3 Bedroom House Plans in Kenya And Costs 2024/2025

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Have you ever dreamt of building your own home in Kenya that perfectly suits your family’s needs and aesthetic preferences? If so, consider the popular and practical choice of 3 Bedroom House Plans in Kenya.

At the end of the day, we all want a place that we can call home. 3 bedroom houses have become popular house designs in Kenya. They offer a balance between affordability and space, catering to most medium-sized families. The cost of bringing a 3-bedroom house to life in Kenya varies due to several factors, such as location, design preferences, and the materials used. Generally, estimates range from as low as Ksh. 800,000 to upwards of Ksh. 2,000,000, a variance highlighting the importance of informed decision-making and strategic planning​​. In this blog post, I provide you with everything about 3-bedroom house designs in Kenya, including construction and the Costs Involved.

Let us get started.

Understanding 3-Bedroom House Plans in Kenya 

3-bedroom houses in Kenya are becoming popular options. Therefore, understanding the house designs and plans available and the various features that make each stand out is the first step to knowing when building a house in Kenya. Below are some of the popular three-bedroom house designs in Kenya:

1. Simple three-bedroom house 

Simple three-bedroom houses are becoming common in Kenya as they are more affordable. These houses are built cheaply to offer a small family a comfortable living space. They are typically constructed using wood, concrete, and bricks. The exterior can be finished with brick, stone, or siding, depending on the design preference and budget. Common roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, metal, or tiles, are chosen based on durability and cost-effectiveness.

2 . Low-budget modern three-bedroom houses

3 Bedroom House Plans in Kenya And Costs 2024/2025

These types of 3-bedroom houses in Kenya present cost-effective design, efficient use of space, and modern aesthetics. These houses often utilize basic materials like concrete, wood, steel, and natural fibres to keep costs low. In addition, they use natural materials like jute, hemp, and natural wood to bring out their modern designs. Structural elements like beams or concrete are sometimes left exposed, adding to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space.

3. One-sided firewall 3-bedroom house 

These houses are designed to use a firewall on one side for safety and structural integrity. The materials used in the construction of a one-sided firewall 3-bedroom house include concrete, steel, wood, and other construction materials suitable for residential buildings. The design of this house plan features an area of 86 square meters. Firewalls are designed to remain freestanding even if the adjacent structure collapses.

4. Small 3-bedroom house plans

Small 3-bedroom house plans are a popular choice for many homeowners in Kenya. They feature a balance of space and practicality. These homes typically range from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet but can vary from 800 to 10,000 square feet, fitting well on standard lots. Regarding design features, small 3-bedroom houses often have the primary bedroom on the main floor with additional bedrooms located upstairs. They commonly feature 1.5–2 story layouts suitable for different lot types, with split primary suite layouts for one-story homes.

Costs involved in building a 3-bedroom in Kenya

The cost of building a 3-bedroom house in Kenya is an investment that requires meticulous financial planning and an understanding of various cost components. The table below outlines the major cost categories and their estimated ranges, providing a snapshot of what to expect budget-wise:

Construction PhasePercentage of Total BudgetEstimated Cost (Ksh)
Doors and Windows11%
Interior Fittings4%
Plumbing Fixtures5%
Electrical Installations6%
Foundation Stones47,000
Roofing Materials170,000
Doors and Windows (Materials)123,000
Plumbing and Electrical110,000
Transport and Labor300,000
Total Estimated Range (Urban)3,100,000 – 3,300,000
Total Estimated Range (Rural)600,000 – 1,500,000

Understanding Costs for Building a 3 Bedroom House in Urban and Rural Kenya

The location of your construction project in Kenya significantly affects the total cost. Urban areas, notably Nairobi and Mombasa, often have higher land prices, labour rates, and material costs due to increased demand and accessibility issues. In Nairobi, you work at a unit square cost of Ksh.31,000. In Kisumu, you will spend Ksh.32,000 per square meter. 

Conversely, rural areas offer cost savings that could be estimated between Ksh. 600,000 to Ksh. 1,500,000. To get an idea of how the Costs vary in urban and rural Kenya, here is a table to help you understand:

ComponentCost in Rural Areas (Ksh.)Cost in Urban Areas (Ksh.)
Total Estimated Cost2,000,0004,000,000
Average Cost per Sq. Meter35,000 – 70,00035,000 – 70,000
Foundation200,000 – 300,000200,000 – 300,000
Walls and Roofing300,000 – 500,000300,000 – 500,000
Doors and Windows100,000 – 200,000100,000 – 200,000
Electrical Wiring100,000 – 150,000100,000 – 150,000
Plumbing100,000 – 150,000100,000 – 150,000
Finishes100,000 – 200,000100,000 – 200,000
Cement (Bags)960 – 1000 bags @ Ksh. 600960 – 1000 bags @ Ksh. 600
Transport and LabourEstimate included in the total300,000
Miscellaneous CostsThe estimate included in the total50,000

How To Save Money when building a 3-bedroom house 

Building a home is undoubtedly expensive, but there are several strategies to manage and even reduce these costs:

  • Opt for Simple, functional designs that are both beautiful and cost-effective.
  • Choose Local Materials as they are cheaper than outsourcing building materials. In this way, you also support the Kenyan economy.
  • Buying Building materials in Bulk and request for discounts 
  • Don’t settle for the first quote. Obtain multiple bids to ensure you get the best value for your money.
  • You can personally undertake tasks like painting and minor installations or get help from friends and family, saving on labour costs.


What is the estimated cost of building a 3-bedroom house in Kenya?

  • The construction of a 3-bedroom house in Kenya can range between Ksh. 800,000 to Ksh. 2,000,000. The location, materials used, design complexity, and the choice of contractors largely influence this variation​​.

How long does it take to build a 3-bedroom house in Kenya?

  • On average, constructing a 3-bedroom house can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. This timeline can vary based on factors such as weather conditions, availability of materials, and the efficiency of the construction team.

Can I build a 3-bedroom house on a small plot?

  • Yes, with efficient design and planning, a 3-bedroom house can be constructed on a relatively small plot. It’s essential to consult with an architect to make the best use of the available space.

What are the key legal requirements for building a house in Kenya?

  • Before construction begins, you must obtain relevant permits from the local county government, including building approval and land use permits. It’s also advisable to consult with professionals to ensure compliance with all legal and safety standards.


Construction of a 3-bedroom house in Kenya is a journey filled with excitement, challenges, and big rewards. From the initial planning stages to laying the final brick, each step offers an opportunity to make informed decisions that reflect your preferences, budget, and future aspirations. In this article, we have taken you through some of the popular 3-bedroom house designs in Kenya and the overall costs involved to help you make the best decision. Following the information provided in this blog post, you will see that your journey to building a house in Kenya is an inch away. If you have any questions regarding the article topic, do not be afraid to ask down below, and I will get back to you in the comment sections. I wish You All the best.

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