month in Kenya?

Wi-Fi prices in Kenya vary depending on the service provider and the package chosen. Wi-Fi prices in Kenya typically range from about Ksh 1,500 to about Ksh 12,000 per month, depending on the provider and the selected package.

What service has the cheapest internet in Kenya?

The service with the cheapest internet in Kenya is Poa! Internet, offering speeds of up to 4MBPS at Ksh. 1,500 per month, with installation fees at Ksh. 3,500. Additionally, users have access to over 10,000+ hotspots, guaranteeing 100MB of free access to data.

How much is ZUKU internet monthly?

In 2024, the monthly prices for Zuku internet packages are as follows:

  • 10 Mbps package: Ksh 2,799
  • 20 Mbps package: Ksh 4,199
  • 60 Mbps package: Ksh 5,999

These prices apply to both the “Internet Only” packages and the “Triple Play” packages Zuku offers.


In this article, I have taken you through a thorough overview of the Top 15 Leading ISPs in the Kenyan market. Many choices exist, from established giants like Safaricom and Zuku to emerging forces such as Poa Internet and Mawingu Networks. Remember that each ISP brings unique strengths—whether in the form of lightning-fast fiber optics or expansive 4G coverage to ensure that every Kenyan is connected to the internet. Selecting the right ISP is critical, considering several factors: speed, reliability, price, and customer service. With all this information in the blog Post, the final decision to select the right ISP now lies in your own hands. If you have any questions that you would need clarification shoot a comment down below, and I will get back to you with answers

All The best 

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